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: [Client] - Can't play after a pc crash during the loading
You should set your task manager to "always on top" in order to avoid black screen locks.
: [TFT] Ability to Duplicate items
Was it the two tier 1 items on a single unit, or was it the disconnect thing?
: Ghost games should fix themselves within four hours.
That's good to keep in mind for the future, thanks
: Big thanks riot. nobody love you.
So you should know that usually PBE has very few players on it, despite being the one place you can try a new champ for _all_ regions. There's so few players that Twisted Treeline doesn't even exist. If they have a RGM, they disable ARAM in order to make sure getting in game doesn't take an hour from lack of players. Even when URF comes online, they don't hit capacity. But you are right about something. Right now, there aren't 9,000 people in the login queue. There are over 600,000 (you can check your Client Log files to confirm). And we aren't even in peak hours. To imagine a company would be ready for such a surprising influx of players, when even their most popular game mode doesn't approach that capacity is laughable. It would be a gigantic waste of money to have PBE ready for so many people, and absolutely unreasonable to expect them to accommodate such a number within a week's time. They did what they could, which was to increase PBE capacity as much as possible, and change the queue system to actually track your number, instead of making it a lottery of "which of these half million players gets lucky on this login attempt?" Could you imagine having to sit at your PC for 13 hours spamming the sign in button? This is just a very extreme circumstance, and I for one think they handled things better than most would in this situation.
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: Well , i don't consider it as a bug, it gives you the chance to keep champs you want to upgrade and at the same time not lose the champ that you selected in the ring. I mean, maybe it deserves another solution like, puting a temporary slot at the bottom that disappears after you pick up the champ from the selected ring when full on champs. Other than that, it's okey, its not like a lvl 1 extra champ causes much threat. While a Draven lvl 3 can 1v9 :p
I actually strat around this sometimes when carousel comes around (assuming my bench isn't far from being full). An extra graves early isn't much of an advantage to be sure, but an extra sej, kayle, draven, yas, etc can all turn the next fight in your favor. Not to mention they're already equipped with an item. I think a potentially simpler solution would be to place the unit in your cursor when your board is full, as though you just picked them up. Then again, looking at the game now and remembering the glitch of selling a unit you've just swapped in, I'm thinking they coded picking up and dragging units as a purely visual aesthetic. So maybe the temporary slot would be easier to add, lol.
: Suggestion for TFT UI - Make use of a Tab Screen
This is actually an amazing idea. I find it a little clunky having to click portraits to check out the board. Having a button to at least look at fielded comps would be a great QoL change. It would lower the skill floor by allowing people to easily survey before committing to a champ, or let them see the sheer number of assassin comps before throwing that carry way in back. On top of that, spamming the tab key to check your opponents would make this feel much more like a League experience.
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: [feedback] Rageblade is kinda busted.
PD laughs at the hypercarry in the corner! Then they get RFC on top of that and I just start wondering why RNGesus has forsaken me...
: Nerf phanton dancer in TFT
As an abuser of PD on tanks, I agree with this wholeheartedly. I know you can counter with RFC, but some games you just can't get two recurves.
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: [Nexus Blitz] - Start prize fight out of mana on champions with over time mana abilities
Just did this exact thing with mundo W. Was not a good time when I finally got to fight :(
: queue bug fix! pls am stick in qeuee!
Found a workaround earlier
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: Queue issues - Unable to get out of a lobby or get into matchmaking
I have found a temporary solution: -Have the party leader join a [an existing] custom game. -Party leader then invites all party members to said custom game. -Once all party members have joined, the stuck in lobby glitch should be gone. If there isn't any custom games available which could fit your entire party, just invite people into different lobbies. So long as everyone is out of the glitched lobby it should work. Hope this helps EDIT: This worked once for me, then I got stuck after one missed queue Now have an alternate method: Had a friend who was trapped with me spectate a custom game by joining their lobby as a spectator. Once their game loaded in, they stopped spectating and logged out, which seemed to end the glitch. Currently in a new game, so it appears to be working.


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