: I agree, because _**what's the deal in making her look like using tons of (bad) make up and/or being a grumpy mid-old woman ?**_ I agree with IronStylus, that there is somewhat too much of oversexualisation in the game (Miss Fortune Splash - what kind of Otaku made that one?), but why taking an absolutely fine looking face and simply make it look bad? The sense behind it, is just too well hidden. Only "good" thing: i'll get used to it anyway, which is sad enough...
Exactly! And if there's an oversexualization, then change the bodies and the outfits. Maybe Syndra shouldn't be in a bikini, maybe Janna shouldn't be in... whatever the hell that is. Maybe the boobs shouldn't be disproportionate. Maybe give them stomachs and less thigh gaps? But changing faces won't stop the oversexualization.
: I have to ask...
Also! Her sword?! Anyone else bothered that it has a rapier-esque hilt and then the blade is thick? And tapers? What??
: Actually since it has become a massive issue, making a forum seems to be the only way to respond appropriately. Especially since people think they can do whatever they want on PBE. Therefore completely necessary. A lot of people do not report others on PBE because they do not know, or do not care, about the rules and proper reporting procedures for reporting bad behavior.
And what? Rude people are going to see this post and magically be nice? Flamers, trolls, etc. can't be moved by pathos such as this. I restate. This thread is pointless and cluttering up the forums.
Um yo look I agree with you and all but it really isn't your place to clog up the already overfull PBE forums with a pointless thread? Just report the flamers and leave it at that. Don't make a big show as a "social justice hero" or whatever the hell you're trying to be. Let Riot do their job and stay in your lane.
: New HUD
My biggest pet peeve about the new HUD (I used to hate it but it grew on me) is that the chat is sort of floating in nebulous space. It used to be just above the items and just to the side of the portraits but both of those were moved and now the chat is sitting needlessly in the middle of the screen, and it's a bit pointlessly obtrusive, when maybe you can move it left/down to snap it to the edge (or very near the edge) of the screen? Also, a lot of the displays seem very... block-ish. I like the new stats and stuff but maybe shorten it so it's not as tall and a bit longer maybe? Again, maybe I'm overly fond of everything being along the edges.
: [Scoreboard] - Scoreboard reveals whether or not an enemy is disconnected
"despite our team having no vision of him" I mean... if he quit... he's in pool so it's unlikely you have vision of him. I think yeah? The enemy COULD capitalize on this information, but they could also be bros and not be as hard on the enemy team when they realize it's a 4v5 (I know I do that often)
Rioter Comments
: I am seeing blue minions for both teams in my current Co-op vs AI match.
Check other comments for the solution
: I saw this as well in a normal game but both teams had blue minions and also the red team's fountain turrets gem was also bright blue.
Yes, this is a bug with Relative Team Colors. Go to the options menu (esc), click the [Game] tab and uncheck the box marked Relative Team Colors.

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