: Time to start revoking PBE access
Yeah I don't understand how the pbe has far more toxicity than the live servers do when I originally thought the idea was that only "honorable" players got accepted into the pbe. Too many people treat it as an account where they can do whatever they want because it's not their real account, the amount of flaming is pretty high and it doesn't seem like reporting does anything.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Aatrox!
Amazing splash art, but jesus the in game model looks nothing like advertised. From far away it looks like it may as well a Christmas Aatrox skin because of how bright the red is. I think the red and white should be toned down a bit so it could at least match the colors of the splash art.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Frozen Prince Mundo!
This skin really doesn't feel like it's worth 1350rp mostly because Mundo's kit doesn't add much room for creativity. All you're getting is a new sound for your Q, you hardly notice anything else. His W needs a sound that's more noticeable, and so does his E.
: I agree about changing the theme away from summon rift. Maybe somewhere in Noxus? Or piltover/bandle city? Would be kinda cool if a Noxus gladiator arena rose up from the ground during the 2v2's. And have draven as the announcer instead, for that part.
I love the look of the old twisted treeline, it was packed with colors and had a great atmosphere to it so i'm hoping for something more along the lines of that instead of a SR copy. That's the one thing about the new SR and NB maps that I don't like; everything is just a plain green and it's boring to look at, but I guess it's done for the sake of clarity. http://jolstatic.fr/www/captures/957/2/23182.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQT9p62CiBU
: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
Played a few games, have a few thoughts. - The 2 vs 2 midlane showdown event is far too one sided, the side with the higher level will usually win. Sometimes you'll get matches where one side are all level 5's while the other are 6 and have their ult. - The shield buff is still too strong, especially on someone On Fire. Event buffs should be applied indirectly like the Blitz minion, direct buffs like the shield only makes snowballing easier. The design philosophy of "HERE JUST HAVE MORE STATS" along with a GA or a shield just feels like shit to play against. - The stick stat really isn't as good as it's made out to be, you'd have to be a champion with hybrid scaling to make any use of it and most champions can't. It's just a ton of stats put into one item, but hardly any champions can use it effectively unless you're someone like Jax. - I know it's still early but the map is bland, give it more color like the TT map. It doesn't need to be an exact but smaller copy of SR, the map deserves to have its own unique feel to it like some RGM maps do. - URF as an event is a fun idea, but its broken and pre-determined. I don't want to say remove it, but I don't think it's a fair event either given some champions are just undoubtedly far more broken than others. Other team has a Fizz or Zed? No point in playing because it's a 100% guarantee win for them. - Maybe make herald more powerful? I don't see too many people going for it since you can easily end the game without it. - The map might be a bit too big this time around, the top area of the map is basically ignored since the red buff is no longer there.
: Why call them High Noon when they are clearly Infernal/Nightbringer Skins?
I agree. They're good skins, but they're not good High Noon skins. Compare them to high noon yasuo/TF/jhin and it's like they're in a completely different world. They should be named something other than High Noon.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Lucian!
I love the skins and all but why are they so significantly different from all the other high noon skins who just have a normal western aesthetic to them? The theme is now all over the place.
: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
I like it, but there are some problems. - the pick phase doesn't have enough time to choose a champ and runes, you're rushed into it - bot lane could use more events or monster camps as there's almost no reason to go down there most of the time unless you want to farm some minions, all of the action is centered around the top area of the map - the shield buffs need to go, its just not fun. buffs should be centered around making things easier to kill -- not harder -- for a more fast paced environment which is what the game mode is supposed to be about - games seem to end before anyone can even get a 4th item. i suggest ramping up the passive gold up a bit - the map is very bland. i know its a WIP but maybe give it the old TT look http://i.ytimg.com/vi/DQT9p62CiBU/maxresdefault.jpg
: Tanks do an insane amount of dmg rn without warmogs. Especially darius/nasus/warwick, etc. And as for healing, sona's heal is significantly reduced in aram. I believe its up to the team to focus/target sona as a strategy.
