: Garen on hit dmg bugged ?
with how easy it is to play him and the fact that he now hits hard, garen is busted right now and is SSS tier, he can 1v3 if the enemy team can't kite. supposedly, garen's E is supposed to do % dmg, and the amount of spins depends on his atk spd, which is the reason why garen is busted, if you were wondering why beyblade garen is so strong now.
: Unavailable skins
PBE is an enviornment to test "new" skins, not old ones that doesnt have any bugs, hence when a champion gets reworked, all their skins are on release
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: Are you a streamer with 6-8k viewers providing free advertisement for the company? no? then shut the fuck up also him getting banned for stupid shit he said about a shit game like League that has nothing to do with TFT is not relevant at all
heres a tip: don't curse to try to prove something. it makes you sound less convincing and/or harassment.
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it's not a bug, it's intended so that you can "test" all the champs


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