: Unfortunately, players with internet connections DCing are still ruining the entire match for 4-9 other players in the game. Think about your own experiences with a leaver and being forced to play 4v5: do you feel better or is the game enjoyable because you know the player left due to a DC?
This makes sense, and is part of why I recommended including AFK reports as a factor for the system(not the only factor of course). That way the team could take part in deciding whether someone deserves to be punished in that scenario. There is also the difference that an afk may leave for the rest of the match, while a dc may be actively trying to reconnect, or just be having off and on internet. I guess my question would be how does the system treat these scenarios: - Player afks for the last 20 minutes of a match - Player dcs for 10 minutes sometime during the match, but then reconnects - Player has dcs for 2 minutes 5 separate times in one match I'm not suggesting dcs to be completely exempt, but at least have a little more tolerance (specifically in cases where they reconnect).
: Introducing the new LeaverBuster -- a new system for aggressively tackling Leavers and AFKs
While trying to prevent people from leaving sounds like an issue, how is this system going to filter out people with internet connection problems. It would really stink if someone were to be punished just because their internet decided to go out one day. So my question is how strict are we talking about, how often does this need to happen to take effect, and is it going to take into account AFK reports to hopefully give more tolerance to people with poor connection.
: Preseason 2015 Experimental Jungle Changes
The overall goals of these changes sounds good, but I am skeptical about how they are being implemented. The one major concern that i have is that all this diversity comes from items you buy rather than the jungle being intrinsically diverse. The current iteration of jungling, for instance, has some very contrived mechanics built into it that are unnecessary. For instance: -The hunters machete and spirit stone give you stats that are ONLY help against monsters. Why is it like this? If jungle camps were too tough to clear without these why not just make jungle monsters weaker. The only argument I see for these items to have no combat stats is to make a jungler weaker, which could be achieved by adjusting monster damage to make a real trade-off between farming and ganking. -All the jungling items have a gold generating mechanic on them. Why? If the jungle was a poor source of income why not just increase the gold from killing a monster? This would easily make it so you could have more freedom in choosing your build diversity since you are no longer pigeon-holed into a certain item. -The Spirit of the Ancient Golem is one of the biggest offenders in contrived mechanics. It has a passive that may as well specifically say "This item does most of the work for you." Why is there such a strange sustain method build into it? Jungle monsters already heal you for killing the camp, why not adjust that healing value to make jungling healthier. -Smite, why is being a jungler balanced around having this spell? Camps could easily be weakened to make this no longer necessary. Now you could surely make an argument for why each of the above points contributes to a healthy jungling experience, but having so many obscure details attatched to these items just feels contrived rather than diverse.
: It is explicitly stated that Nunu and Cho'Gath are not supposed to be able to eat Xerath, so that is definitely a bug.
I believe they can use those skills on Xerath, but can only bring him down to 1 health instead of finishing him off. If the skill itself killed him that is undeniably a bug though.
: Ascension Bug Report Thread
There is a bug that occurs when champions with ways to do damage after death can die, kill xerath, and revive as ascended on the spot. I have tested this bug with: Karthus, Kog'Maw, Yorick, and Zyra. **To reproduce:** 1. Select a champion that can deal damage to Xerath after death. 2. Get Xerath to low health. 3. Die. 4. Kill Xerath while dead. 5. Your champion will ascend from death. It is noteworthy that this will count as the champion being killed, so someone who performs this and dies as the ascended champion will have died twice. **Associated bugs:** - When this bug is performed with Zyra, there is an animation glitch where a human form Zyra will be standing over her flowered remains. - When this bug is performed with Yorick, the camera will jump to the base (similar to a revive), then back to your body. Note that this was not locked camera.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dino Gnar!
This isn't really a bug, but Dino Gnar's boomerang (Q) visually looks bigger than normal Gnar's. Clarity!
: Gnar Bug thread
I believe I found a bug with his w, it happened to once, I haven't tested it yet, although I believe I know how it occurred. It follows: 1. Don't put a point in w. 2. Reach 100 rage. 3. Before transforming, put a point in w. 4. You will be unable to use w as the transformation skill. After transforming it behaves normally.
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: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
I got into champ select for hexakill, then after a few seconds the window went black(although friend list and chat were still there). I reset the client and tried to queue again. While I was waiting for a match I got the notification that someone had left champ select while I had entered a different queue.
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
Are there any plans to implement Hexakill announcement as a multikill in this game mode, cause if someone gets one it would only be fitting for them to be basked in the glory.
: Kog'Maw's got a Caustic Spittlebug.
I'm pretty sure this isn't a bug, I think it's just a placeholder until they make an actual particle for it.
: [Team Builder] Bug. Replay labelled as private and not watchable even by me.
I've seen this and I don't think it is related to Team Builder, and is just an issue with the replay.
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: No Voice Ingame
I noticed this on Kog'Maw, although I thought it was just him. Koggles is sad without his joke
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