: URF bugs
Aatrox q is broken he can only use 1 q
: Client Bug - Client stays open for a few minutes at most then suddenly closes. No bug splat.
I get into the main client and then i crash i can add my logs if anyone needs it
: Client Self-Closing
I having the same problem... I have attached my logs for any riot person to see 000000.000| ALWAYS| Logging started at 2018-05-18T16:46:25.087 000000.000| ALWAYS| Application Version: - CL:2306602 - Build Date: May 18 2018 - Build Time:02:13:54 000000.000| ALWAYS| Log file C:/Users/Quinn/Desktop/PBE/Logs/LeagueClient Logs/2018-05-18T16-46-25_9676_LeagueClientUxHelper-renderer.log 000000.000| ALWAYS| Running LeagueClientUxHelper version 000000.000| OKAY| Initial working directory: "C:\Users\Quinn\Desktop\PBE\RADS\projects\league_client\releases\\deploy" 000000.000| OKAY| Current process: "C:\Users\Quinn\Desktop\PBE\RADS\projects\league_client\releases\\deploy\LeagueClientUxRender.exe" 000000.000| OKAY| Command line arguments: --type=renderer --no-sandbox --disable-databases --lang=en-US --lang=en-US --log-file=C:\Users\Quinn\Desktop\PBE\RADS\projects\league_client\releases\\deploy\debug.log --disable-spell-checking --enable-pinch --device-scale-factor=1 --num-raster-threads=2 --content-image-texture-target=3553,3553,3553,3553,3553,3553,3553,3553,3553,3553,3553,3553,3553,3553 --video-image-texture-target=3553 --channel=9208.1.1274404800\1569557077 /prefetch:1 --app-name=LeagueClient --ux-name=LeagueClientUx --ux-helper-name=LeagueClientUxHelper --log-dir=LeagueClient Logs --bugsplat-name=league_client_riotgames_com --app-port=61051 --bugsplat-platform-id=PBE1 --app-log-file-path=C:/Users/Quinn/Desktop/PBE/Logs/LeagueClient Logs/2018-05-18T16-46-24_8852_LeagueClient.log --primary-ux-log-file-path=C:/Users/Quinn/Desktop/PBE/Logs/LeagueClient Logs/2018-05-18T16-46-24_9208_LeagueClientUx.log 000000.000| OKAY| Memory Monitor enabled: 000000.000| OKAY| - update interval 5s 000000.000| OKAY| - memory delta threshold 10MiB 000000.000| OKAY| - page fault delta threshold 100K 000000.000| OKAY| - region count delta threshold 10 000000.004| OKAY| Working Set Size: 8MiB Peak: 8MiB Pagefile Usage: 54MiB Peak: 54MiB Private Usage: 54MiB 000000.004| OKAY| Paged Pool Usage: 0MiB Peak: 0MiB Non-Paged Pool Usage: 0MiB Peak: 0MiB 000000.004| OKAY| Committed Total: 178MiB Committed Image: 112MiB Committed Mapped: 13MiB Committed Private: 51MiB Reserved Total: 33MiB Reserved Image: 0MiB Reserved Mapped: 22MiB Reserved Private: 11MiB Free Total: 3883MiB Limit: 4095MiB Largest Free: 2034MiB Region Count: 494 000000.004| OKAY| Page Fault Count: 2K 000000.036| OKAY| Browser 1 created. 000000.970| OKAY| Registering V8 context for browser 1, frame 2, url https://riot:ZXiRMELJesgWKqqAnJzvGQ@ 000003.964| OKAY| Registering V8 context for browser 1, frame 3, url https://lolstatic-a.akamaihd.net/rso-ui/3.1.0/frames/kount.html?merchantId=108000&sessionId=00fb3cb8dc4fe64a8100e4b07b372d3c&installId=59c54209de5e414cb60e3587c9a1e3e3. 000004.211| OKAY| Registering V8 context for browser 1, frame 4, url https://prod02.kaxsdc.com/logo.htm?m=108000&s=00fb3cb8dc4fe64a8100e4b07b372d3c. 000005.006| OKAY| Working Set Size: 161MiB (+153) Peak: 161MiB (+153) Pagefile Usage: 185MiB (+131) Peak: 185MiB (+131) Private Usage: 185MiB (+131) 000005.006| OKAY| Page Fault Count: 139K (+137) 000005.780| OKAY| Registering V8 context for browser 1, frame 5, url https://frontpage.na.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/lol/home/overview?country_language=en&filters=. 000010.006| OKAY| Working Set Size: 254MiB (+93) Peak: 256MiB (+95) Pagefile Usage: 277MiB (+92) Peak: 282MiB (+97) Private Usage: 277MiB (+92) 000015.006| OKAY| Working Set Size: 256MiB (+2) Peak: 271MiB (+15) Pagefile Usage: 290MiB (+13) Peak: 295MiB (+13) Private Usage: 290MiB (+13) 000015.006| OKAY| Page Fault Count: 239K (+100) 000035.008| OKAY| Working Set Size: 245MiB (-11) Peak: 271MiB (+0) 000040.009| OKAY| Pagefile Usage: 279MiB (-11) Peak: 296MiB (+1) Private Usage: 279MiB (-11) 000045.010| OKAY| Working Set Size: 227MiB (-18) Peak: 271MiB (+0) Pagefile Usage: 261MiB (-18) Peak: 296MiB (+0) Private Usage: 261MiB (-18)
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: How serious are you? {{champion:29}}
like at least VERY serious
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: Warwick Update
WHAT HE SAID IN ENGLISH... Raised anger gets you a kind of bloodlust Warwick get red eye is crazy then runs like a wolf on all paws and gets thereby movement speed and attack tempo really summarizes how the current E only as a new passive perhaps could be soooo :) signature might get Warwick with the new R the possibility as with Elise to transform human and werewolf or even like Shyvana build anger and then most attacks reserves, as now only as a human form completely new :) LG Giddio New Passive & R Idea   New passive idea Yes   New passive idea No   New R idea Yes   New R No idea
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: URF Champ Tiers - What champs are too antifun?
I feel like zed should just be a perma ban... i mean its not FUN vs a zed its impossible to counter and its just annoying to do.
: ‘Ultra Rapid Fire’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
: Doesn't the objectives prompt on the side of the screen when you are in game tell you what to do?
Correct but I'm talking about HOW to play the game as in team oriented or solo based also how and when should kills be sought after rather than objectives.
: Although it would be nice to teach all of the players how to play each and every game mode, it would also be impractical as the gamemodes are only there for fun, not competition, and only for short amounts of time.
This is in fact true but keep in mind that it is not fun for the other players when you have a complete newbie on your team who does not understand the rules nor is it fun to be said newbie who gets plumbed into the ground.
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: Cant change my name!! cant find the item
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} it freezes when ever i click on the invisible account button
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: Take it up on the [NA](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/) and [EUW](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/) boards. PBE is for features currently in testing.
Here I know it will be seen and if you read the category AKA Champions Game play Feedback this post is valid.
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