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: About New Rengar Q Animation...
But can you really tell? I normally can't see it because of all the noise surrounding the effect, like tiamat or sheen. I also normally cancel the animation with tiamat active.
: About the Azir nerfs.
Hello, I main Azir and I'd have to say that the Q nerfs don't mean anything. You don't spam Q off cd in lane, no, that just wastes mana. This nerf will only hurt if you decide to fight really early. I think they are getting at the wrong angle for the nerfs to W; they need to hurt his waveclear while not hurting his overall dmg late game, or else people might as well play an ADC instead. I think a good thing is reduce the bonus dmg from multiple soldiers on minions. Like a soldier does the live functionality to minions past the first target, but additional soldiers don't deal extra dmg to targets past the first. This will allow people to shove him in and it will hurt his pro play decently well while not hurting his soloq play as much.
: mine didnt reset
Submit a ticket in. Riot support is super friendly and helpful when it comes to fixing things for you.
: some way to get victorius morgana
Slowly buy all the skins with mystery skins. You'll get it, eventually.
: This would only make them troll pick or half play because they want the match to end asap
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: I think "Soul Tyrant" would be more fitting for a couple reasons. * The two existing Soul skins, Soul Hunter Kayn and Soul Stealer Vladimir, represent their character and thematic in the name, Kayn hunts souls, while Vladimir "Steals" them in his skin. Swain appears to steal the souls of his enemies by force in order to strengthen himself, thus being a "Tyrant of Souls." If they were going to change the name, I think Soul Tyrant would fit much better.
: Rune "Cheap Shot" is not working with Swain's W
What do you mean by that? To my belief, abilities that have both CC and DMG don't get the bonus dmg applied to the dmg part of the ability. It has to be dmg from another source, say another ability or attack. A confirmed example I can reference is Azir Q. It has a slow and dmg, but the bonus dmg only applies to subsequent attacks after the ability has applied it's slow.
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: yes ,some champions are unbalanced, Fizz in urf is very unbalance, it's broken, it's very very broke {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} the chance of win is zero, which is boring.
You should see {{champion:45}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:106}} and {{champion:133}} {{champion:45}} gets to spam Q and stack extremely fast. Played with a Veigar who's W was on a .56 sec cd. {{champion:7}} You either one shot her on slight or afk at fountain. Can't catch her and can't run away. {{champion:23}} His ult is always up so the window to kill him is very very very very very small. Like 10 seconds, then he has it again. Insanely mobile with E and hard to itemize against since he can just go AP if you start stacking armor. {{champion:106}} Unkillable tank late game. Always running, always biting, perma-ult. Probably the only place he's viable at. And {{champion:133}} Who can take relentless hunter and get duckblade>youmuu's>ie>shiv>dd with mobi boots and become a force that can be anywhere at any time. Very hard to kill since she can kite very well with E and Q and impossible to sneak up on because of her W. Only effective strat against her is to always stay grouped and never burn anything unless she shows, which will lose you the game since there's still 4 other champions you have to worry about.
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