: Blood Moon Evelynn
I love bloodmoon skins and love evelynn (my main actually). The skin concept is great, different from the one I created 1 year ago (yep I did a splash art- like of a supposed BM Eve XD), but love it anyawy. In Surrender@20 I posted some ideas: - A paler skin in particular in the legs, maybe more "fleshy" - The 2 tails/ropes/braids should be a bit more defined in the lines (considering those details will be less visible in movement) - Feets: i think the pale pink "ponpon" does not much contrast with the white socks - **Please less red on hand ... in the splashart she has normal red not that demon hands... and purple nails** - Face: Did you tried a bit of white-geisha-style makeup? Thank you for this skin anyway I will love it <3
: 2 Rune Pages are not too much (and the old rune pages?!?!?)
Oh... you r right... I think i got some error so i though i had just 2 pages. My bad, I will delete the post this night :) thank you
Rioter Comments
: I would point out how 1 and 2 both come back to League having spaghetti coding in the first place, but that dives deep into League history, which overall is an understandable one. Does that entirely excuse the continual mistakes though? It gives them credibility some but at the end of the day it's just lazy. Look at Bee Keeper Singed even; shipped to PBE buggy, sat on PBE for 2 weeks buggy, and then its release date had to get pushed back because even out of all that time Riot still didn't properly test the skin over. It's just bad craftsmanship.
Maybe but think big. How many news and patches are released to improve and change in better the game, and how many skins, and in percentage how many bugs. Is a matter of proportions. But eventually you are saying that less changes could be done, but better done and more bugs-free... Is a valid opinion and a management direction. Maybe RIOT thinks differently because a huge community needs huge changes. I would not talk of bad craftmanship but just massive craftmanship. In the end I think again that in proportion of the news, bugs are not so much and not so heavy... Maybe :P
: That's the ironic part; I've done coding more then enough to know anyone wise would write notes and keep track of what they're doing, knowing full well how easy it is to mess up code lol. A single character out of place and weeks worth of work simply won't work. It's because I've knowledge in coding that something so amateur being done by such a large company is embarrassing.
If you know of coding you should also know that: 1- "Code" is often inside a bigger structure (the main program) and is not obvious that if something works alone it will work and cooperate with everything, which is why the point 2 2- Code must be tested, moreover in big and complex interaction system like lol. Bugs can happens and sometime is a stupid one but still the best makes mistakes too. 3- PBE is a testing environment. Is like trying to do a bomb and check it how and when it explodes. Not necessarily funny or enjoying, not necessarily fair. So if you are in PBE i frankly dont understand some points of your discussions. Dont take it bad. ;) Peace
: [Idea] Give runes more color identification in pre-game selection
: Manaflow Band not functional
Same happend with Azir. You mean the mana bar under health over the champ ingame.
: A Feedback about Cyber Pop Zoe's Splash Art
I think the artist meaning was not to hurting anyone's sensibility but just to present a champ psychology. Like in graves cigar. so.... NO The number MUST NOT BE CHANGED ... please. Being politically correct is just a matter of hypocrisy. In an artistic/ competitive and sportive field there is no place for such problems. (Sorry for my bad english <3 didnt mean to offending anyone. Love)
: Creating new rune page during champ select
The problem is that there is just 2 custom pages of rune. While the other 5 are fixed. Sometime i got problem in customizing the page too, due to this "page-lock". Moreover, if I create a page during the champ selection, sometime if the new page is saved without completing all the runes, it is a bit stiffy to modificate the page or to select it... It should be like the old masteries: I select some point and save. If i dont want to complete its ok. If I want, I reopen the page and complete the runes missing and save. Too many message like "The page is not complete, cannot save" or stuff like this... And. The name of custom page is often too long. ex: Copy of Sorcery: blablabla. Is longer than the actual string lenght. I think that this create problems in parsing or name checking but not sure. What I know is that i have to erase 10 character to write 1 letter. And. Maybe we need more then 2 custom pages. Actually, all page should be customizable (of 7 , 2 custom and 5 fixed if i remember correctly). I often select a champ and tehn try to do a new page or modify one. And no. I cannot create a new page (since there are just 2) and cannot modify the one I chose because it is fixed. Result? I start the game with the wrong set of runes... Very very annoying managemente system.


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