: I was given 15min dodge Penalty even though I accepted every AFK check
lol bro if you got MULTIPLE afk checks throughout a single game, then you were afk even if you were there to check the boxes. Afk as in inactive. even if you're teemo sitting in a bush, "playing" as a ward. The boxes are there to tell you to play, not to warn you. I've gotten a single afk box after taking care of nature during a game, and got a penalty for it. idk why you would make this
: Sanguine Blade - Bugged Passive
It goes off any time you come within range of someone, so if they come within range and then step out of range, and then back in, you'll hear it repeatedly.
Rioter Comments
: Well, isn't it kind of.. self-explanatory? If you need honor 3 to get onto PBE (aka not be toxic) then to stay on PBE you also can't be toxic. I dont know, sounds correct in my opinion.
you don't have to be honorable to get honor 3. Just play good, sometimes. or not suck in a successful duo lane. regardless, people have a different mentality about PBE than they do live. If they get banned here, they can just go back to live. Right? they can be as toxic as they want. And they do. play enough and you'll see. All I was saying is that I see it constantly. If you omit the ragequits and afk's, you'll still get some troll flaming every other game, if not every other other game.
: Actually, you cant be toxic on PBE, you literally need honor 3 to get into PBE in the first place and pretty sure if you flame, you wont get chat restricts, you will immediately lose your pbe account.
When I first joined, the honor system wasn't even implemented. And I'm sure there are _tons_ of accounts that joined prior to that. Regardless, there's flaming and afk's every single game. I've made tons of reports for people flaming and being toxic, and I've never gotten a notification about anyone being banned. So, unless that feature is broken on PBE, nothing has ever been done about it, and since it's consistently an ongoing and noticeable issue its easy to assume the latter. ALSO, the general mentality appears to be "this is PBE, no one cares" and that definitely seems to be the case. where did you get the information about people losing pbe accounts? *could also just be an urf thing. random people here just for the gamemode, and random chinese people
: And they say League community is bad haha
pbe community is especially awful. Frequently flamed for saying anything in chat the bug community is pretty cool tho
: Now in testing: The Player Bug Report tool
Will there be any communication, like there is on the board? Between rioter's and testers. I think the presence of our overlords is generally what keeps people actively reporting.
: Laucher Problem
Uninstall and then reinstall. You'll have to delete the pbe client manually. I had the same issue. Not sure what caused it. It fixed it though. I can help you troubleshoot if that doesn't fix it.
: [Suggestion] How to reduce Toxicity in PBE
I suggest enforcing a perma-ban and introducing a PBE specific tribunal. We don't need rewards, we just need to get rid of the cunts. The PBE definitely has more toxicity than it does positive players, because a lot of people simply don't care about their accounts. And even if they do, they realize not a lot of action will be taken against them. If our riot overlords were willing, this could be solved simply. It could seem harsh, but honestly, a lot of people seem to just be a waste of server space and I know a lot of good-willing people on live waiting for the chance to try out the pbe.
: PBE status Unavailable?
If it is offline, they're... obviously working on it. lol. did this really deserve a post like did it -really-?
: Well on the live server, they do list the times on when they do the maintenance and they shutdown rank queue 2hrs before closing, which is quite the opposite here.
Live servers aren't updated daily. And normally, they update everything at once. Rather then making small little changes as you go along. I know, 15 minutes isn't much to ask for. But I still feel like it isn't something that is necessary. Though it isn't my place to decide.
: Summoner Rifts average game time is 30 minutes. They don't really publish an exact time on when they carry they out the maintenance, mostly the content they might release. Don't you get frustrated that you queue up for a 10 minute wait, just to never finish the game because of maintenance, that they only give a 15 minute warning to. There are some games that you already started before they give the warning and there is no in-game warning for shutdown. It is a problem that they give us a 15 minute warning and allow us to queue up in that time too when you can barely finish any game in 15 minutes. So why not increase the warning to 30 minute, its just 15 additional minutes, that allow most of the games to finish.
i don't feel like its much of an issue, is why. On the live servers, I've been shutdown in the middle of a game maybe two, or three times, out of my 700 something games. << on PBE, I've been shutdown twice. Once resulting in a ghost game, which was annoying, but over-all I feel like it just isn't big enough of an issue that riot should waste time on it. Maybe if one of them agrees with you strongly, and gets some spare time, otherwise I just don't think it is that much of an issue overall.
: [Maintenece Warning] 15 mins before closing is not enough time
15 minutes is more then fine. Queues shouldn't be shutdown, either.
Rioter Comments
: vel koz feedback
I dunno. I feel like there is already too much counter play to his q, and it needs to be sped up. Rather then just being able to walk forward, or backward to dodge the secondary attack. << There is to much counterplay for it altogether.
: Plat 1 looking at Vel'Koz! Ask me to try whatever you want, I'll be playing for most of today.
: Vel koz, is very strong!! D:
I disagree strongly. lol. There are still many other champions that have MUCH more then he does. annie, for example, would one combo you. Why is he somehow stronger then her?
