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: It was actually a reference to his RFC purchase line. "Rapid fire? Ha... where's the drama in that?" Also, yeah, he's good at so much other shit that "shooting a building" is a weakness it's probably fine for him to have.
Ahhh those two answers are texts i can work with. Yeah, sure he isn't meant to be good at it, the problem is just that he's really bad at it right at the moment which doesn't fit at all with the meta we are in now. The meta of season 6 seems to be all about pushing early and get at lead, which could get to be a problem while playing Jhin. But there are other champions who are not supposed to be a good tower destroyer but still deal at least some damage to it. I mean in carry roles now, not supporters of course ^^
: Actually, AP Laners get bonus damage against buildings based on their AP
Ah right, forgot about that in all the preseason trouble ^^
: Shooting a building? Ha... where's the drama in that?
I'm not sure if I get your commeng rght. Could you please explane it further?
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: Lux q not snaring
I've played Lux without skin on the Pbe and my q's didn't snare or deal damage neither.
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