: Yeah, if you use q then pop w, it drops the CD.
Okay awesome! well it wasn't doing that for me when i first tried her maybe a bug? or just wasnt implemented yet. Thanks for the advice! :)
: I agree, although the combo for ganking I found was Q-E-W-Q-Q. That gives them time get in close, plus if they get pulled in by a champ with that kind of cc thats just better for them.
Sounds good on paper but with the current CD on Q being 9 seconds without W and the W being so awkward to get into a decent sort of range for the Q to be spammable is not the easiest. Do you know if Q CD is reduced now as soon as you walk into W AOE? I.e If i cast Q to get into range then drop my W will my CD cooldown be reduced even though it wasn't casted within the aoe? Because last i played her it wasn't doing that^^ if it is now id say her gank's would be a lot better now
: A better ability to compare it to is a fiora q, but yeah. What I found out myself though while playing them in top in mid is that maxing W for a lane actually works. And in a lane it has really good range, since you can cover most of a lane.
That is very true! Fiora's q is better to compare. Yeah i liked it in lane because you didn't need the range just chuck it in front of you and it hits everything, But trying to use it in a gank situation from jungle where riot wants her to be is just clunky and gross. I think if her kit isnt changed a little to be a better jungler/ganker we will see mostly lane Kindreds! :)
: > so they can dash into it and get the cool down for her q rather then having to dash in lay down the W then wait for the whole CD. The way it is at the moment it just feels super clunky and you have to put your Q on a huge cool down in order to get it in the place you need it which completely voids the point of the low cd q whilst in the AOE. I also feel that they need to make it so that the flat cooldown starts at 3.5 at level one and drops to 1 at level five.
Yeah her Q CD just feels clunky and awkward, and even more awkward in the W it needs normalizing (if you can use W right because of its awkward range). More like a Vayne tumble, would make it feel more smooth CD wise.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jugz,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=fsZVt9ui,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-18T00:26:31.612+0000) > So they can dash into it and get the cool down for her q rather then having to dash in lay down the W then wait for the whole CD. The way it is at the moment it just feels super clunky and you have to put your Q on a huge cool down in order to get it in the place you need it which completely voids the point of the low cd q whilst in the AOE. From my testing, simply walking into W when Q is on CD brings the CD to 2 seconds. I haven't had any trouble with jumping in and Q's CD remaining high.
When i was playing last night i would Dash in place W and then keep fighting whilst my Q was on a huge cool down, It felt terrible to play. Maybe they have changed this already ?
: I don't think sated needs to be changed for ranged champs
Defo upvoting this, Personally i love jungle {{champion:4}} . This nerf will destroy this, I don't play it personally but the idea and having a friend that mains it at the moment is awesome the diversity is amazing, not just him but everything people try in the jungle. Yeah its strong but it is so easily shutdown like too easy. Seriously just counter jungle and its over for any ranged jungler trying to stack. I think the dmg % nerf for the second hit is an amazing idea if it really does need nerfing ( i perosnlly don't think so i, don't have a problem even with vayne simple cc and they die. ) The only reason it is getting nerfed is because if enough of the lower elo players who don't know how to correctly use cc and shut people down cries things get changed simple as that lol !!
: Ranged Champions w/ Sated
AGREEEEEEDD Yeah every 4th makes me feel as if i'm doing no dmg at all and id be better off going attack speed runes and just getting warrior.
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: Doom Bots of Doom Enabled on PBE!
Can I just say, kudos on the lighting. It's such a simple change, but the shadows are brilliant and really adds to the mood.
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: That sounds like a connection issue between you and servers. I've seen that behavior before, and it's usually an issue with you and your ISP. Though, I think there are things we can do to improve that failure.
Yeah, that seems likely. It didn't seem like it would be a common occurrence. Cheers
: Hi!
Great idea. Will definitely help sort some of the posts.
: I guessed that, but i figured i'd report it just in case. I have no idea if he has any sound when playing as him yet, though.
Can confirm that he has no sound while playing him.
: New Game Invites System - Now on the PBE!
[Potential bug] I'm not sure if it was a one-off, but when someone presumably dodged while in champ select, a message was shown saying "Your game was disbanded because a player failed to select a champion. You have been automatically returned to the matchmaking queue." I say they dodge because it was within 15 seconds or so. Meaning the timer had not run out.
: [Vel'Koz] Game crashes, possibly when he dies. (Possibly fixed)
Edit: Isn't Vel'Koz related. Just died as thresh
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: [Chat Box] - Random bug out
I noticed pressing z (show full chat button) made it weird as well, sometimes. Not exactly sure what it was doing though. Edit: Potentially shows the top of the chat when you press z, but not sure.
: When can we unlock VK???? I see ppl in spectate playing him...
I was on fast enough that he was available. But riot disabled the shop, I believe. (There's also a bug that the game crashes when he dies)
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: *BUG- custom game, AI bots staying at fountain
: New Game Invites System - Now on the PBE!
"1. The ability to be invited to and accept game invitations while already in a lobby" Thank you so much!! :D
: Yeah, I've gotten the same thing, but I don't think it affects gameplay
: In my point of view, I think Xerath's ultimate damage can be stack up when the enemy was shot more than once.It requires Xerath's player's skills of using the ultimate. In the other hand, I think that Xerath's ultimate should have a little time of flash to have a sight of where the enemies are. It don't too much time, just maybe a second or a flash.That could let the Xerath player to have a better shot.
But just think, the blue trinket might actually be used for once xD
: This post might be better off in gameplay, not site feedback. Im not sure though. They specifically posted that, they are overnerfing Doran's shield to try and find where its power should lie(between live and overnerfed). It might see some more versions before it hits live. So, the 35 gold cost decrease may or may not be relevant depending on which version of Doran's they settle on. Of course they are looking for feedback. I personally would have lowered the doran's block, and left the stats almost the same. I think the amount of damage prevented in all in's is extremely high, especially with defense masteries.
Oops. Yeah thank you. Yeah, just using this as a discussion. We will have to wait until we can test it before we make decisions.
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: Team leaders who abuse their status become unallowed to become leaders for quite a while. That is currently not implemented or enabled, though.
: Team Builder Bugs!
[Very minor] I received a notification "Thank you for testing Team Builder..." etc, with a link to the PBE forums, however it took me to OCE forums (My main account is on OCE and I'm from Australia), is this fixable to make sure the link takes you to PBE forums? I don't have a problem with it, but I'm sure some people could easily be confused.
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: [Suggestion] Teambuilder
Interesting idea, as long as it doesn't allow people to troll pick at the last second.
: It's probably a keyboard conflict, not a game bug.
Possibly. Seems odd that Q and W work fine, however.
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: New Login Screen
It looks amazing!!
: "This is the PBE, you're not going to get banned"
I think this is a great idea. Particularly the part about raising the priority of the tribunal report.
: Riven's "E" appears to have a bug on it
I believe this happened to me on the live client during an ARAM. I can't be sure, but it's worth trying to replicate.


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