: Voice over IP
Its default voice activity and on but you can change thaqt and the client will remember. I guess they just figured most people would try it by default.
: Sorry, that's just the way things are done. Maintenance is always **around** a certain time (I'm sure you've noticed), so if you don't feel like having your game be interrupted by maintenance, just don't play if it has yet to happen. If Riot knew when exactly maintenance was going to happen, we would be notified in advance or we'd have it at the same time everyday. It just comes when it comes.
Awww poopy :( Thanks for the reply!
: it is the same, is there a hidden button maybe? or is it just a bug? what do you think?
I have to assume its either some bug, or some people have their mics messed up. If all your stuff looks connected i'd definitely submit a bug report (i did after that game just in case)
: The New VoiceChat System
Same, a friend was like "can you hear me in voice" and im like ????? you've been talking?" Seems he was hearing me fine but I never heard a thing. No mute and had the output at 100, nada.
: Voice Chat is now live, so it might be better for you to post this on the live boards instead (I'm also pretty sure Riot has made an article about it on Riot Support). There's more people there, so increased chances of someone who is able to help you with your problem.
I thought open parties were live and voice wasnt until 8.6 (thecurrent pbe patch)
: getting triggered by gg ez is worse than being triggered by the emote system... maybe you just need some thicker skin?
1 you're misusing triggered but i get it you're 2edgy5me. I didnt say I was mad or even upset, it's sad on live and it's sadder on pbe and at ultimate "I have nothing better in my life than this game" in a RGM on PBE. Thats just facts buddy. Your defensive as comment trying to jump on me sounds a lot more "triggered" to me but then again you're prolly the above type.
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: Does Reporting on PBE do anything?
Im just baffled that on a server where the whole point is evertything changes and new things are tested, people still take it seriously enough to say shit like "GG EZ noobs" and berate/insult you. Like PBe is a tiltproof zone bro, it means literally nothing, you just look like an obnoxious and/or stupid child :/ the only thing sadder than talking shit in a PBE game is if people bragged about having a skin on PBE (which ive also seen lmao)
: Make "One for All" dodges a 30 minute penalty if not more.
Bump. I want an actual Riot response to this and the Missing Chromas.
: This kind of atitude i what is killing the game modes. Just add the 10 champ bans. People will always cry about something and riot keeps feeding this atitude by trying to balance game mode like URF. It is a game mode for fun, it isnt ranked, just freaking chill about. They are banning Teemo and Karthus, this is so dumb. Add the oracle drink to the mode, we have zhonyas for Karthus, and besides, it is just like ARAM, you will have trash matches and great matches. This game is slowly dying because riot keeps giving attetion to cry babies.
My atttitude of "I want selfish asshole babies to actually commit to a game and not dodge them over something as dumb as not getting the champ they wanted" is killing game modes???? The 10 champ ban IS in one for all, the fact you dont know that alone means you're too ignorant to be commenting on my thread. Its not about balance you can still ban and pick broken champs, this is about actual people dodging BECAUSe they disliked the champ, which should be punishable because its what literally kills the fun of the FGM I literally can barely understand the message itself let alone explain to you how misunderstood and wrong you are. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your team.
: Cant get Birdio or PD Siv chromas?
Bump. Would really appreciate a fix since PD Sivir is something i love and i wanna try all the chromas to see which one i want most on live.
: Agreed, and this goes for the LIVE version too. People can't just leave because their champion wasn't selected. 1st dodge 10 minutes 2nd dodge 30 minutes 3rd dodge 1 day Ban from OFA This sounds fair.
Id find this fair. Its 2x the rift dodge penalties and then a 3rd strike means you obviously didnt wanna play OFA that badly so just get a ban from it.
: Just trying to test some champions I've yet to test, but everyone wants to use the same broken champs, or unbroken insta lose, and will dodge so many times if they don't get it. Dodge penalty should be up because you aren't here to win games people.
Exactly. This was the issue with ARAMs not even a year ago too, everyone was dodging because they didnt get a specific champ like???? thats the literal point???? Like If they care THAT much about playing a specific champ find 3 more friends and run the vote, or fill the team with friends and go at it, but for us just trying to enjoy the randfomness and crazy things that can happen in the game, dodging is the fucking worst.
: It isn't worth it to make a RGM queue have its own dodge penalties. 17 times in a row is just an extreme outlier case and isn't frequent at all. If you want to find people to test some specific champion, try using the discord linked in one of the stickied threads.
1 Aram got its own dodge penalty timer because of people dodging. Why not this? Exact same problem, use the exact same solution 2 after making this thread it happened ten more time in a row before i gave up for the night. So yeah "outlier" case uh-huh. 3 Its not about my champ idgaf who we play did you even read my post???? The issue is that no matter WHO gets picked, if it wasnt a specific players choice they will dodge, forcing me to wait in the queue again and go through it all over a minimum of five times. Yes i have been keeping count, for every 1 game i play theres a MINIMUM 5 DODGES!!!! And thye just gotta wait 5 minutes, maybe watch a youtube video, and they can hop right back in. :/ so you're entire comment literally falls apart idk if you just havent played the mode enough but its all ive been playing since it hit PBE, trust me when i say i know this will be a big issue on live if shipped this way.
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: I can not forge anything on hextec
Same here. Not keys or emotes or anything.
: No Voice Ingame
I'm having this same issue as well, but I can still hear the announcer. It seems to only effect champs on my end.


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