: Shen's Q
I agree - they should definetly change his Q before this rework hits live - the old one atm still feels like a way better ability.
: Shen's Rework is really dissapointing
I completetly agree with the post and the first comment. The blade feels tacked on (nicely said) and the old passive's animation was wonderful(love it too!). Giving him back some healing on the W is a great idea, especially healing that scales with max HP of shen would be cool :) I also agree that they should definetly remove the spirit blade - shen's supposed to be a stealthy ninja not running around with a giant glowstick. I would still love for his old Q to come back but I guess that's never going to happen :(
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: Honestly, I've been playing Shen off and on since S3, and I can sincerely say I am truly disappointed with this update. His identity as a tank is lost. His sustain is what made him the tank oriented duelist that people liked to play. Sure he didn't button mash like Ryze or Roven, but he sustained his health until he got help from a jungler to snowball or until he got some items to cope with his lane opponent. I REALLY despise the fact that if you want to trade, you NEED to use 2 skills in order to do so. Old Shen was Q, farm while waiting, Q again, farm while waiting and repeat. This kit, you need to use your E and Q in conjunction in order to have a decent harass, and you get no return sustain wise for it. In my opinion, I would like to see Shen's current Q and W be merged into a new W skill, and return his old Q back to how it was. {{champion:122}} Q to poke {{champion:126}} Q to poke {{champion:85}} Q to poke {{champion:13}} QWE to poke {{champion:223}} QW to poke {{champion:8}} Q to poke {{champion:3}} QE to poke I think there's a pretty clear pattern here right? Fiora has true damage, a CC reflect, and a dash, and her ult heals if the requirements are met. Voli has his passive to restore %max health Garen has his passive to restore %max health per sec out of combat Gnar retains health from mega gnar, and safety from mini gnar's range Nauti has %max health shield Ali can heal himself Point being, Shen's not the same champ he used to be, and it isn't for the better.
Thank you! You put into words exactly what I think about the update too - Shens sustain and ranged ability to poke and farm was the most fun and best part of his kit - removing it just so they could let their visual department design a fancy sword and the weird line connecting him to it just doesn't seem worth removing what made him viable and fun to play.
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: "three auto attacks....percentage health" - stopped reading the champ rework text at this point.
: I actually really like playing as Shen (on live, soon to be "Old Shen") and frankly the rework seems like a rework just for the sake of one. His kit's pretty awesome, he's not OP, but changing it seems to be a mistake. Also, the lack of damage reduction on the E is just absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes, its best not to fix what isn't broken as the old expression goes.
I 100% agree with you - his Q was such a unique ability since there is no champ that lets allys heal off oponents on a spell cast. This rework seems just as forced to try out new visuals without a real need for it as the Skarner rework (may he rest in peace).
: Shen is somehow LESS fun / engaging to play than he was before.
I feel exactly the same way - the visuals are more annoying than nice in my opinion with this weird line - I mean for example Kalista which is one of the few champs who drags a line behind her it at least has a huge meaning and impact on her gameplay which the sword just doesnt provide since you can barely position it unless you go all in. I'm also really sad that his laning potential is pretty much crushed :S. Don't see how he can farm from range with this kit.
: Cinder hulk bugged
Yeah, just played a game where I was Ashe, had a quadra and was like 10/1 and suddenly the enemy vi instakills me by walking next to me - death recap: 100% cinderhulk magic damage. Went for banshees etc but they still killed you in one second, 3 ppl had smite and got cinderhulk, I agree that people who abuse bugs like this should be banned.


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