: Hello! I bumped up the R execute train sound. Enjoy the CHOOOO!!! :)
: 1. We will be making adjustments to the gun to make it better. This will be reflected on High Noon Urgot and his chromas in the upcoming days on PBE. 2. Additional texture is being added - when he first went to PBE, the inner texture wasn't completed. 3. The team chatted about this, and we're okay leaving this one as-is. 4. Talked about this one, too! The dance is complete. We debated leaving the hat in or taking it out. We landed on keeping hats on hats because we felt the dance was already pretty goofy when compared to Urgot and his personality, and thought this would add to it. If the dance was more serious, we would likely remove something silly like this. 5. The VFX did try adding more, but the VFX themselves are pretty graphically intensive, meaning that low-spec machines - what the majority of players globally play on - would have a hard time. Performance would unfortunately drop significantly (we tried it out). D: 6. Will talk to the animator about this - think this is an issue on all Urgot skins. ;-; 7. Will see where we're at with textures, I believe there was still some polish going on in regards to the model. 8. Looks like our sound designer has called this out and is making some changes. ^^ 9. Passed the feedback over to the VFX artist. Thanks for all the feedback! (:
Thank you and Riot Handfulofchips for this work. I'm really glad for all the work and I highly appreciate it. ^-^
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Urgot!
Hello there, Nicram here, I've achieved over 1,3kk mastery points on old/new {{champion:6}} and I would love to post a couple of changes that me and {{champion:6}} Mains Subreddit would like to see. A majority of us like this skin, maybe simply because we were used to be able to play only as either Classic {{champion:6}}, Giant Enemy Crabgot, Butcher {{champion:6}} and Battlecast {{champion:6}}. This left us with a poor amount of a skin choice. I love Crabgot and Battlecast as they're very high quality skins but Butcher's situation was different - this skin remains as a legacy one so a vast majority of {{champion:6}} players/enthusiasts were left with 2 skins. This has finally changed and we've got a brand new skin - High Noon Urgot. I would say that its quality is rather high and I wouldn't like to ask for massive changes but for some slight changes that were even mentioned previously in this thread. Here's the list: 1. A gun that {{champion:6}} uses during Purge activation is a bit too small. I would even say that {{champion:18}}'s gun that she uses could be bigger than {{champion:6}}'s. A lengthening it would be favorable because its size in game doesn't fit it the size used in a splash art. 2. Upon using Fear Beyond Death, {{champion:6}}'s innards are simply a orange/red color that is simply boring - it should either boil if it's lava or should have some other kind of additional VFX added for example fire. It simply looks unfinished. ;c 3. His smol cowboy hat is too small - it doesn't match its size in a splash art. 4. {{champion:6}}'s dance seems unfinished. It's a 1350 RP quality of skin but his dance is just odd. Why would he use a second hat when he already has one? Make it so he uses one and change the dance animation in some way. 5. Recall animation. After {{champion:6}} stamps the ground with his legs two times he begins channeling 2 portals that always appear in front of him, while it makes sense it looks a bit bad because a use of 6 portals around him or 2-6 portals but with a bigger distance between each other would do a job. Even adding a one portal would make the recall better. 6. During recall animation {{champion:6}}'s legs move a little bit into right side but after the recall ends there is a little lag and his legs go back to the same location pre recall. 7. Body textures need to be a bit more vibrant, not his augmentations/machinery, just his body like his arm andchest. His body is mostly red in game. I'd like it if you could add some hellish black around his body, similar to the splash art. 8. Sound. When {{champion:6}} starts execute animation the train sound is a bit too quiet, chains take a much higher priority there which could be changed slightly. 9. Reeling animation on Fear Beyond Death could be also better with some western/hellish VFX added. These were most often mentioned thoughts about the skin. Personally I would add that there is too much going on with this skin, he has got bandana, this suit, a glove, and his head looks very small when compared to the steam thing on his back, even the bullets look weirdly big considering how small his weapon really is. Overall, High Noon Urgot is not a bad skin, I like it and it has a potential to be a great skin but as {{champion:121}} says 'Change is good'. That's why I would love to see some changes to the skin itself. Here's a proof that I didn't lie who I am at the beginning - https://snag.gy/SL3IAa.jpg Thank you for reading this and have a nice week :) {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Hey Keyoy, We playtested with different health threshholds for a while and landed on 25% being a good number, but just because he goes out with 25% at all ranks, does not mean that number is set in stone for future patches depending on what his balance needs are.
Alright, thank you and what about my edit - Battlecast's Urgot visual look? Right now he looks quite metallic or more greyish than current blacky/greenish one. What is your opinion about this?
: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
Hello! I think you have already seen this but in my opinion a cool idea would be to change new Urgot's Ultimate Execute from 25% on all ranks to 20/25/30% based on rank. Right now it seems like it has a lot of damage in early game and mid game but falls a little bit in late game. I am Urgot main with 700k+ mastery points on Urgot and I absolutely LOVE this rework :D it's just my idea about gameplay change. EDIT: There is one more thing that I fUrgot (forgot :D) https://www.reddit.com/r/UrgotMains/comments/6m1s4p/imo_battlecast_urgot_skin_should_be_a_little/?utm_content=title&utm_medium=hot&utm_source=reddit&utm_name=UrgotMains It's my thread and a "lot" of people would enjoy this little change.


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