: [Assassins] LeBlanc Feedback Thread
Hey guys, Just wanted to drop by and say that this rework is pretty interesting. I played a game with her, just testing out abilities and such in bot game, and I have to say she feels extremely different, but in a good sort of way. LeBlanc was the first champ I had desire to get really good with, and with her being so 1 dimensional, it was either, I got stomped, or I stomped. Never really felt any different. This rework feels like there's more room for creativity with your combos, and definitely helps her wave clear, however, as of right now, I'm struggling to figure out her potential. Given that old LB was always Q/W/E > R > the rest, this new LeBlanc feels really clunky at first. Is it possibly better now, to open up with your Mimic? I feel as though opening up with either RW or RE is a really good start to a fight, make them think about which one to hit, or make them hesitate, and then dump the rest of your damage onto them. My only issue with the above, is that at that point, she doesn't feel super bursty anymore. But I suppose that's the point. A good amount of damage, but moreso trickery than anything else. I'm looking forward to getting some actual games in with her, so that I can get super tricky. Her skillcap literally just went passed the moon, loool. Good work on this one, Riot, definitely fits thematically and feels a lot healthier for both LB and her enemies.
: [PBE Feedback] "New Missile System" - Rewriting Skillshots
Will this affect the way that the current Flash > skillshot works? I wouldn't imagine so, but it would be nice to hear it either way. Right now, when you Flash and cast a skill shot almost simultaneously, the skillshot fires where your mouse was prior to the flash, instead of it's "new" position. This didn't happen before...er...gosh, a while ago. I'm not sure when this changed, I just know that it did.
: New HUD Feedback
Hello :) I love the new HUD, it feels very clean and concise. But that's also one of my worries. It feels a tad too concise. It doesn't really feel like there's much to the HUD anymore. I assume that's one of your goals, is to declutter everything, but it feels really sparse and empty. Very cold and uninviting, would be the words to describe it. It's absolutely wonderful from a minimalist perspective though. My idea for improving on that would be to give us the ability to move certain bars around. For instance, the timer bar and the personal KDA bars would be nice for me to have in the upper right, or perhaps someone else would enjoy having their item box on the left, and their champion stats on the right. I don't know what goals that would collide with, but it would be an interesting touch. Additionally, I suggest making the level up arrows stand out a bit more against the background of a lot of the map. In some parts, they seem to blend in a little too much. Having all 3 arrows pop up when leveling up, regardless of whether or not a spell is maxed, is also a little strange. Try removing the arrow of the maxed spell to see if that clears anything up. It was certainly jarring the first time I saw it. Currently, the shop feels way way WAY too empty. The bottom left corner has a lot of empty space, and it doesn't really feel right. I wouldn't say it's awful, but it just doesn't feel comfortable. The left of the shop is nice though, with all the categories. It would also be nice to be able to scale the y-axis size of the shop too, instead of just the x. On a final note, I think the new scoreboard is wonderful. It's very clear and the ability to drag around our rows is simply amazing. It makes searching for your targets much easier! My only gripe is that the level number inside of the champion picture portrait is a little hard to read at first glance. It's harder to quickly assess each champions level than it was previously. Great work guys! This HUD is overall amazing! It just needs some polishing and tweaking <3
: LeBlanc 5.11 Changes – Wrong Way to Fix the Problems LB Presents.
This is really well thought out. I've been looking for a way to put my thoughts on this champion into words, but you did it well. Given that this champion is my favorite to play, and second favorite theme in the game, LeBlanc is really close to me. I however, feel like a lot of my input gets tossed to the wayside because of my inexperience in the ranked queue. I really hope Riot browses over this and understands what makes her LeBlanc and produce some ideas on how to change her otherwise. My only gripe is that focusing heavily on the ultimate would really only feel like a Karma copy. Basic spells > ult for empowered basic spells. It wouldn't be the exact same by any means, but it'd feel really similar, I think. I'm not quite sure what else they could do, though.
: Karthus Visual Update Feedback/Bugs Thread!
Hi! Just dropping by with a little tidbit! I've only just gotten my hands on the new Karthus (gorgeous by the way, you guys did a wonderful job!), so I'll probably edit my post with more information. For now, I really only have two nitpick-y things that stand out to me. 1. His voiceover, while awesome, is just a bit too echo-y. Remember what happened with Arcade Hecarim? I think that's what's happening with Karthus, though, not on such a severe level. 2. The voiceover lines played when Karthus turns on his E are a bit awkward. I say this because a lot of players (or at least I do), toggle his E on and off for a quick burst of damage when last hitting waves (Q the wave a few times, Q and E toggle for wave clear). When he emits the lines, and then the E is turned off, the lines getting cut short make it seem like I'm using the E wrong, like it should be kept on for a while. I suggest either making the lines fade out when the E is turned off before they're completed, or keep the lines going even when the E is turned off. That's it so far really, but I'll probably come back to this and add some more! Awesome work you guys, really amazing stuff!
