: Nie dostaje RP
Please write in English, so everyone can understand.
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: Ummm.... Yes? This is exploitable how? Wasting Flash and Ult on an AFK opponent by diving into the fountain, getting fountain lasered for 2000 true damage per second? Its not like Trundle gets to keep the buff permanently, and he'd be most likely very dead...
If you have, let's say, about 4500hp, and you waste that 1 second for the flash in the base, you'll get to keep about 2500hp, and taking into account the 300+ MR and Armor only from the target (Not taking into account your own MR and Armor) you'll get, you'll probablly be tankier that with 4500hp.
: I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say. Of course you can ult an enemy as Trundle and take there stats
An AFK enemy, standing in the base, has about 1000+ MR and ARMOR, so they don't get killed. You can get those stats as Trundle, which is kinda broken...
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: Hi KSnoopy, That is probably never going to happen. The reason behind this is that players who don't know Lucian lore also doesn't know about Senna (who is she?!). So having this skin will only confuse those players and they won't know that they are playing against Lucian. Yeah.. they will probably start questioning what kind of champion is this. It's either has to be a separate champion or just a dead idea. btw, that art is cool :3
That's the point! To get people to read the lore! :D
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: No updated Summoner's rift on my PBE client
Custom games, and then select Summoners Rift (Updated). It's not implemented on the normal PvP games currently.
: Late game mages can get the Blue Elixir, I get your point but why not put movement speed on green pot, is a stat that benefits everyone
Anyway , what about champions like Jax? I mean Baron + Blue pot + Red pot+ (Green pot)? Isn't he op already?
: Elixir of Agility-Green Pot
Too op on late game champions like {{champion:96}} {{champion:23}},(And many more) and anyway, what is a mage suposed to do with critical chance? That's kinda unfair towoards casters...
: [Summoner's Rift] Unable to place ward in Tri-bush via Dragon Pit
Scarra should be happy now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCisMmgkcgk&feature=kp
: (Suggestion) Be able to have a playlist of Champions that you can type in the Champ Select searchbar
: New summoners rift is very drab
You people are really asking Riot to give the new map some "life". Trust me, if they gave it some "life", the map wouldn't be nearly as smooth as now. So please, think about that!
: lag on pbe
You can't {{champion:105}} this, because the servers are located in the US. It's the same issue for everyone from EU.
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: Any idea why? I can't seem to be able to find information about it..
They're probablly patching the glitch where Caitlyn could do the Baron over wall. But not sure tho.
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: In 15 minutes, I have it from a secure source.
: When will the new sr come to the PBE?
: Jax rework? plz
He does need a LITTLE nerf. Jax is suposed to be what he is, the best duelist in the game. But he's really strong in the current split-pushing meta.
: Can't open the PBE Client
I have the same problem, only the LoL logo pops up and nothing happens.
That can't be in the game, its probablly just your computer overheating or something like that. Try opening your PC and cleaning it up (if you're not running a water cooler).
: Rift Update - Give it some life
Give it "Life" and it will lag the living hell out of everyone...
: How to play on new Summoners Rift
They didn't put in the new SR yet.
: the longer i am alive the more assists i will collect
So your KDA will go up. What's the problem in that?
: seems like you hate tanks and top lane ^^ cant wait to see my midlane and acd tanking cause i dont like to fuk up my kda :) nothing moar to say
Don't forget that assists count in KDA too.
: Current elo and placement system
I couldn't agree more with this. I've beed strugling in Silver for a long time now, and I've been a full-time league of legends player since season 3, with hours and hours dedicated watching the LCS and learning every click of a pro that was on-stream. Doesen't really matter how long i try, I never get out of Silver. I feel you bro. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: More languages on the League of legends.
Yeah, there are a TON of Ex-Yugoslavia players (Inclouding me). I think they sould put in Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, they're all the same languages! Good idea.
: When will be the new SR in the client?
: "Thereisnourflevel" I'm not too sure what this is but if I am correct they might be adding the new SR VU to the pbe and it is taking a bit longer then expected. It's not you it's for everyone.
: I'm gonna repair it and see if that works...
Try sending a message to Riot, maybe they'll help you. https://support.leagueoflegends.com/anonymous_requests/new
It's just you. Try repearing your client.
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: When is the Summoner's Rift VU going on the PBE?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Primetime Draven!
He says "Draven" a LITTLE bit too often, but the skin itself and the sound overlay are really amazing. 9/10
: The upcoming update to Summoners Rift.
The new update is like perfect in my opinion, only thing Im scared about is the FPS dropping. I hope that Riot optimizes this.
: New Pings [Suggestion]
It does need a visual update but the idea is amazing!
: (BUG) vanyne can't attack after E
: [suggestion] Ward-Ping in the smart-ping system
Awesome idea! And also, they should implement a smart-ping to ward a certain area. That'd be just awesome.
: My idea: eternal wings as GA's buff (above head) and Urf ngel with wings reviving people as passive animation.
That URF idea is really good, but it's a little trolly, i don't think Riot would do that...
: Little wings hovering on top of their head or a halo
: I think the wings would be a little too much for just a visual update tho haha.
I didin't think wings like Kayle has, i meant somehing like small wings over their heads...
: What if its like Kayle and they already have wings?
I did say "Or something else", didn't I?
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: Pbe lag ?
PBE is always laggy for EU players, because the servers are located in the US.
: Patcher won't start up.
Right click on the LoL Launcher, complability tab, and then select "Run as administrator", and select "Run this program in compability mode for: Windows XP service pack 3". Doesen't matter if you have Windows 7 or Windows XP. It always works for me. Good luck on the fields of justice!
: There seem to be a LOT of people who are having the most fun every with this game mode. (I'm one of them) If the point of the game is to provide a fun experience for it's players, then it seems logical to leave URF turned on until interest naturally fades away. ARAM is permanent, why shouldn't URF be as well? Yes, there are some champs that are OP. The same can be said about ARAM yet people still play it. At least URF has a ban phase. They should increase the number of bans to 4 per team and add an attribute to the global voodoo buff that cuts all healing in half (or lower). That would bring a little balance to the uber-sustain champs and still give people the flexibility to ban out the craziest champions.
Exactly what i was thinking about!
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