: [Champion Info][Skarner] Skarner's demonstration video for his E ability is outdated
: Er, I checked the site before posting this. The FAQ said that every sunday, if the account has less than 10k IP and 4K RP, they will add more RP/IP to the account. Since I didn't get any RP, I made this post.
No. No you didn't. "Do testers have to earn IP/XP or purchase RP? When PBE accounts are created, they are automatically leveled up to 30 and credited with 100,000 IP and 40,000 RP. These changes can take up to 24 hours to process and new testers may have to restart their clients in order to see the updates. Don't worry about saving up your points for the future, -when new Champions and Skins are released on the PBE for testing, they will be available for 1 IP so everyone has an opportunity to help test them.-"
: One of the biggest causes of toxicity I have seen
He means blind, for the record. And no. The toxicity comes from toxic players; not just seeing who called it first or not. The player themselves are the problems. I, for one, am not going to flip a bitch because I didn't get the role I wanted. Most people, however, would. Because people on pbe tend to be self-righteous noobs.
: Better way of testing Team Builder
Why not try creating a team? I did, and it literally only took moments. I'm assuming, the wait time is because everyone was looking for teams off the bat and no one actually bothered to create teams, too.
: My account did not receive any additional IP/RP.
My god, I hope people who continue to post this get banned. << they obviously don't even use the PBE site. lol
: [BUG] Client does not give RP/IP
my god no. We don't need more RP. When I first signed up, I had so much RP I literally couldn't figure out what I wanted and just bought random shit. We get all the champions and runes we could possibly want, as well was a shit ton of RP for absolutely no reason, as well as early access too all future content, which is also going to be free. we don't need more free shit. lol. ffs.
: PVP net shut down on PBE?
uh Well To start, its PBE. Expect this more. Every other day atleast, I think. Expect this.
: For those of you who think xerath sucks
Xerath is like. Annie's basic counter though. And Xerath is strong as shit now. So I don't see why people would say he sucks. And she was support. lol. what I feel like you're just going for bragging rights... You're in the wrong place.
: Suggestion: Make the pre-game map pingable?
You're like. The king of all suggestions.
: Adc meta game - champions need nerfs and buffs
That would make ashe op. as shit. No. "Let me just kill you in three autoattacks at level one." What a horrible idea. Her passive alone. lol And 10 for sure auto-crits? no. I. don't know what you're smoking.
: Change it back to the IP/RP weekly
Why?? Is 40k rp really not enough? Lol? Plus access to content early. And for free. Don't be such a greedy shit. my god. Too many of posts like these when other shit is going on.
: Bug new skin Ashe
Read more before you post things like this. I'm fairly certain the riot staff is loosing faith in the PBE server because of things like this. lol.
: Hi folks, I'm trying to determine what's going on here: can anybody tell me when the error appears, and what it says? Any repro steps I can try to follow? (I'm getting in games just fine, which is making it hard to see what's wrong). Thanks, Fei
I'm. not sure if you can, but if you're capable, trying to force end the games may help. << if thats a thing. It says some people, who are having this issue, are still in-game in the public chat room. Though it doesn't say it for me. Not sure if thats because we were moments from ending, (like minions would of finished the nexus in seconds), or what.
: Hi folks, I'm trying to determine what's going on here: can anybody tell me when the error appears, and what it says? Any repro steps I can try to follow? (I'm getting in games just fine, which is making it hard to see what's wrong). Thanks, Fei
Its. the same scenario, as if you left a game in progress. "You have left a game in progress. Please reconnect to the game." Maybe.. Resetting the server once more? I'm not sure. It is a script error, though, I'm fairly sure.
: [critical] Unable to rejoin game after small patch
Yep. Same thing happened to me. And we were in the same game. Lolsy. I suppose, I could just go and play on live. But, I've been wanting to try out team-builder. :P I dunno. Its exactly as you say. It wants me to reconnect to a game that isn't going any longer. Sad day.
: [Poll] Xerath's Q dealing more damage if you charge it longer.
There should be a "absolutely nothing" option, in a poll. But, it sounds like you're just. Posting this off of personal opinion you had in a game recently. << No. Xerath will still counter close range champions. That is the point. He is stronger in his range. They aren't going to create him so that he is specifically weaker then specific champions. Everyone has their counters. For instance, I'm fairly sure the current rework would make him weaker against high mobility champions if they know how to play well against him. it'd be difficult to land a q,or e, when charmed. Or after being being shunpo'd.
: I think they should just get rid of the charging mechanic, and give it as much range as the power budget can afford.
The point is to make him less powerful. << Not -more- powerful.
: rp/ip
Why would this be in bugs? This has been posted several times already. << You must be new here to not bother looking. I'm surprised. Considering what the PBE server is for. I'm fairly certain they will no longer be giving out RP weekly.
: No rp and ip for weekly?
Pretty sure you no longer get it weekly.
