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: So Zed will be pick or Ban with Stormrazer
Nah, there's worse abusers out there, like Quinn, Draven, Shadow Assassin Kayn, Wukong, Vayne, Udyr, Talon, Shaco, Riven, Pantheon, Nocturne, Kha'Zix, Graves, Hecarim, and J4. I think is with Zed you still have to be good on him to get the dmg off. With these other champions, it's far easier (with the exception of Riven) to effectively abuse the item. I actually see Zed's winrate dropping with this item because of all the people that will try to abuse him, only to find out he is actually pretty hard to play (compared to the other abusers). I'm not saying that he isn't strong with the item, I'm saying that he won't be pick/ban. At least no above plat where you have to be good on a champion like Zed to succeed.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Joseph Kanaan,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=dmN3INtI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-04T21:32:52.997+0000) > > Mundo is one of the strongest top laners right now on Live with the fourth highest winrate (52.75%) and the seventh highest playrate (3.28%). He also isn't that hard to play, with showing his mastery curve is very short (winrate by games played doesn't change that much). > > For someone as strong as Live Mundo currently is, he shouldn't be that easy. These nerfs should bring him down to around a 49%-50% winrate, which is balanced. It's still a small sample but he's at 52.6% now in Plat+ and that's not so unusual, especially for an easier champion (lower skill floor = harder to mess up and thus higher winrate even in a balanced state). Singed has had a 53% winrate for many patches and has a comparable pick rate. I don't see him as being OP either. I don't think Mundo's OP if people play well vs him and also buy Grievous Wounds. Winrates mean little in terms of objective balance. For example, WW had a high winrate and wasn't objectively strong (bad WWs also don't drag the winrate down as much as for other champs). If he were OP, you'd see him have a higher than 1.5% ban rate in KR and you'd see him used in competitive. It was a nerf just because SQ players outside of KR aren't good enough to understand him. The patch notes on WW didn't even make sense. They were saying he had a good clear when he actually has slow clears pre-Tiamat and can't even do Raptors properly (which makes his pathing exploitable and predictable). Maybe I'm wrong but this is the first time Mundo's been viable in months for either role. People might just not be playing around his spikes well or itemizing properly. I'm not totally against those R changes but I think they are too much without some kind of compensation elsewhere. I'm guessing that if those go live, he'll be yet again bad at both roles and sub 50% winrate
I don't think it's fair to compare Singed with Mundo since Singed has a high skill curve and a winrate that's inflated by OTPs.
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: Mundo PBE Nerfs A Bit Much
Mundo is one of the strongest top laners right now on Live with the fourth highest winrate (52.75%) and the seventh highest playrate (3.28%). He also isn't that hard to play, with showing his mastery curve is very short (winrate by games played doesn't change that much). For someone as strong as Live Mundo currently is, he shouldn't be that easy. These nerfs should bring him down to around a 49%-50% winrate, which is balanced.
: gosh, those are the most annoying times. can really freak you out. they should add code, that minions move away from you. as of now minions behave like literal rocks. they should add code that they can move slightly in all directions when approached by an summoner. no more minion blocks. buff janna a lil for the loss of her unique passive then
: conqueror
It's working as intended then. It's meant to allow fighters have an answer to tanks. The keystone [in theory] is worse vs any non-tank compared to other keystones like PTA.
: Leblanc doing 2200 in one combo....
ADCs have the DPS of over 1000/s with almost no downtime, yet a champion that does around 2000 with all the things in her kit is broken? Where's the logic in that? LB, just like any assassin, has a lot of burst and tools that they can use to escape. If they fail their burst, they have little to no impact in the game because the ADC can just turn and murder them, the tanks and supports can cc them, or the fighters can jump on them and slash them to death because the assassin burned everything trying to take down the carry. If you are getting bursted by LB, either build MR if you can or learn to position better before, during, and after teamfights. If that's too much to ask, go play an easier role like tank, that doesn't require you to actually be good at the game. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Irelia's VGU skins feel rushed/low priority. What do you think?
One of the issues I have with frostblade is the fact her blades are symmetrical. In all her other skins, the blades have an obvious point and an obvious end. In this one, they are the same at both ends and they don't even look like blades. They look like ice pick with some ice still on the shaft. The main issues I have with her weapons as a whole is that when her passive is active, the blades are annoyingly bright, even in Nightblade.
: Oh, you know what? I think Riot actually fucked up big time with this splash art. I understand what you mean by "placed awkwardly on your profile" and I think it's impossible to lower it because that's the full size of the splash art! You can't lower it because there is no splash art over her head LMFAO. The splash art ends right where her head is so now you're stuck with this Animated profile picture ahahaha. What a huge disappointment, really. They clearly made her splash art to be a normal legendary skin tier splashart so they didn't think it through.
They could just lower her figure down. Like imagine she is one layer and the background is a second layer.
: You have to read context on changes before complaining. Duskblade {{item:3147}} is gettting nerfed, so following that Riot is making buffs on champs that rely on that item. Nerfing duskblade will directly impact all assassins like KhaZix, Rengar, Talon, Kayn, and so on... So those changes are balances and not buffs.
