: Fake news. It'll be available on live from October 28th to November 8th.
that date is about the live server not the pbe, Draft/Blind pick urf still needs testing too, so its not too far fetched
: predator + ghost malphite. he's a champ that can 1v7. no other champ can do that. or a yi. full crit makes him alpha, then he automatically autos, causing a one shot. then theres perma stun champs or juggarnauts that do dmg. then you have useless champs like kennen, nidalee, j4, etc or champs that are too squishy. careful when you say "any champ can beat any other champ." also, careful about the word "teamwork." this is PBE we're talking about, where it's more toxic than the actual servers.
well, no its not about champs being good or bad, its the fact that you get champs you cant play or dont want to play, like getting an adc when you main bruisers, assassins etc...... ARURF is a bad gamemode, the whole ar thing is pointless, people get op champs all the times in arurf. just look for yourselfs games last much shorter, either you snowball or you run it down the entire game, its not that fun honestly urf was a much better and fun game mode imo


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