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: Conta nova (duvidas)
amigo, se voce e novo no PBE,leia todas as regras e os posts nesse mesmo Boards para saber de tudo sobre o server, caso va reportar um bug, tenha certeza de que nao ha mais posts com esse bug, se houver, apenas de um upvote e coloque informacoes caso saiba mais. coisas basicas como Nao seja Toxico, ou Nao levar a Serio os jogos do PBE sao bem obviamente puniveis, e tambem ajuda muito os Rioters a lerem as seus posts em Ingles! ao menos tente traduzir no Google Tradutor ou algo assim. por sinal, esse forum que voce postou e para Bugs, nao feedback ou algo assim
: [Shop] - Chroma Page Shows an Error message on a White Background
Dont post this link on here, its your personal shop info link, anyone can buy things in your shop with this link, its basically a online shop
: Phase Rush is too weak for a rune.
: Viktor's Deathsworn splashart
this splash art looks like a shot from a animation or something
: everyone got tons of capsules i think
yup, and its all bugged and some are 8 packs some are just one, and they dont even give something useful, because BE now is just useless
: Teemo bug PBE
this bug has been aroud for ages on the live servers, jhin's traps also do this right? as long the enemy is on top it will keep activating untill the first blow goes out
: He rage quitted because of the bad team
Annie Bot ulted ~~_**kappa**_~~
: Opening chroma skins tab crashes the client.
Dont post your personal shop link here, i received this crash on the live server, anyone with this url can buy stuff in your account, but its an expired session so i dont think theres much to do with THIS link, but really, never post these kinds of links
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: Death Sworn Katarina Animation
this skins is so good, katarina's right arm looks like a hair that holds a dagger in-game lmao
: BUG, champion emblem - 1 Day
When you buy, it does not appear on ESPÓLIO. disappeared when buying. lmao, translate the entire post pls, its Loot tab btw
: 10/20 - Friday PBE Status and FAQ Thread
Banfhy is working like crazy huh? good to know that Riot is investing some more time on the PBE now, lets see if you guys will keep it up!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Tips: buy the highest RP value skins with BE, and some of the gemstone only skins are for 1RP
: My tips for the new testers
just saying, when you translate things from portuguese to english, make sure to change any short words like ATP on the fist text, its actually the PBE, ATP is for the PT-BR
: Thank you for reopening the PBE/Obrigado por reabrir o PBE
escreva o que quiser, mas nao na pagina do forum de bugs!
: Zed interactions with Sudden Impact Rune?
: (PT/BR) Minha conclusão sobre meu primeiro dia no PBE!!
posta as suas coisinhas em pt br, mas nao no forum de bugs amigo!
: Doom Bots of Hardnness
impossible to beat this mode with 250~400 ms, even with the new broken runes
: RP Refill? Refil de rp? [PT-EN]
what the hell, but yes, there is a rp refill, once you hit the 500 RP mark como cagalhos vc gastou tudo isso? mas sim, tem um refil, quando vc chega em 500 RP
: Not being able to create more than 2 unique rune pages
cant you buy more rune pages on the shop?
: Bug in a taric bot
yup, same thing here
: Jup totally annoying, all those BR people who write useful stuff but in a language, nobody else but them can understand. Btw I could just start writing German, but I won't since nobody can understand it here. PBE is for feedback, and that input should be in the language the developers are speaking. So keep this Forum English and stop spamming in other languages, being German, BR, whatever. Stop it. Normal human being should learn English anyway. EDIT: Ofc you can write your shit in other languages, but it doesn't make any fcking sense. Since this is as I said the feedback for the developers not for the users, or are we the ones fixing bugs?
thats a point, but dont get so salty, really, its just PBE stuff, Translate Google still exists
: opa amigo, joguei ja umas 4 partidas coop vs ia, e não ganhei nada e só upei pro level 2
Fale ingles, e muito chato pessoas nao entenderem o que voce fala seria a mesma coisa que alguem publicar em Russo no BR, nem voce, nem os devs conseguem entender
: I agree with you and I was also thinking of ways to make the kleptomancer more consistent. I was wondering if the kleptomancer could turn on consumables if your inventory was full, but I think your idea would look better.
it does activate consumables, but the problem is that if you want to get an Elixir, for example, and dont have a full item, you cant store it
: Para os Brasileiros / For the Brazilians
PBE = Public Beta Enviroment pt-br ATP = Ambiente de Testes Publico? bem, de qualquer forma, me inscrevi no PBE com intuito de melhorar o Server Live, ainda mais, posso testar skins, ostentar emotes e mais, mas claro, ainda mandando qualquer coisa que estiver errado, ou que eu ache que prescise de uma mudanca, espero que o pessoal novo tambem faca isso, pq se nao, certeza q o Rito Gomez vai ficar {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Runes Bug
pt-br looks bugged, riot fix, some huebr people does not speak english too well


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