: Playing a lot of Evelynn in the Practice Tool right now, trying to get a feel for her relative to other champions: Passive: * I'm actually okay with her passive coming online mostly at level 6. However, I wish that it were more useful in jungle: the way that it's designed now, it feels like it's far more useful for lane Eve than jungle Eve. * My recommendation here would be to add a caveat to the passive: Killing a monster immediately activates the Passive. This increases her ability to use Empowered E and allows her to heal between camps easier. * ~~Also, she needs her HP regen ungutted. If the healing portion here is the reason for that, it almost doesn't feel like a fair trade, since Evelynn is guaranteed to always be low health.~~ Q: * The way in which the damage is split between the projectile and the next three attacks against the target of the projectile is needlessly complicated. My recommendation for Hate Spike is to remove the extra damage portion, and add it onto the projectile burst damage. It makes it stronger poke, but I don't think that's a bad thing for her current balance state. * Evelynn's mana pool isn't going far enough without Blue buff for regen, really hurting her pathing options and her laning ability. Q is the main way she's using her mana, so I recommend lowering the cost early in the game. * new stats would look like: > Mana cost (35/45/55/65/75) Lasher Damage: (55/90/125/160/195) (+60%AP) Hate Spike Damage: (25/30/35/40/45) (+45%AP) > **Edit** After playing quite a few more games on Eve, I'm not feeling those numbers anymore. Right now, she has incredible late-game burst on whoever she lands the Lasher on, and I think that's eating more of her power than it should. To make room for the other changes suggested, I'd recommend Mana cost (35/45/55/65/75) Lasher Damage: (55/90/125/160/195) (+55%AP) Hate Spike Damage: (25/30/35/40/45) (+40%AP) W: * I'm really missing the movement speed on old Evelynn. It feels bad to mark an enemy and have them run away from me, especially before I can start using my stealth. And Evelynn's ganks feel pretty weak right now. My recommendation for all of this is to add Movement Speed toward the Marked target to W. E: * Evelynn does not have the power to engage, at all. She's slow, she's kitable, she has no mobility, and she's fragile and melee. In lane, this combination won't work out at all. She needs to be able to get onto people if they don't respect her W and stick around for a fight. * My recommendation is to grant Empowered a larger range, equal to her detection radius. R: * I'm actually okay with the way that the teleport works. It makes R more risky and therefore have more room for power. * The one thing I'd really like to see is **the teleport should place Evelynn in stealth**. Visually, she's already going into demon form when she ults, and gameplay wise, it would make R a better escape tool and give Evelynn a chance to go back in if combined with the extra range on Empowered E. Overall, I think that **Eve is under delivering in the current build**. I haven't gotten to test her damage versus champions or in teamfights much, so I can't speak to her later-game balance, but that's what I'm seeing so far. Implementing all of these changes would: Make her jungle clear more healthy (better use of her passive). Make her jungle clear faster (more damage on Hate Spike, more uses of Empowered E). Make her ganks more powerful, especially before 6 (movement speed and range on Empowered E so that she can get to the target). Give Evelynn more capability in lane, both in farming/waveclearing with Q and with engaging with Empowered E. Make her more slippery in teamfights (restealth after R, range on Empowered E). **Edit** Reduce her late-game damage to give her more power budget to *reach* that late game.
I actually agree with all of your points! Summed up my opinion perfectly.
: On a scale of 1 to 10, how difficult is the new Evelynn? Is the learning curve still pretty steep?
1 = old ww 10 = Riven/Yas I'd say she's a 4 (same level as twitch / Kha'Zix) She can't really one shot that effectively early on, and relies more on outsmarting and stealth-ganks. The learning curve from several games appears to be steep at first; you have to get used to the new Q mechanic, along with the lack of invisibility 1 through 5. The new ult is also something to keep in mind, and you can easily fuck yourself up if you don't account for the blink behind. (P.S. Flashing infrontof the enemy and ulting so you blink on their escape path is really effective and something you ought to keep in mind). Getting used to letting your W charge is something I had trouble with personally; the charm late game is a substantial stun (and A FREE FREAKING VOID STAFF!!!) and it shouldn't be wasted for a petty slow and a mana refund.
: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
Do you have any plans of making her ultimate two-part, with the first one being damage and the second being the blink? Using your ult and barely not killing the enemy is made even worse by the forced teleportation

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