: You don't build ludens on fizz, otherwise you give up CDR, a zhona, lichbane, void, ect. not to mention ludens only procs off of his e (was a bug where it was going off of his passive W but I think they fixed that, it might also proc off of active W when first activated) and .2 AP seems reasonable seeing as how awful AP fizz is right now, and you think nerfing his ultimate is reasonable?. AP Fizz is in a bad spot, I would personally much prefer 8% missing hp on hit W active than .25 AP ratio any day AS AP fizz. its a nerf to end game damage especially to tanks which are prevalent in this meta. Then he got a buff to the Q to compensate and it was removed. At least thats how I see it.
Why would you not build a ludens, it's a great item. It stillprocs on w passive on live and pbe, and you dont give up anything for it. You still get zhonya, lichbane, void staff, and cdr boots. It gives you movespeed which combos well with lich banes movement speed; And you get the proc on q, w, e, and r. Bringing back the 8% brings back ad fizz which was almost better than ap fizz, which if they nerfed ad fizz it would shove ap fizz even further down. At least if you get fed your w gets better which wasn't the case with the %
I would say it's major. It's not game-breaking, but extremely annoying, especially if you're used to it working.
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: Please give a little more info on where / what you want fizz to be.
Fizz is not killed. They reverted changes to w and upped the scaling on q. Just the w changes alone remove ad Fizz, which i believe is the idea. Riot wont create a champion then a couple years later change everything about them (by that i mean role). I see that they realized the q ap ratio change was too much bringing it to .5, i understand that, it was a lot of damage. You have to think that with ludens echo and lich bane the q counts for .95 scaling and bonus base damage from both. And they are great items on him anyway. I still stand by some ult changes, mostly changing it so that it doesn't start at 20%, but goes up to that as you level it. something like 5/10/20%. At that point i would revert the q dodge changes, those seem just unfair, and fix the w audio issue on structures. But other than that he's in a really good state.
: Actually, he was released as evasive and opportunistic. > Fizz makes use of evasive abilities and hit-and-run gameplay style that allows this little amphibian to dance around the battlefield, using evasion to stay alive and keep opponents guessing. But, in my opinion, it's a real shame that the community now considers "assassin" to be synonymous with "burst", when it never has been. They are often hand-in-hand, but they are not the same. Assassin has and will always refer to "mobility". Fizz is an assassin simply because he's opportunistic and evasive - there is no requirement for him to be a burst champion. And he's never been healthy when he has been (he used to be banned virtually every game...). His secondary tag is "fighter", not "mage"... he was intended to be a duelist. *(I still think they should have renamed "assassin" to "rogue" at the same time they renamed "carry" to "marksmen", because the implication that only one class "carries" and one class "assassinates" is wrong). * I don't deny that his current state is over-the-top, but **removing his incentive to duel** is not a healthy direction to take Fizz in (or back to, I guess). Changing it to current health from missing health is probably the best of both worlds, since it affords him the same amount of damage overall but it's more front-loaded and needs abilities to finish you off (rather than "we're both low so I win", although lots of champions do this anyway...). > An assassin is an agile champion that specializes in killing or disabling high value targets. Focused on infiltration, deception, and mobility, assassins are opportunistic hunters who find favorable moments within a fight before jumping into the fray. Regardless of the size of the enemy team, assassins specialize in positioning and artful killing. They strike when the time is right – no sooner, no later.
You're right about the assassin and burst thing, that makes sense. But fizz still has duel potential, he does it by being evasive and opportunistic. Sliding in and out of situations or going all in for the kill has always been towards a single target, even if tanky. They still can't change a champion from ap assassin to ad duelist. He still has the % on the dot damage which implies less attack speed and spreading out the attacks over time, which is pushing the evasive playstyle.
: He was never healthy as an assassin. At the moment he's a duellist, which is a good thing to be. If they want him to be played AP instead of AD then make his W scale with AP *as well*... but don't remove his incentive to actually stay and autoattack. Encouraging autoattacking is a good thing... it's a trade-off/weakness.
You can't create a champion with a specific playstyle then later on down the road just change that completely. Riot created Fizz to be an ap burst assassin, that's where he will stay. If it strays anywhere else it will be considered an off-build. And why are you saying Fizz isn't a healthy assassin. With the ult changes it really pushed him towards ap zed, but before that his abilities just did too much damage. I can't think of any other champion with at all the same playstyle. Even Zed has more of an all in type of play, and autoattacking is not a trade off if it does 8% of their health, you always win. The only thing that you're down on is abilities, that do no damage. His kit was pulled between ad and ap, neither really winning. neither really making any sense. I still thing some changes need to be made, but Fizz was intended to be an ap burst assassin, and Riot won't just change that.
: [Fizz] W passive does not proc on minions
I made like the same post and it died but i have videos of it so i guess ill put them here PBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQZAfR4djmM Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fncBeHF3Ves
: How Fizz Feels
And there is currently a bug where his w passive isn't applying to minions atm. It makes his farming pretty frustrating if you're used to it.
Then there's no reason to apply one tick of damage. In the video, you see physical from the auto, then magic from masteries, then after a tiny bit of time you see another bit of magic, from the w passive. And not only that but here's a video of the same thing on live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fncBeHF3Ves And you contradict yourself saying that it works and now saying it is intended not to work.
Did you actually look? It does not work, here's a video to prove it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQZAfR4djmM
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: does the dfg on his ult only activate after the shark hits or is it affer the ult lands on someone?