First of all Darius and Nasus are tanky damage dealers in the first place, they're juggernauts, and second of all their damage has nothing to do with the reliance of warmogs so you're making a strawman argument. If you want to argue about tanks doing too much damage then half of it can be blamed on dark harvest on champions like Nasus which already received its nerf. There's already plenty of % HP damage skills and items in the game, all warmogs does is help melees against heavy poke and CC comps in a mode where melees are already at a disadvantage. If you're getting ran down by 5 tanks, then chances are you never had the comp to be able to deal them regardless of warmogs. As for Sona not every team comp has the ability to hard engage on her which leaves her with a free pass to sit back and heal the rest of her teammates, it's why her winrate is consistently at the top of ARAM. If warmogs is to be removed because of too much sustain, then so should Sona because the healing reduce in ARAM hasn't fixed her one bit. There's only 1 tank with a high win rate in ARAM and that's Maokai, the rest are heavy poke champions like Ziggs, Lux, Xerath, etc.
: ARAM Updates on PBE
I disagree with removing warmogs. Tanks and melees in general already have a hard time with hard poke/cc comps with warmogs, removing it doesn't make sense when there's worse things about ARAM balance wise. What I suggest is increasing the hp threshold for the passive to either 3500 or 4000, that way it can't be rushed as a 3rd item and it also can't be abused by mages who get it as a last item. If warmogs is considered too much sustain for the mode then you may as well remove Sona as well since her constant heal has been a huge problem in ARAM for ages, and her win rate compared to those who use warmogs reflects that. Also please bring back butchers bridge, there's no reason for the map to not be in rotation.
: One for All is coming to PBE
Wasn't there an increased dodge penalty for Nemesis Draft? I suggest doing the same for One for All, there's far too many dodgers once the champ has been selected.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune!
It's a cool skin, but I have some suggestions. First off, the splash. This is another case of pool party MF where the splash itself is fine but her face looks nothing like MF. The icon nailed what MF is supposed to look like, but the splash doesn't quite capture it. I suggest a tweak to make her look more like the icon. Second of all her voice also sounds nothing like MF. One of the more iconic things about MF is her laugh when she ults, but its just not the same with this skin. Another thing i'm noticing is that i'm not hearing much movement/attack voice lines, but I assume that's because it's PBE and the skin isn't 100% complete yet. Lastly, her recall. It's nothing special. It's not too big of a deal but it could use some more flair to be more consistent with her theme.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Star Jarvan IV!
Honestly i'd just axe the skin. Not only does the theme feel extremely forced to fit j4, but it just doesn't even look like a proper dark star skin. J4 looks more like some dark knight type of character instead of relating to the dark star.
: Snowdown ARURF needs some serious balancing
Only Tryndamere should be on this list. If Riot is going to remove Sona because she's too strong even with the heal nerf then so should Tryndamere because AP Tryn is all kinds of broken. He has extreme mobility with his E, high damage, and his ult being on a 20 second CD along with the AP ratio on his Q heal means that he's impossible to kill once he hits level 6.
: Language barrier on the PBE
Agreed, the language barrier causes extreme cases of toxicity during games which is honestly annoying since I see it every single game. Whenever I see someone toxic in the chat, it's always the guy with the most broken English. I honestly feel like reporting them does nothing, how did these people get access into PBE in the first place?
: Listen to the player's responses please, Riot
The problem is that ARURF was created to give URF a more diverse champion pool instead of the meta picks, but because of the limited champion pool you actually begin to see the same number of champions again which contradicts the point of ARURF. Either increase the champion pool but still make it all random, or keep the limited champion pool but allow players to make their own picks again. Maybe if the snowdown ARURF mode was completely original it would work as a theme mode, but all Riot has basically done is taken ARURF, nerfed half the fun of it by gutting the champion pool, and then added snow. Sacrificing the mode for the sake of a theme isn't worth it, especially when 80% of the skins have no ties to the holiday seasons whatsoever and are only in because it has something to do with the snow or cold.
