: Xayah and Rakan Feedback Thread
Xayah is probably my favorite ADC now. The biggest change I'd like to see for her is her W damage portion scaling a bit better. I know you like having at least 1 one point wonder ability, but it feels really lackluster to put extra points in right now.
: Seems like a good idea overall. Things to fix: * Runes - hybrid marks seem to display properly, but flat arpen ones are labeled as ?????? * HUD - when you press C, flat armor penetration is displayed as 0 * Why does Duskblade's damage scale with Lethality?
I'm very sure they made Duskblade scale with Lethality as a way to prevent ADCs from buying it.
: [Assassins] Artistic Feedback Thread
I think many of the spell effects are great, but when I was checking them out I realized something. Talon hasn't gotten a skin since 2012 (excluding his ssw skin). So I know it's not terribly related to what you're asking, but he could really use a new skin to go with all these new awesome spell effects.
: Yes, the base healing is terrible. Max lvl Q with 250~ AP heals for something like 66HP. And 66 HP every now and then is **hardly** all that Vlad needs to survive in a fight. And the Blood Rush is completely uncontrollable once you use your second Q, your next 5-6 seconds worth of actions are pretty much predetermined and telegraphed so the enemies can prepare kite you when Blood Rush comes. 2.5 seconds is a ridiculously small timeframe when you don't control _when_ it is available. Jhin roughly controls when he gets his 4th shot and he gets 10 seconds to use it. Not only that, but Vlad's "sequence" works on 5 second steps which the enemies can see, so combine the tiny window with all that, and landing an actual empowered Q on an enemy _champion_ in lane or even in fights is impossible. Half the times you get effortlessly kited because the buff expires immediately, and half the times it comes at the wrong moment and you have nothing in range to use it on cause you're sitting in the back with 80 HP. Also his empowered Q late game does as much damage as his E, and given how hard it is to land, I wish it did more. When I'm struggling for 10+ seconds in every fight to manage two short time-frames (Q cooldown and then 2.5 seconds) so I can be at the right place at the right time, I manage to land a Q3 and I realize I could have just landed another E... -.- E is great though. It being colliding is a pain with big tanks, but the damage is worth it. R sucks. The amplification is practically invisible now, nobody even cares about it, and I do wish it did more damage since it comes 4 seconds later. Practically it does the same damage as a Gragas ulti -- is the healing and amp SO strong that they justify waiting 4 seconds to get a 0.7AP scaling "nuke" (basically a weaker E)? Personally I wish the amp was gone (since it's almost gone anyway) and ulti did increasing damage based on missing health or a HP threshold, to ensure the delayed nuke is ACTUALLY a nuke when the fight is played properly in the intermediate 4 seconds.
This man summed it up for me quite well. I'd like to throw in that his healing just feels poor overall, and he feels like the opposite of a sustain mage because you end up spending all your health instead of healing it. My problems are tuning around his healing and his health costs, that his empowered Q mechanic feels bad, and his E hp cost feels counter intuitive. His E also just misses opponents all the time and it's very frustrating to use even when you know how to use it.
: MYMU - Vladimir Discussion
My thoughts after a couple games. His Q feels so weak unless it's empowered. Like, bad weak. His early game is even worse than it used to be because of it and any opponent who knows this is going to rip him apart. I'd prefer the passive to be every other use but have it do less, or just bring back the normal heal. Why does everyone have to have these weird and annoying "counterplay" windows attached to everything? His new E is insanely frustrating. His wave clear is so much worse now, and yes I've lined it up to hit the whole wave. He just can't clear well at all anymore. He has to commit so hard to being up close, it feels bad when it straight out misses on people and minions who didn't even try to dodge it. Maybe give it slightly bigger hitbox detection, idk, but it just feels bad. His E cost completely outweighs the huge Q heal. To the point that you could remove both and he would be the exact same. That feels _**really**_ bad when you are supposed to be a sustain mage. He should really gain a heal on his E hitting champions, that'd probably offset the huge cost and make trading worthwhile earlier than 30 minutes. His ult feels really unrewarding. I know you took power out of it so he could gain that power elsewhere, but it feels negligible to hit. His direction talk had you saying he would be "the" sustain mage, but he barely feels as such. Yeah Q is a huge heal late game, but you won't ever get there with how weak and counter-able you are the rest of the game. He feels like he doesn't do anything other mages can't do. He seems to be back in the spot where you'd only bring him if he does more damage. He isn't going to shove a lane down your throat and 1v2 everyone you send there. he isn't going to out sustain most champions. he isn't going to he uncatchable. He feels bad.
: Aurelion Sol NERFS? WTF
I'd really like some context on the Q nerf myself. Losing half a second is enough to make you lose an entire empowered star hit. That's an absolutely huge nerf to him. Literally the only thing he brings is his Qs stun. Everything else he does, he does worse than other AP mid laners. He can't even protect himself if they survive his combo. Which, with this change, they have a much much higher chance of surviving. His ratios are decent, but plenty of other mages have similar with an entire extra spell. His base damages aren't anything special. What does he even bring besides a large stun if he aligns the hell out of it and his opponent isn't smart enough to move 2 steps to the right.
: Hextech Annie, crafting and gemstones
Chest only skins, especially with the current drop rates on rare shards, are a horrrrrrrrrible idea. I enjoy this skin a lot, and I'd love it. But knowing I'll have to spend $200+ just to obtain it during it's likely short promotional period is insane. I hate freemium games with their shitty RNG boxes, and if league goes this way then I'll be leaving it too. it's not even an ultimate skin yet it costs as much as them all combined plus a ton. You say the skin is free but then that it is also limited time. Which means we actually HAVE to purchase boxes to obtain it. Thus it should be reasonably priced otherwise it's simply not worth it. It feels like you're spitting in our faces calling it free considering how it's setup. To add in a suggestion. Make promotional boxes give unique skin components always. Like "hextech annie crystal". Crafting the skin should cost 20-30 of these crystals max. As I'm sure 30 boxes is $60+ just to get this one skin. Yeah you get other skins on the way, but most of the time it's a skin you'll never use or even want, and might as well be nothing. I know that if it takes $50+ just to get this skin through boxes, I'll just never buy boxes on principle that you lock content behind RNG that isn't even worth the cost. Don't make this game into every other freemium game. Edit: I just messed around with the skin on the pbe. This skin is in no way worth the cost that it currently has. It won't be a sign of prestige, it'll just be a sign that you stupidly dumped hundreds of dollars on a decent skin at best.
: @Riot Resetting all purchases was an annoying mistake.
They cost 1 IP each to buy, plus they have every champion in A-Z bundles in the store for 4 ip total. It's 4 store purchases and you have them all back.
: Poppy icon is unclear in mini-map
It's also very very similar to tristanas, it's hard to tell the difference at a quick glance other than the direction they face.
: ***
Why do you even play on the pbe then? It sounds like you just want to play the normal game with free skins/champs and not actually test the content. Edit: Also there is only 1 queue and will only be 1 queue for the next couple weeks+ on the pbe.
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: Ekko Feedback Thread
This might be out of place, but can you make ekko unbannable in hexakill? It's like, every single game. Someone bans him because who knows why, and it makes testing him in hexakill pretty much impossible. Edit: This should just straight up be a thing for all new champions and people who have gotten nerfs or buffs in the current cycle as well. People don't seem to understand that it's a place to test and not to play their favorite champion with a free skin, so they just ban all the things that are supposed to be tested. Such as balance changes and new champions.


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