: Creep. Rounds. Should. Award. The. Same.. Number. Of. items. To. Every. Player. Who. Passes.
yes pls fix this you get 2 full items on vayne and it feels bad or you get nothing and die by the end of R2-1. Let us ff game feels god awful with bad rng and getting absolutely nothing you need 2 rounds in a row. make coming back even harder welp 5th is forever mine i guess
: Experimental ARAM Changes on PBE
what about the heal bot soraka/nami and for rune they seem so much better also the -15% to ziggs seems a bit much he is not an auto win
: If you don't want to play against a specific champion why don't you just ban them? And if you really want a champ disabled why not provide some actual points? ("It's just not even fun" could be applied to all champs)
well he can 5 man push mid and there is not much you can do about as an ap champ or melee but i suck at melee so there is that but you give it a try zz'rot yorick its a free win
: One for All is coming to PBE
can we remove banner and zz'rot? cuz that game was pure aids also remove yorick its just not even fun


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