: Can confirm all bullet points for camps affected by the bug except Dragon. Dragon was fine. It was attacking and everything. Did not try Baron either.
I've been able to recreate dragon a couple of times, but not 100% I tested Baron a few times and I couldn't get him to do it, so it probably doesn't affect him.
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: Hey folks, If anybody who has experienced this issue could post your r3d log from the game where it occurred, that would be super helpful. Steps: 1. Right click your LoL icon and select Open File Location 2. Navigate to Logs\Game - R3d Logs 3. Sort by Date Modified to find your latest 4. Identify the log where you had the issue Do NOT post a random log from a game you had that "might have" had the issue. And please don't guess. We want very specific details and only want the log for a game where you can identify the EXACT log. If you're not sure, don't post it. :) We're also trying to reproduce the bug here ourselves. Thanks, Fei
I've attached my r3d logs to this post. I've also got a ton others (from the same game where I quit and tried to reconnect) if you'd also like to see some of those.
: Same type of issue here. It only occurs (for me at least) in custom hexakill games, only tested on summoners rift. The games I've played had only one heartseeker ashe, so I do not think that it is directly correlated to that skin. However it may be related to the patch that the skin came in, I am not completely sure. The largest issue that occurs with this bug is that the entire game essentially 'stops', all champions, minions, pathing, everything. The interesting thing though is that cooldown timers, the game timer, and visual animations continue as if the game had not stopped. The game does not respond to any commands or anything of that sort though. I can still access my options screen, it does not seem to affect the performance of my computer, and I do not seem to be having any performance issues therein, it just seems to be random freezing every minute or so within the game.
Thanks for confirming and providing some detail. EDIT: I quoted the last part of your comment in the original post. (I credited you :) )
: I played a game with fid thresh jinx reneton and riven on their team with ez(me) victor, aatrox, ziggs, and lee sin. As far as I can tell, it just happened every couple of minutes. You would just freeze for around 20-30 seconds(the timer goes on and ping and fps stay the same). Most of the time if you clicked on a path, you would wind up there when it was unfrozen.(so if you clicked to go to bot while in base and it froze, you would be in bot usually) It is impossible to play the game properly like this. Especially if you are skill shot based champ(like ez) From my knowledge it is not related to heartseeker ashe, but just all games. Also just something i noticed, when it froze, your gold income stops. When it unfreezes, it rapidly catches up. I think the freezeing affects the minions and turrets, but i cant be sure. The freezeing affects all players though.
Thank you for confirming and providing so much detail! When I return from class, I'll put in some information that you provided (credited with your name of course.)
: I was at dragon when I hit one of the 18 I had last game. After the lag spike nobody had died but dragon was fully healed. I also noticed that champions under turrets didn't die and commands in place before the spike still executed.
Thank you for confirming and providing some detail and speculation!
: Updates:all of the players in the game as well as my friend are experiencing the freezing issue. The game remains connected, but the whole game(some times just some players, but sometime even the turrets and minions, i took only 1 hit after tanking the turret and freezed under it for 2 min). Looks like the problem is within the server.
: i just had this problem also but no one was using heartseeker ashe, I was creator viktor, but yeah game would just stop, I clicked around and nothing happened I just couldnt move, the rest of my team and the enemy team was also having this problem. we surrendered just to end that crappy game
: I just played a rank game with this happening to all players in the game. No ashe was played.
: I was just in a game like this as well, however there was no heart seeker ashe, only a bunch of heartbroken players </3
: yeah..at 1st i thought it was my net but it kept happening. Edit; it appears that this problem occurs on summoners rift only. Tweested Treeline is fine.
: Holy damn speglords c'm'on it's not a skin problem, so stop talking about it in a context that makes it sound like it could possibly be one. This looks like a job for Riot and their server Yordles to work out Ziggs' mess again.
: sorry that i couldnt hel you :(
No no, it's okay, thank you for providing your experience though, it helps :)
: hi, i played a game and one of my teammates played heartseeker ashe too. we all had the same problem with the bugs. after this game i played a game without heartseeker ashe in a game and there were no problems. so i think its the skin greets xounis :)
No, it can't be that, because I tweeted someone about this, and they said they were in a game testing HS Ashe as well, but with no problems. It's gotta be something else.
