: we just have 3 rune pages? :v i try to buy 2 more on the store but doesn't add anyone to the new system, that's a bug? XD
During the last patch window we were doing some testing around low numbers of rune pages, that limit will be removed on today's deploy.
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: Old Runes & Masteries on PBE?
Since 7.21 is not shipping with Runes Reforged, we've flipped PBE back to Runes and Masteries to get patch 7.21 some time in the sun. The new Runes will be back on PBE on Tuesday Oct. 24 (and Runes and Masteries will not be turned on again after that point).
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: Runes Reforged not on PBE this week?
Sorry about that, we had a brief snag. Should be working now.

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