: Some Feedback on the Little Legends Client UI
Agreed. I feel that the Little Legends got too little love right now.
: Icons
You can get the new items with the tokens your earn from mission or the pass.
: Little Legends
Am I saying weird stuff, or do people not care for Little Legends? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: TFT will not last long if they will not make a big change? NO BALANCE AT ALL.
There is a reason why this is in BETA and there ain't any ranked yet. You can make multiple 'good teams' but everything, your teamcomp and items are based on luck, rng and whatever other people are building. They are working on balancing stuff, adding more champions and items etc. If you turn this into a purely RP bought cardgame. That is pay to win. no one is gonna play that. Or atleast. not many people. This sound like a bad idea, sorry. Riot is working on balancing this before ranked rolls out. At worst, this is a rng carried game.
Rioter Comments
: If someone can't afford both even with the discount then they should be able to pick the one that they like best. However that's currently impossible as Solar is objectively better than Lunar. Namely due to its more detailed textures in base form and more detailed textures, model and VFX in ult form. That isn't fair to your customers Change Lunar to be equal in quality to Solar
I completely agree on this sadly. I am a blue colour scheme person, and I WANT Lunar Leona. But because Solar is so much more flashy with more visible particle effects, I will choose Solar if this stays... Which makes me sad. I want Lunar to be just as pretty and 'WOW' like Solar is right now. Solar has burning flames, shines, bigger visuals (W). While Lunar has, circles, half circles (which aren't very spectacular looking) and a not so visible ult change. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: The skin is awesome but look, it definitely lack something at the center of the circle when she finishes her W compared to Solar Eclipse : https://i.imgur.com/AUdgMqx.jpg http://imgur.com/gallery/mcjKfWY
Ah this was exactly what I came here for to comment. It feels very inferior to the solars flashy and bright effects. Especially because the Lunar would be harder to make 'flashy' like the Solar, it should have a bit more 'eye pleasing' and pretty effects. I LOVE the colours on the Lunar skin (I am more of a blue scheme person), but the more extensive particles and effects make me lean towards the Solar skin 99%. I wish the Lunar had also this 'WOW' factor like the Solar has. The Lunar skin has a very Diana feel to it right now.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Thresh!
I have to say, the lasso is a nice add. It really gives that high noon feeling. One thing does tick me off a bit about the head. The skull is really elongated and a bit flat ingame, especially compared to the art. Where the skull is round like a humans is, but with the jaw part of the cow skull. This looks really badass and gives that evil devil feel. The flat long cow skull ingame, not so much. Maybe it is the horns, that are straight up, instead of curved forward like on the art? I am not sure, it just feels like the initial devil idea got a bit lost with the head on the ingame model, which is a shame, because the idea, story and art complement each other so well, and I just love it. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}


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