: [Suggestion] PBE specific
Definitely. We could of ended the game we were playing. lol. But, we weren't in a rush. If this was a thing, we would of. I also feel like. It could add a sense of urgency in games around this time. << Not as an intended purpose, but it still would. Five minutes until the game is over. Everyone is up, and grouped. You have to make a play to get a quick finish. Baron, siege, dive? I dunno. Seems epic. Not even in PBE only, either, I think. This would be a good thing to implement on live servers.
: How to deal with Toxic players on the PBE
I agree entirely. It's frustrating. That attitude of "it's pbe, no one takes pbe games seriously. I won't report that guy for flaming or intentionally feeding" The attitude of PBE just being a place where you can troll freely, shouldn't be a thing. But, it is. And that attitude is very rampant and obvious in PBE. My first game in PBE alone, made that obvious. And I disagree on the percentage. Its more like. 40-30% are bearable or even pleasant. The rest just. seem to use PBE as a way to play champions and use skins they wouldn't have on live servers, as well to troll freely.
: bug skin ashe heartthrob
it says where the splash art is. "This is a place holder." lol
: but you see, many times the only time people have fun, is when they are winning. Yes time is not a unlimited resource. But every time you queue up for a game, you should be putting aside 50 minutes or so for that game.(from the time it takes with champ select and load screen, to the game itself) If you surrender you have wasted approx 30 min of your time. 9/10 times if you surrender due to a game LITERALLY being unwinable, then that game is probably so broken, that it will end in just a few minutes anyways(thus surrendering really doesnt save you much time). And in several cases, the enemy makes a bad error, and then suddenly you guys can turn it around, and get back in the game. Many times someone(or somepeople) just make a mistake and the enemy team seems fed.(say the score is 10 20) In actuality the enemy has bad mechanics, and the game can be easily turned around. Yet people surrender. Part of the reason there is so much rage and toxicity in the game(and people not haveing fun) is because everyone seems to try to have a large QUANTITY of games. Instead of just haveing quality games. They say you only remember your really negative games and forget the good games you have. But what also happens, is your remember the REALLY GREAT games you have. I still to this day remember a game i played in early season 1. Me and my team did terrible. But our kogmaw was good, and proceeded to literally 1v5 the entire enemy team(not in a team fight though). He won us the game. The enemy had us pushed to our nexus. And more recently, i was playing a dominion game. We were loseing badly. We had ten points left, and the enemy had 450 points. Yet we managed to get our act together and WON. We had a final score of 5 points left. We had closed a more than 400 point gap, and managed to pull off a "unwinable" comeback. I beg you to try not to surrender if at all possible. You will rarely save much time, if the game is really that tough to win. Im sorry if it seems like I dont understand surrendering, and its use in the game. But throughout early season 3, I have developed a real despisal of surrendering. I lost literally more than 50 games, due to the team surrendering, when it wasnt even bad. We would have 3 towers(the enemy 1) and would have a score of 10 to 15, and i would have people surrender......just because the lost in lane or something. Out of the 50 surrenders or so, maybe only 10 were games that we were really in a bad spot. All that said, Im fine with surrendering if the enemy is really far ahead, and they are not going for any objectives or pushing at all. If they are just killing and then derping around until we respawn. or When a majority of people are just being really toxic to each other. or 2 or more players quit. To the topic. I agree. 4/6 should be enough for the team to surrender.2/3rds want to surrender. To end my post. In my opinion, surrendering, though may seem like a time saver and good to use, is actually enableing a much less fun environment. It can be a toxic element in the game, and disrupts any chances for a player to experiance a meaningful game where they give it their all and work together and create a nice comeback. It is a very neccesary feature, but I think there should be systems in place to punish those who excesively surrender, and a system in place to entice players to not surrender. So perhaps a lp/ip clamp for those who surrender often, and a lp/ip gain(not a large one though) for those who dont surrender. I hope I was articulate enough to get my point across.
no. You can turtle, and draw out games for hoooours. Lol. Just because you want to surrender, doesn't mean that you're on the very edge of loosing. I've had fun playing losing games, for one. Going against the odds are fun, for me. Trying is fun. this isn't the same for everyone; and not everyone should be forced to try and pull a win back from a game that you would be hard-pressed to win. Might as well surrender, and start a new one then waste another 30-40 minutes trying to pull out a lucky victory or make a play and win a teamfight with an underfed team. An IP clamp is a horrible idea. "YOU MUST NOT SURRENDER THIS GAME OR WE WILL PENALIZE YOU" Talk about giving reasons for AFKs to AFK. While I for one, would be the one to want to -not- surrender in a game, I do not agree that there should be a punishment in place for people who do. "There Riven is 21/5 guys, but don't worry, we can still pull back! She's the only fed one!"
: The yasuo problem, and my opinion on how to fix it
I agree, entirely. move his passive to his ult, and make it -scale- with his ult, instead. Sorta like Sivir's Ricochet passive on her ult. I think, giving him 25%-30 critical strike change in the first point of his ult would still allow him to be strong, but not overly so. By that point, he would probably have 50-55 critical strike chance max. And end at 50% chance at max level. This would mean he would have to continue building damage to still be so bursty early on, rather then having insane damage right off the bat, and still room to get tank items.

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