: Refusing to play your secondary role
This Draft Pick was designed by lyte with TONS of psychological motivation to pick the pick you get assigned. One of the most strongly showing are the positions under our names. Its a constant reminder of where you belong, and that is the role your assigned. Another one is the preban phase, where we can see what our teammates want to pick, therefore reducing the chance of banning out your teammate by accident. Who could very well be a one trick pony for that one lane. So I doubt this will be much of a problem
: I have not encountered this yet. But I don't doubt that it's a problem. Perhaps there should be an in champ select report option for people who refuse to play the roles they are assigned/CHOSE! At first it should be a slap on the wrist. A simple reminder that they chose two roles they wanted to play and that they need to follow the rules. If they do it 3+ more times then they can no longer play ranked. 10+ times and now they start getting suspended. I'm all for changing strategies in champ select. It's good that there is flexibility to still pick and go where you want. But to be an ass about it is not the right way.
I have not encountered this problem and do not think I will at all. The 2 rolls are rolls that people enjoy, so why would they refuse to play the second one? There is no logic behind that. I know some strange occurrences of that will happen, but they shouldn't be common in the least.
: RapidFireCannon on Rengar issue.
Lol rapidfirecannon actually increases his leap xD? Im pretty sure its intended tho, and rapid fire cannon doesn't really help him that much, as say building a yoomus or a trinity.
: I'm not going to lie, the new masteries are very disappointing
I can't tell if this is a shit post. The rune combiner was a noob trap therefore it was removed. And the new masteries are all about giving changes and powers you can notice and reinforce your play style. I like it.
: Nobody is saying he's unplayable. Don't fabricate straw men.
It was a sarcastic remark on all the people who are here typing about how this will be horrible for their main before every seeing him on the PBE! Halerious. But I can't judge, I was the same with skarner, and we know how THAT turned out.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Usually I don't comment just for the sake of saying good job. But with all the hate and flake you get for being the CertainlyT, and all the grave mains who are salty about the changes, because they've obviously play tested this for days and concluded he is unplayable. You did well with this rework, it's unique and keeps the character intact.
: You auto-reload after 4 seconds if you have 1 bullet in the chamber but haven't attacked -- this prevents you from running around for long periods of time stuck on 1 bullet with nothing to attack. You reload after a little more than 2 seconds if you fully empty the chamber.
Ah, that makes much more sense. Ok, 2 seconds, i can live with that. Good work btw Certainly, unique marksmen for sure.
: Her W active does have an interaction with Love Tap that I didn't mention. Her W active is now much stronger but lasts for a shorter duration. Love Taps while the W is active cause the duration to extend potentially infinitely (but not practically - at some point everything is dead =D). Her W active still fully activates Strut's Passive just like it does now.
Oh thats cool! That makes her w have interaction with her kit. You should add that to the main post :P. Thanks for answering.
: Unfortunately, this was never on the table. We can't make Caitlyn a clone of other marksmen with a different skin. That isn't fair to her as a champ or to the other marksmen. These changes are designed to to give her a more distinctive identity compared to her counterparts in the role.
I hope that in the future, you can look back at her ult and give it a bit more power/rewarding feel. A change in her ult could easily change how she is played. I honestly think that if you need to buff something, buffing the traps is the way to go, maybe place the cap at 5 at max rank? If anyone gets hit with a trap or net, they will get headshot from a good distance, making her a great control adc.
: Graves Gameplay Update Feedback
Let me ask the question you've been avoiding. How will you cs? 4 seconds between reloads is enough to lose a creep or two, that might not be a problem late game, but it is early game.
: could you have the ressources to stop nerfing Vayne? look at adcs that were picked this worlds and that is pre nerf even
Vayne wasn't nerfed. She was tweaked, her power was moved else where. If it was me I would have gutted her. But that's not the point. She deals MORE damage to tanks now and less to squishes because she has no base true damage, which is how it should be. And she still has minimum true damage cap, so it's still good damage.
: "Minimum damage introduced at 40/60/80/100/120 flat damage" Hi Neo, welcome to reading comprehension 101.
Care to elaborate? I for one am happy on these vayne tweaks. She's a tank buster not a squishy destroyer
: Can you repeatedly snare someone by putting a trap under them while they're already trapped? Is the 5x snare dream alive?
Im 100% sure when you posted this Certainly made a U turn in traffic and busted through traffic all the way to his room in riot headquarters and added an internal cool down of some sort. Then he sighed with relief and said "The memes would have never ended if this went live, I can picture it "certainly perma snare cait" *shivers*" At least that's how it played out in my head.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
What I dislike is that w is now basically Tristanas Q. It boost attack speed and activates strut. Seems pretty bland. Hope something small can be added there. Like with skarner, who was a bit bland and repertoir added the passive where if you stun them with e or r you get the spire buffs. Maybe a change that interacts with her kit, like for example. Activating W causes love tap to deal 1% bonus damage base on enemies max health. Something like that.


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