: Poro King and Snow Battle ARURF coming to a PBE near you!
The mode is overall a downgrade if you compare it to regular arurf. I get that the idea was to have a snow day theme but what's the point if it sacrifices the champion pool? Is the theme that integral to the game mode? If you take away the snow then all you're left with is a severely nerfed arurf since you begin to see the same amount of champions due to the smaller champion pool which completely kills what arurf was originally intended to do.
: Are there no reports on the PBE? Or what
I'm going to have to agree, i'm finding a lot more toxicity in the pbe servers than I have in the live ones.
: How do players like this get into the PBE, or even last on the PBE server...
It's because nobody bothers reporting them afterwards since in order for the report system to work you need multiple people reporting 1 person. I wonder how these guys get their hands on a pbe account as well as I thought there was at least some screening process.
: Garen in URF mode
So are a ton of other champions. The problem isn't Garen, it's urf.
: The 10 ban system leaves URF with a serious champion pool problem. Let's say everyone is playing all of the OP champions 1-10. Okay, we want to ban out some of them, so we use the previous 6 bans. So we ban the OP champions 1-6. This helps with the problem, yes? Well at that point, people just spam champions 7-16. Extend this to 10 bans, you ban OP champions 1-10, people spam 11-20. 20 bans? People spam champions 21-30. No matter what amount of bans you have, someone will always be more OP in the nature of League and this gamemode.
But for the sake of argument you could say that champions 11-20 aren't as overpowered as champions 1-10. I'd wager that if the game were to flat out ban Zed, Wukong, Eve, Jayce, Jax, Xin, you'd instantly see a healthier URF as there aren't too many other champions in their caliber.
: doesnt need to be balance and it wont be, but some champs are too op and banning them makes the game a bit more fun to play.
That's not the point he's making. Bans won't fix anything because if you ban the 10 most overpowered champions people will just pick the remaining overpowered champions left, which makes it go full circle. Randoming your pick is the only way to make URF fair.
: AR Urf should be just URF
I think regular urf with 10 bans is worth a try, otherwise no. With 3 bans you'll just end up seeing the same overpowered champions which is exactly why we have random urf now. Besides, the random element gives players a chance to discover strong urf champions that they would've never otherwise have picked, for example Nocturne or Xayah. It's pretty easy to forget how awful regular urf used to be with its established meta since it was so long ago. Maybe you wouldn't pick the same 5 faceroll champions, but others certainly would.
: What about it doesn't feel good? The pause in the animation is the rivet gun reloading, you can see the clip turning at the top.
I wish I could go into into in-depth details as to why but "it just doesn't feel good" is as accurate as it gets, it just not a satisfying auto attack. The overall animation could be smoother, and his auto attack could have a stronger sound as right now it sounds like a nerf gun.
: At lower attack speeds you should feel this, while we are smoothing out some animations, Urgot is firing a giant rivet gun, it's not the *smoothest* thing in the world.
Yes but compared to the rest of the roster at lower attack speed i'd say Urgot is at the very lowest. I don't think it's a matter of attack speed, his animation when right clicking just don't feel good to use at all.
: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
Great rework, my only concern are Urgots auto attacks when not using W. They feel clunky, and very unsatisfying to use as there's almost a pause in his animation before he shoots. I feel like it should be a smother animation to make it feel less clunky.
: [Feedback/Bugs] Blood Moon returns to PBE for testing!
I don't think I agree with Riven in in bloodmoon. From my experience so far the combination of her shield along with CoC makes her almost too tanky to deal with in tradeoffs, which isn't what the mode is about. If she's going to in bloodmoon then I suggest removing disabling CoC or just nerfing the shield values.


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