There's also a nerf to it's base dmg, too, so that the buffs don't push him overboard.
: Its really weird the Profile background, but what is pissin me off, is the icon for the most expensive pack dont have animation, i expect thats just a bug... {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
Probably, since even the Pulsefire Ezreal icon that was released with PF Cait had the profile animations.
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: [BUG]Sun Goddess Miss Fortune has Elementalist Lux splash art in champion pick + in game bug
I got the scattered HUD bug before on this skin in OFA. It seems to be an issue with her 'mode select' function. Restarting game fixes it (if it doesn't force you to because you bug splatted). Reproduction seems simple, too. Just enter a game with the skin. In my game, I remember I changed forms very quickly when the game loaded in, so that might be a factor in the reproduction of this bug.
: Would it be possible to make Sivir look less angry/mad? Her face in the model doesn't match her splash and it feels really Q.Q
Yeah, her mouth make her look very cross.
: Could we get better language filters?
I ran into several people with various moist body parts earlier today who were also accompanied by a large black guy. This is a pretty bad issue, esp on the PBE where name changes are so easy to get.
: I think being a good Ahri player is more about knowing when to be aggressive and when to be passive. This change is going to make a good Ahri player completely unstoppable, and it's going to be very very frustrating for enemies to deal with. The only thing these changes do to make her more risky, are in lane, but aren't going to change how she plays in the later stages at all. If people feel she needs a buff, I'm all for it since I think she's fine at the moment xD. I just don't want to see her perma banned sitting at 62% win rate.
Since it'll be a buff to good players that know the champion and her limitations while also knowing the game well enough to know when and when not to be aggro, I doubt it'll result in a high winrate for her overall. Yeah, her winrate will go up, but it won't reach the levels where counter nerfs would be needed since the buffs are to her mains that already know her well. She won't become busted since her power is locked behind a skill curve. Right now I would say Azir is still one of the strongest mid laners in the game, but he has a very low winrate because of how hard he is to play and how high his skill curve is. In the right hands, he's unstoppable, but not strong to the state where any random person could pick him put and climb quickly on him.
: "No pick" on one for all
Yeah, this would be nice. And it'll make people not dodge on accident because they didn't pick something in time. The whole election isn't cancelled because someone forgot to cast a ballet.
: Finish screen bug, miss some pixel
Do you have the client in low spec (potato) mode? What size do you have the client in? Are you running native resolution or a special one? What is your resolution? Windows or Mac(and which versions)? Is it still there if you refresh the screen (click something else then click back)?
: > This means she can be focused very easily. If a Leona or a Thresh gets on her, she's dead. You mean like when she melee ranges every single game and wins? Because I saw her 1v2 our fed darius and zed and her big ass shield kept her from taking ANY damage. A JUGGERNAUT and an ASSASSIN were melee ranged by a MARKSMAN who stood still and won with a perfect health bar... Yeah, fuck that noise. She has "weaknesses" that are covered up by a million strengths just like release zoe and every other champ of her ilk.
If she is so strong, then why is she sitting at a 40% winrate botlane?
: Ahri doesn't need changed
The changes to Ahri are meant to make her deal more dmg but also become a more risky champion. Too often are Ahri's just using ult to escape, so adding that thing there encourages people to use it aggressively. Right now, she is medium risk medium reward. As an assassin, she should be high risk high reward, so these changes are made with the intend of doing that. These changes will punish passive Ahri players while buffing really aggro Ahri players.
: People: Riot is giving new champs too many tools to work with- Riot: Hold my beer
She also has 500 AA range, a weak early game, a squishy role, no invulnerability ability (so cc'ding her is very easy), and no gap closers outside of ult. This means she can be focused very easily. If a Leona or a Thresh gets on her, she's dead. Her skill ceiling is insanely high, but it'll take time for people to get there. Yes, Riot has given her a lot of tools to work with, but also gave her clear weaknesses. Every champion has weaknesses and you beat them by exploiting them, but if you fail to do that; they get to run free and slaughter your whole team. Kai'Sa is a very strong champion and it'll be difficult to play against one that knows what she's doing. But she's also hard to play with a lot of methods of skill expression, so I doubt she'll be played much below mid gold except by one tricks and smurfs.
: What Kai'Sa Build do you Enjoy Most? Here's Mine!
{{item:3124}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3026}}
: problema con las teclas automaticas
Can we get a translator in here?
: I'm not a Rengar main and will never be. That champion sucks. He builds lethality and poops on you every damn time he's got ult. And I'll tell you something, he's got that crap ult ALL THE TIME. Once he ults, you either run or die. Just played one game now as Cassiopeia. I had four itens, about 2.3k life, Rengar had 5 itens (one of them was boots). Every time he ulted, he came for me, he jumped and killed me instantly. I had no openings to react. Even using Seraph's Embrace active, he just bursts me and there not enough time to even use your ult, cause you don't know where's he coming from and when you see it, you're dead already. It's ridiculous. Squish champions? Lethality. Tanky champions. Lethality plus some tank itens and dominik. Control mage? Edge Night. There's no punishment for building tank or itens that gives him tanky statues and damage, because whatever he builds, he'll just press R and jump at your face and if you don't die, press Q. Oh right, I'm just salty, right? Let's buff him. Poor one. Not enough damage, right? And here we go more a bunch of games with rengars killing my adc/mid every 30-40 seconds. Counterplay is not a word for him. I thought the rework was all about that and yet it wasn't really that helpfull. Kha'zix is the same shit. Oh, and don't forget Zed getting buffed and LB's rework about to be reversed. Excited to get blown up in 0.5 seconds by that retarded champion as well. Just sick of this "Balance" from Riot.
