: Golden Spatula Club BUG(new)
mine only bugged out 1 game when i first bought it, relog into client itll be fine.
: Not saying you're wrong, but usually when the server is offline for maintenance, I can't even login?
I mean when i signed up for the PBE I read all the recommended reading and digging through the forums of the last few days i do remember a riot post about random unannounced down time and connection errors. most of the people who come here at the moment don't give a flying cow about bug, nor will even report one if they came across one most of the people are here for urf which isnt why PBE is a thing. its for BETA TESTING new patches
: Can't connect to my games... Again...
This isnt a bug. its a feature of the pbe, when the mods/admins/devs take the server offline. its actually explained on boards here, and when you first sign up for pbe it warns you about crashes and down time.
: It says "feature feedback" the cannon is a feature so idk am I wrong? maybe xD
sir you have actually posted feedback and a fairly lengthy post about the cannon, which is how this forum and the pbe server were meant to be used, by all means you keep doing you good man!
: Wtf riot plzz why is it down agajn, it just got fixed like two or three hours ago
sir you have only about 6 comments on pbe forums, you realize this server isnt for playing URF its for BUG reports, every single one of your comments is complaining not a single one is bug reports.


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