: Alright, i've spent the past 2 hours playing kayle and looking at her numbers. 1. kayle has the same gameplay pattern she already had, it's just worse. * she is squishy to the point where she cannot trade with melee champs * her abilities have terrible base damage, high mana costs, and high cooldowns. * her ability to farm is even worse, because now she can maybe farm 3 creeps at range reliably early game. * she cannot even walk up to a champion to CS without taking critical damage. * her heal feels even weaker and feels like it has an even higher mana cost. Even if that's not the case, she is now even more reliant on this heal to survive, and it is woefully inadequate to have any utility in the game. 2. Kayle does not have a fun play style. * for an "avenging angel" kayle is extremely frail and has to play extremely scared. * there is nothing she can do to threaten an enemy champion until level 11. * she has no skill expression on any of her basic skills 3. Her fantasy is at odds with her gameplay. * she is supposed to benefit from attack speed, but she has no way to use it early game. * she is supposed to use attack speed, but has horrible base damage and synergy, making her hit like a wet noodle. * the items she is supposed to build are confusing. She has hybrid scaling, but no way to get the gold required to afford multiple items in the mid game. * by the time she has her first item (most likely a gunblade as of right now since Nashor's build path is useless early game compared to the short trades, sustain, and CC of the Gunblade build path.) she is most likely horribly behind in farm, exp, and her tower is probably dead, giving plates to the enemy laner. * so now you have an edgy "angel" who claims to purge people, but can barely kill minion waves alone. * you feel helpless, and totally restrained. There is nothing fun about sitting in lane, leeching exp hoping to survive until you can actually play the game. ------------- Fixes ---------- I recommend the following: 1. If her kit needs to keep this basic form, her mana costs and cooldowns need to start way lower. She needs to be able to CS at range, so take base damage away from Q if you have to in order to give her the tools to last hit minions. 2. If that's not an option, make her able to actually sustain in lane. She will lose every trade pre-11 as she is, so give her a lower heal CD, higher base healing, and a lower mana cost so she can "trade" and then heal up afterwards. 3. If none of those are possible, just make her ranged from the beginning, and balance her numbers around that. it is absurd that a champion could be made so weak and expected to fulfill any role at all on the rift. maybe she can jungle (tho she most likely dies to jungle from lack of armor and lack of skill damage), she'd get invaded if she tried to jungle with no way to defend herself. 4. Every improvement i try to think up as far as alternative skills she could have just become remnants of vayne. mobility, cc, anything at all, vayne does better than this kayle in all stages of the game. TLDR * Kayle feels terrible. She feels unusable in a lane matchup (she can't even support with no damage, no hard cc, low healing values, and high CD + mana costs) * She either needs her range back, or to make her abilities actually useful in lane for the purposes of farming up to use her AAs mid-late. * if there's one part of her kit she doesn't need, you can't narrow it down. it's literally all of her abilities. unless all her abilities are relegated to "spam to farm" status, she gets no mileage out of them, and they don't feel skillful to use.
My suggestion would be to make her e last for 5 seconds or so. So sha can kinda still abuse range in a way kayle does now


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