: I like this idea, +1 Another thing to consider as well is the sounds Sona makes for her abilities. Now granted I don't play Sona that much, so correct me if I'm wrong here, but aren't the *sounds* on her different active very similar? I feel like changing them to noticeably different sound cues could complement this idea very well, as well as make it easier to reactively know what *active* Sona just used also. Just me thinking out loud here.
I didn't even think of this! Sona is all about sound! Having more distinctive sounds for each would also help with the readability and impact.
: Using Heal changes for Sona
Another great Sona idea :D
: Then maybe make his shield block any form of damage, but reduce the amount of shield it gives.
He has a magic shield because he is supposed to be anti-mage. Giving him a normal shield would make him more effective against more targets which is not intended nor his identity. If you feel he can't perform his intended job, then perhaps ask for a longer duration on his magic shield (which I think he needs personally.) He can't have his silence back because it made it so the person on the receiving end couldn't retaliate which was just frustrating. You couldn't fight back, and you couldn't escape. Atleast now you can fight back.
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: This is a feature, isn't it? The 5 blood drops become a fancier version of Grievous Wound when it would kill them.
To answer you and the person above, the answer is no (I just went into a custom game to test to make sure I wasn't wrong as well.) The symbol that appears is to let the Darius player know that they have reached 5 hemorrhage stacks. I think that symbol should only appear if your ult will deal a killing blow, or an additional symbol should appear in addition to the 5 stacks symbol to let you know you can get a killing blow. I think making the current symbol mean you have a killing blow is better just for clutter reasons, but the visual guys at riot are pretty smart dudes so I think they could come up with something UI friendly.
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: I agree, he really needs his silence back. The shield just isn't very good.
He needs a VO to match his current iteration, not a silence.
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: [UI]: Skill ranks cannot be easily deciphered
Acutally I am playing on live, and my skill bar is like this too. It's kinda annoying since its not easy to tell at a glance how many points I have spent in each skill.
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: I really like the Banner of Command, but the main problem I have with it is the 20% CDR, which is why I do not buy it often. It tends to put me over the CDR cap, which kinda limits the buying options. On many supports, for example, I go 9-0-21 and tend to buy a Morellonomicon, due to it's cheap stats and the mana regen. On tanky supports, I do feel the need to focus on tanky items and thus cannot buy it. It is kinda frustrating. But before I go on a tangent here~ Such a QoL would be really nice.
I actually agree with this a lot. If it gave 10% instead of 20, and the price was lowered to 2000 it would be a great pick up. I often find myself getting it too late because generally, you want it after you finish pushing your tower. You banner your lane, and go roam, forcing your lane opponent to either deal with the super minion or roam and the super minion gets a free tower(or a lot of damage.)
: [Twisted Fate] AD Fantasy forced to be AP?
I feel like TF could easily be allowed to be AD if they gave him some AD ratios. Kind of like how Eve can build AD or AP and do fine, TF could be similar. A small AD ratio on Q (even if it was just a small one) and a Decent AD ratio on E could be all he needs to be allowed as an AD champion.
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: [Suggestion]Banner of Command-Gold Counter
I have been wanting this for a long time. I am curious to see how much gold it can generate.
: Blue Trinket was never designed for Parity. It was designed such that in a world with complete darkness, there was a trinket option that let you overcome that. I do have plans for blue trinket - but they're fairly low priority at the moment. There's more important problems to solve.
As a support main, I find myself asking my ADC to get blue trinket if we are behind. Once you are behind, and lost vision control of your jungle, the blue trinket helps you not face check bushes when the enemy baits baron. The issue I have is that the radius is too small? What I mean is, you can't check a large enough area.
: That's kind of the idea around the 10/20% system entirely. However, the 5% CDR mastery in utility is too important not to take and there's some other classes which don't have the option to not take the mastery. I'm of the opinion that the right time to fix it when we tackle on runes and masteries holistically.
I agree with that. I know you guys are working on runes as we speak. Any idea on how the CDR runes (especially the glyphs) will be balanced if the best system is based around 10/20% system?
: 4.3 Itemization Update [Update - 2/19/2014]
After playing some more, I came to the conclusion that the 10% CDR boots were better. I know I originally said that 15% was better, but I just stopped taking the 5% in masteries. While that's not ideal, I found that my builds were just easier to manage when I didn't have to plan around the 5%.
: [Planned 4.3] Itemization Changes (Boots / Duo Lane Gold Items / DShield / Ruby Crystal)
I am speaking from the perspective of a support main. First, the changes to Lucidity boots doesn't seem needed. Riot is always talking about "Niche" this and "Niche" that. What is wrong with these boots being niche like all the other stuff that the excuse is used for? I factor these boots into a LOT of my builds, because A LOT of my builds take advantage of have the 5% CDR from masteries + CDR Boots + 1 20% CDR item to get max CDR quickly. Now I will feel awkward for taking the 5% in the utility tree because I will either fall short at 35%, or feel like I am wasting gold because I will over shoot at 45%. Can't they be made to be slightly cheaper at this point? Next, taking the AP off of the Frostfang just really baffles me. You guys kept harping on the fact that "Supports will build AP in Season 4" and then it's taken off of the item (and lowered in the final version.) Sure, you get more poke damage but the AP helped with shield, heals, movement speed scaling, and more. I'm dubious about Frostfang's active change. Supports already have to juggle a bunch of actives, and adding a skillshot active just makes things more difficult. ESPECIALLY when compared to Talisman active. If it was still targetted, but allowed to be cast on allies or enemies that would make it more reliable, thereby increasing its power relative to Talisman. As for Targon's, I like most of the changes, but I agree with a lot of people here. It should have an AP ratio. Allowing only AD means you are less inclined to shield AP targets.


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