: [Summoner's Rift] - The map and everyone in it freezes.
This is sort of happening to me, so I'm popping in to confirm.
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: Game keeps crashing
Popping in to confirm this. This is a really irritating happening.
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: Bots not recognizing players in certain lanes
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: [Bug major] Yasuos wind wall
Popping in to upvote and confirm that it happens at all levels. Also his E doesn't like to chain very well, but that's another issue entirely.
: Team Builder is testing today and tomorrow (Nov 20th and 21st)!
So I've only been able to use TB once, just a minute ago, but so far I like it. I only have a couple of gripes about it; - The music that plays shouldn't play throughout the whole queue time. I don't know if this was intended or a bug, but it was kind of irritating, as most people will usually tab out and watch some videos or listen to music. - (I think I've seen this in the discussion already, but it won't hurt to post it again.) I believe that we should have an option to select skins when we are in the team lobby, seeing as some people can have multiple skins, or may just want to go classic for a game. This isn't a big deal, but it'd be nice to have it implemented. - This might be a personal thing and my window, but the text in the team chat (the one once you're in a lobby) is just a tad too small. The little things (get it) I know, but I'm just providing feedback D: << I'll come back tomorrow after I've had a chance to use it some more and leave further feedback, but so far, awesome job you guys~! I can't wait until this hits live! More quality games...a dream not too far off! **Edit:** So I wasn't able to get home to test out Team Builder more :( I hope they put it up for further testing. Oh well, better luck next time hopefully. Still have high hopes for TB!
: Reordering Masteries & Runes
Ugh, yes please, I've thought the exact same thing. Such a small thing would make so many people happy. XD
: [Suggestion] XP Bar for new Health Bar
I enjoy the second (yellow) iteration, both on the bottom and the side. I hope Riot reconsiders adding EXP to the bar. I miss it so :c +1
: Too bad Kayle's Righteous Fury is the only on hit that gets to benefit from either mastery. I'm not too scared of 3% of Ori's base ad, but it should be fixed. EDIT: I gave it a try on Kayle, not only does it apply on every creep that righteous fury hits, it stacks up to 5 times rather than 3. On this issue as well, spell weaving performs correctly though, only 3 stacks.
Yeah, but in lane, sending your Q through a minion wave and harassing an opponent with an auto attack leads to a lot of free damage with Orianna, given her passive is already strong. Thank you for testing and confirming this. ^~^ Oh and for finding the other bug. (I noticed this too but I guess I didn't realize it wasn't supposed to stack 5 times!)
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: [Visual Bug]
Popping in to confirm, I also posted about this a while ago.
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: [Bug] Getting the wrong skin in One for All Mode.
I also posted something about this, so I'm just popping in to confirm that this happens. Personally we tried Popstar Ahri, and two of us got Dynasty Ahri.
: [Sweeping Lens] - Wards re-stealthing when hit.
So I just tested this out and I can confirm that unless you're using Leona and have stupid fast reflexes, you can't clear a ward revealed with the Sweeper. I'm not sure about the timing thing, but I know that it's impossible to clear a ward unless you have a lot of attack speed or have an auto attack reset. Right now, this trinket is the most useless one IMO.
: I had a bug similar to this when I was playing Ryze (OFA too), I selected a skin, but the picture didn't change, just the name. Than after a short time it seem alright, but instead of Zombie R. I got Pirate R. Also fellow summoners had the same issue in the same game.
Yeah, it seems that this happens in the OFA queue in general. I'm wondering if I should edit the post.
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: Health Bar Rework Update (11/6/2013)
On another note, I find that the new health bars are pretty ok, aside from the EXP bar being missing. One other thing that I've found is that sometimes it can be a bit difficult to differentiate a little bit of health missing from a large black bar indicating 1000 health. Only when someone's missing like, 100 or less health. I guess I can get used to it, but at a glance, it can be a bit jarring. Great work overall though :)
: I love the new healthbars and they really do help me keep track of myself in teamfights and skirmishes. However, I still miss being able to see my xp where my level is. It's a very small but useful feature that has saved me multiple times.
The fact that the EXP bar is missing is one of the few things I abhor about the new health bars. Being able to estimate your levels pre 6 can make or break a lane in my opinion. I really hope they bring them back. Maybe they could put it under the bar? You know where those 3 little silver steps are on the left? Hm..

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