Sounds like you don't know how to position and itemize. Always stay with a teammate, get zhonya's. When he jumps on you, activate it after he jumps but before he lands. Have allies stay at least 350 units away (Q range is about 175) so they can't get killed by him. His Q wouldn't go off on the target which leaves him at 3 ferocity so he won't be able to use emp W to escape. Avoid being near bushes when he ults and avoid being near the jungle. If you have a tank, stay near them. Black cleaver allows him to kill tanks in a 1v1, but makes it harder to kill squishes since he has to delay letho items to get BC. A major point of counterplay that not many people understand is just don't allow them to get a lead. Learn how to shut him down early by either invading, preventing him from getting all stacks on passive (major disadvantage if it's 20 min and he hasn't completed it yet), and cc him as soon as he jumps on targets. What you said about Rengar I can make an easy case for the same reasons about any other assassin. It's the role, it's their job, it's what they are supposed to do. Your job as a DPS mage is to survive this and then provide sustained dmg. His win condition is killing you, yours is surviving.
: About the Locket changes
I don't think that it is too strong, but I do agree that these changes are taking this item in the wrong direction. This item used to be bought on ALL supports, which is why it gained the hp scaling on the shield strength. This change now allows all supports to pick it back up again. Because it gives %dmg reduction, squishy supports don't have to worry about being blow up since they just activate it, forcing the enemy to either allocate a lot more resources to killing the support, or focus on the carries of which are going to already be harder to kill because of the active effect.
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: About New Rengar Q Animation...
But can you really tell? I normally can't see it because of all the noise surrounding the effect, like tiamat or sheen. I also normally cancel the animation with tiamat active.
: About the Azir nerfs.
Hello, I main Azir and I'd have to say that the Q nerfs don't mean anything. You don't spam Q off cd in lane, no, that just wastes mana. This nerf will only hurt if you decide to fight really early. I think they are getting at the wrong angle for the nerfs to W; they need to hurt his waveclear while not hurting his overall dmg late game, or else people might as well play an ADC instead. I think a good thing is reduce the bonus dmg from multiple soldiers on minions. Like a soldier does the live functionality to minions past the first target, but additional soldiers don't deal extra dmg to targets past the first. This will allow people to shove him in and it will hurt his pro play decently well while not hurting his soloq play as much.
: mine didnt reset
Submit a ticket in. Riot support is super friendly and helpful when it comes to fixing things for you.
: some way to get victorius morgana
Slowly buy all the skins with mystery skins. You'll get it, eventually.
: This would only make them troll pick or half play because they want the match to end asap
Then they'll get banned.
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: I think "Soul Tyrant" would be more fitting for a couple reasons. * The two existing Soul skins, Soul Hunter Kayn and Soul Stealer Vladimir, represent their character and thematic in the name, Kayn hunts souls, while Vladimir "Steals" them in his skin. Swain appears to steal the souls of his enemies by force in order to strengthen himself, thus being a "Tyrant of Souls." If they were going to change the name, I think Soul Tyrant would fit much better.
: Rune "Cheap Shot" is not working with Swain's W
What do you mean by that? To my belief, abilities that have both CC and DMG don't get the bonus dmg applied to the dmg part of the ability. It has to be dmg from another source, say another ability or attack. A confirmed example I can reference is Azir Q. It has a slow and dmg, but the bonus dmg only applies to subsequent attacks after the ability has applied it's slow.
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: yes ,some champions are unbalanced, Fizz in urf is very unbalance, it's broken, it's very very broke {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} the chance of win is zero, which is boring.
You should see {{champion:45}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:106}} and {{champion:133}} {{champion:45}} gets to spam Q and stack extremely fast. Played with a Veigar who's W was on a .56 sec cd. {{champion:7}} You either one shot her on slight or afk at fountain. Can't catch her and can't run away. {{champion:23}} His ult is always up so the window to kill him is very very very very very small. Like 10 seconds, then he has it again. Insanely mobile with E and hard to itemize against since he can just go AP if you start stacking armor. {{champion:106}} Unkillable tank late game. Always running, always biting, perma-ult. Probably the only place he's viable at. And {{champion:133}} Who can take relentless hunter and get duckblade>youmuu's>ie>shiv>dd with mobi boots and become a force that can be anywhere at any time. Very hard to kill since she can kite very well with E and Q and impossible to sneak up on because of her W. Only effective strat against her is to always stay grouped and never burn anything unless she shows, which will lose you the game since there's still 4 other champions you have to worry about.
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