: Huh just purchase something and the ip/rp amount should show up..try buying a single skin or champion?
Its not about buying the champ, but for 10 IP you can buy the entire champion pool. I just bought some individually, but as i said in another post...I can do that it's 122 vs the 10 they offered but they offered the bundle for all the champions and runes and i can't do it lol.
Even if we went to buy all the champs which we can get for 10 IP for a 122 we aren't still able to get rune page.
: I don't know then... We just have to wait
Unfortunately I guess. Ah well time to set up masteries.
: Exact same issue. NB: Only concerning the Runes Bundle as far as I'm concerned. I've bought the "Starter Kit (champions)" without any problem.
I am not able to buy either the Runes and or the Champion page, atlas you got the champs :(
: I have the same thing, maybe because our screens is too small ?
Tried that already and it's a 21" mac monitor...I dunno if the size is the issue, in the past I could easily scroll from side to side and i've played on a 13" inch if this showed up.
: [Store Purchase Bundle] The Purchase button is off to the side.
Yea I have mavericks or Mac OS and exactly the same issues, I don't think it's an OS issue more of a launcher or something. I just did a repair to see if my client is the issue, after 30 minutes or so of checking, nothing is corrupt. It's still showing the same thing unfortunately.
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