: Thresh E bug
It turns out Yasuo's W and Jhin's Traps are messed up, too.
: Thresh E bug
I think it's something to do with the new update or whatever. I've run into issues with Janna's Q, as well as Jayce's Cannon-Stance Q.
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: I want so badly to love the new Poppy, but...
Her new kit is definitely fun, but I definitely felt weaker at all stages of the game and never had a clue when to use my ult. "Oh, the enemy team is attacking? Should I ult them back?" [no] "Oh, the enemy team is retreating? Will my ult kill one or two of them?" [no] "Oh, the enemy team is being engaged upon? Well, not anymore." "Oh, I'm being reported for trolling? But why? I only used my ultimate once." I feel it'd be better if they made it so they just knocked the champion back in the opposite direction instead of always attempting to have them fling towards their base.
: Poppy's W visual effect
That would make even less sense than her just standing there looking.. menacingly at you.
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
I have to say, the new quotes kind-of ruin her identity. I wouldn't mind if the new VA redid her old quotes, or if you gave Poppy different quotes that were equally serious, but the new ones she has now just make her out to be some stupid meat-head. It ruined her identity of being a strong-willed and courageous yordle and turned her into some midget with off-jokes only the youngest of millennials would enjoy.
: Old Poppy Dialogue vs New Dialogue
I'll have to agree with this. Poppy was always the serious one among the yordles and held a very strong and unique personality. Barring the new VO, the quotes she says just ruins her identity. Now she's just some stupid midget with a hammer fetish instead of a strong-willed and courageous yordle. Poppy's new kit is fun and I like that, but her new quotes are easily the worst thing about her.
: You must be new here eh? 1. PBE servers aren't as good as the Live servers since they are collecting people from most regions. 2. Because some people are from different regions and they have different internet, they disconnect. 3. Even if they were leaving on purpose, please keep in mind that we have recently accepted more people, therefore some people might not know their limits. We take most reports 10x more seriously. 4. You aren't helping the situation by complaining on the boards. 5. Report them and move on. 6. This server is hosted in LA 7. Riot doesn't allow this, we have already got some people. 8. PBE is for TESTING, not for winning a game. Sure they may ruin the game but priorities first. Report them and move on. Ah, what a joy it is to always have to inform people of this.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} EDIT: I got DDOS'ed a while back before summoner's rift even had it's update XD 9. Servers aren't as stable as Live 10. Do your research please, complaining on the boards will not improve anything as I said.
This. I get like 12 ping since I live right next to LA yet I sometimes disconnect from the servers. I can only imagine how those who live in other countries feel.
: Force means asking repeatedly when you are not willing to. You read Board rules you didn't have time to read what force means via "Internet"? It doesn't always have to be physical force. You may even say "How can anyone hurt/offend you via internet". But, that's not the reality. A lot of things can be done via internet. And btw I need not remove him...once he gets what he wants he will block any player who gifted by himself.
A lot of things can be done, yes, but this isn't the place to report them. This type of thing is forbidden on these boards. If you're so keen on reporting him, do it via support ticket ~~or just walk away from the computer for once~~.
: Does just playing help PBE?
Don't worry too much about it, really. Sometimes, doing something irrational would bring bugs. AP item on Riven? Suddenly the enemy nexus explodes. Zhonya's able to be used while inside Tahm? New masteries that give certain champions infinite sustain and free attack speed the entire match? The goal on PBE is to test out new things and give feedback while reporting all the bugs we gather along the way. Just playing provides enough. Just remember this is a test server. Getting angry over a match is ridiculous.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dragon Trainer Tristana!
This skin may be the first skin I'll ever buy,
: Shaco Clone Gets Buffed
His E also slows causes monsters to have lowered attack speed instead of missing at a %. It's a change.
: [Jungle Shyvana] Bad recommended starting item
A significant amount of champions have bad recommended items. The change to Hunter's Machete seems completely unnecessary, too.
: Upgrade trinket automatically.
How about we just remove trinkets entirely and remove the ward limit again because I miss that Those were the days when I loved supporting the most
: PBE is actually the most toxic environment I've played in League yet....
I understand what you mean, but you also got to realize that the PBE isn't a competitive server. Winning a match always comes secondary to testing out new things and ironing out bugs. Sometimes, new items affect champions who aren't meant to use them. Sometimes, new masteries affect champions who don't originally take them. I've been doing ultimate bravery on the PBE every now and then because of this. I've been called a troll, reported, and verbally harassed each time I did too. Nobody should ever verbally harass somebody here on the PBE, no, but conventional/meta picks aren't the highest priority either, and neither is winning a match. It's about testing new content in order to iron out as many bugs as possible before it goes onto live. It isn't about having first-dibs on it all. Just giving you a heads up.
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: Shaco showed as Dragon in chat while dead
I've been using Shaco a lot in the PBE. I'll test this out in my next match, if able. I haven't noticed it myself though so it may have been a one-time thing.
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: Graves' Auto-Attack - Knocking Minions Back?
It states in his description that it knocks back creeps.
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