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: Chinese Players
Is this why there's been a massive increase in the number AFKs I'm seeing? PBE has always been horrific with people that up and AFK, but now I'm encountering 1-2 of them every 5 games or less.
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: PBE Launch error
Same here. Got a connection error after queuing for about 14 hours due to a sudden drop in internet, and now neither the regular LoL client will open nor the PBE one. Same error when I checked the logs.
: If you beat all opponents are you placed 3rd or 4th or would this be considered a bug? Did not play autochess so the mode is new to me but that seems counter productive that I should beat everyone and still not place 1st. How would that affect ranked play when released?
I've encountered this too. I've been the 3rd guy to get knocked out and it says I got first place, and then when I beat the last guy in another game, it says I'm fourth. Definitely something weird going on with the rankings.


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