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: Its been so much fun playing in PBE server, meeting a TONS of friends that i chat with for like 99% of the time when theyre online, knowing that i might not make it but i must be patient because i feel like i have been post a bunch of bugs and feedback, this is moment of truth :) going back to NA : Goodbye guys:) its been more than a year to be here, and its fun to spend all my year to this server for testing or meeting a nice of you guys <3
Puddinnggg~ What's your NA name? :o
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: A Warm Welcome from Relaunch!
Personally, I would love a Galio relaunch. He is a very unseen champion who has tremendous potential. I feel like if his kit was manipulated in a bit more of a self centered or carry type, he would be a phenomenal mid laner. You could also go the opposite way and make him a terror in the bot lane!

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