: Random Disconnects [MAJOR Issue] [Megathread]
Having the same issue. Happens every game. My last game almost everyone DCed at least once, I was able to reconnect, but some seemed like they couldn't: http://matchhistory.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/PBE1/79908983/2200428340?tab=overview
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: Match History not working for me
I have a similar issue. When I go to mine, it says error: 401 Unauthorized Please login to continue.
: Repair the client, try it in a custom. If it still doesn't work, reinstall your client.
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: well i was about to poste it here! .-.
Oh hi again. =P Yeah, I wasn't sure if it was just my screen. It looks like I even auto'd you while you were airborne. Seems kinda bogus.
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