It activates when you attach it to someone
: ok but you can say this only if his 2 other abilities are good to attack attack while now they do very low damage Annie has just Q and W and then E for defense.where is the choice? Fizz could have Q and W and then E for escape. And Q's range is short compared to other gap closers
Annie doesn't have these meaningful decisions, she is less played right? And that's why i stand by the fact that they took it too far with the nerfs. Q is a very interesting ability, because it can be used for multiple things, like gap closer, escape, reposition. But it can't always be used in that way, it depends where you are and where the enemy's are.
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: i agree you neferfed the wrong spells. and buffed ultimate that can be easily countered by a {{item:3157}} Now it will just be "if i hit with ulti i attack,if not i don't"...and that's not funny Frst:damage needs a nerf? ok but nerf E's damage,not Q and W. E is more an utily spell. we can't have utily and damage all in one and low damage and 0 utility in the others Second: you want to buff something for the loss of DFG? don't buff the Ultimate,don't buff the damage. Give us lower CD on Q and E for more mobility or +10 range on Q. This is the fun part playing fizz. You can dance around your enemies. OT Same thing could be said for Lissandra. Her most damaging spell is E but E is more for escape/go in..she needs more power on W and less in E
You can't nerf e damage, nerfing it's damage will make it's decision less meaningful. Like this: if im low on health, and im being chased by a squishy at half health, i have 2 options; e away, or on to them to try to make a turnaround. If the damage was lower than that decision would be way less meaningful, as it would most of the time be away.
: Fizz [What do you think about the "nerf"]
I think they may have taken it too far, i like the fact that he has more assassination potential with the ult change, but the nerfs almost cancel it out. I don't really know where they're going with w, i think it sort of balances out q a little cause of the on hit effects, but still not a huge buff. I'd like to see the q scaling go up a tiny bit from where it is, it's just too low. The picture is graphs of the abilities. Assuming 300 ap and the enemy has 1k hp http://i.imgur.com/pT9KRZG.png
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: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
Ive noticed a wierd bug on my end, i haven't seen it in any screenshots or anything so maybe its only me? I have these wierd black lines around all entities, they look like trails http://i.imgur.com/KJ3mMMr.jpg http://i.imgur.com/WfaQO7b.jpg Ive got a Radeon 7770 and an AMD A6-3650 processor
: [Suggestion] Loading Screen
riot dosn't have animated versions of all the champions and im sure they're too lazy to create animated pictures of the ones that don't have them
: Yeah, no. That's ridiculous. The fact that low elo players don't know how to counter her is largely offset by the facts that she's squishy, all-in, and high-risk-high-reward. High elo play her as well, as long as they time their initiates and engages well and pick a proper time to jump in and ult. She's seen pro play. Also: >Another change that could have use is a nerf to her W base damage, and remove the AD scaling from her W and R. What are you actually trying to accomplish here? You wish to re-allocate Katarina's power to her base abilities, then subsequently nerf them? And: >buffing q could help her laning a lot too, as she has quite a bit of hard matchups in the laning phase. That's exactly the point of Katarina. She suffers in lane, farms from afar - against most mid lane matchups, that is - and then proceeds to have the threat of being a ridiculously strong damage source in team fights. She sacrifices her laning phase for amazing team fighting presence.
in higher elos timing becomes much harder if close to impossible, the other team will always save cc to stop you. So if you put more power into her base abilities and less on her ult, It will loosen that up a bit, and allow her to have an effect in teamfights other than at the end. Also the removing of the ad scaling because its pointless, it only scales with bonus ad, so unless you intend to build ad its useless.
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: [Quinn] - Duplicate Default Skin in Champion select screen
: [New mode suggestion] One for All: URF mode.
: Patch 4.5 - Itemization Changes
I think there should be more spell vamp items, i would like to see some champs have to get spell vamp to survive in fights. I know there are champs kind of like this but they dont completely rely on their spell vamp.
: Tentative 4.4 Lich Bane changes
I think that your trying to nerf some of the champions that use lich bane and then not nerf some others(if that makes sense). either way i see where your trying to go with this, and i think this is not the best choice. I think you could add a legitamate cooldown (like an ability. 8 sec or something) because yes it does produce lots of damage, but so can every ability if it has like a half a second cooldown.
: Suggestion: Make the pre-game map pingable?
: [Suggesstion] Kassadin rework
There's not much you can do to Kassadin to make him not banned every single game. Hes not a very fun champion, other than how ridiculous he is. mainly i think that if hes going to be changed it would need to be a complete rework, he has a silence and a slow that are pretty powerful on their own and without them he can't do that much. And his ult is a 7 second flash that does damage, not much explaining on that. His w doesn't go well with his skillset. he really needs a rework if anything.
: [Suggestion] Featured game mode: lvl 18 full build start (5v5)
ive always had the idea of free for all, maybe combine the two ideas. a free for all at lvl 18 with full build.
: Idea to help players in lobby
Maybe you could swap out the player instead of dodging with no penalty. like the player can sort of "opt-out" of the game and it will take him out and replace him. just a thought
: [Replay Bug] - Replaying a Recent match
I dont think the replay system is working yet.
: [Minor] Invulnerability bug/Tower aggression Bug
Ive seen this in normal servers too, the fizzin my game playful/trickstered into the enemy base when the game ended and when he came down he died even though the victory screen already came up.
: [Screen bug] - showing a msg Normal Cast
ive noticed the same bug in normal servers, not just pbe. I dont remember how i did it but it was fixable through the same method you mentioned.
: Smite Damage Splash & Flash Animation
I think the flash animation particles need to last longer, they disappear too fast. Also, it would be really cool if when you used smite on normal cast, it would show a number next to the cursor much like wards do.


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