: People in the New Que
This is something I don't like about the new system. I don't have a special role, I just play some champions I like. What to pick now? I tell you what, I will pick my two roles, maybe fill as secondary and play whatever I like, cause this new system sucks. They should keep the old system and replace team builder with that new system. I know this is no reason for trolling, but I don't call it trolling if I play the lane what I like if it is not taken yet.
: Thanks for that!! I did not know !! :'D{{summoner:31}}
: New champion select organization
You can filter a lot with the little box: * "marksman" will show you all marksmen * "support" will show you all supports * "fighter" all fighters * "Teemo | Malphite | ..." will show you only the champions you entered * "[spacebar]" will show you all champions with a whitespace in their name * "....." will show you ever champion that has 5 letters or more in its name (who can change the amount of dots as you like) I guess there might be some more, so this should be enough options to filter your champions!
For me it just feels strange to have the items on the right side and the score above the minimap, but everything else seems ok. I hope they change it again or I get used to it ^^ I would like an option to keep the old HUD too, but I don't see them doing it.
: GP's upgrade for barrage
This just came to my mind: Try to get them in aram xD
: Riot plz Make The New ITEMS permanent and available in Summoner's Rift
Yeah, I would like that too^^ I guess they might have to change some stats. In general, I would like to have more Items in league, maybe instead of changing the old ones everytime, just keep them and add new ones. (Buffing and nerfing is still ok and needed from time to time)
Rioter Comments
: Gangplank new E
Would like to add something: His new E may have caused a game freeze. I just made a custom game and played as Gangplank. * I had 3 bots in the game. Renekton top, Cassiopaia mid and Blitzcrank bot. * I went mid against Cassio * First I tried E and it dint't work ( I did it 2 or 3 times I guess and yes this is already known) * I Played for a while and just out of curiosity I wanted to try E again * Right as I used it my game freezed. * Minions, Champions nothing did move. * I could still use the options and left the game. * Now it is like on of these "ghost games", I am stuck in the login screen I know this might be totally random and maybe there were just some server issues, but I thought adding it here would do no harm ^^ Edit: Login screen is gone now
: So i joined pbe after not having played it in a while and i saw that all my skins disappeared but i still only had 6k rp( i bought alot of skins with rp). I would really like my skins back pls. my ign is josion, but i use josion02 to log in.
> [{quoted}](name=RiotGrayswandir,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=CF5EEDC8FF5AC1A896F517E2C7AE4650C472807F,comment-id=,timestamp=2013-04-23T00:01:45.672+0000) > > Lastly, **PLEASE DON'T REPORT BUGS IN THIS THREAD**. > btw, you can just buy them for 1 IP
: It didn't happen to me quite that noticeably. I did notice that sometimes I would gain stacks from attacking structures and sometimes not.
as far as i know you should not get stacks for hitting structures, but you can keep yours with it
: [Ashe] - Abilities firing in wrong direction
hm, i cant recall this things happen while i played her... what gamemode did you play?
: You bought Rune bundle more than once (PBE FAQ mentions not to do that!). Contact Riot Player Support so they could reset your runes.
i did this too, cause i spent all my money on champs before i found out about the champion bundle xD i just recycled my runes to get rid of them
: From http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/pbe-faq : >We also have several PBE starter packs so testers can quickly pick up a playable amount of champions and runes. **ONLY BUY THE STARTER RUNE BUNDLE ONCE!** * **Champions **contains the majority of our champions so testers have a solid roster to queue with * **Runes **contains 9 copies of the most common runes in use on live, plus 18 rune pages (giving new testers the max of 20) * Due to technical limitations we aren't able to automatically unlock all runes through a single bundle or grant them to all accounts * **ONLY BUY THE STARTER RUNE BUNDLE ONCE!** Due to technical limitations we aren't able to remove the Rune bundle from the store once you've purchased it. The only solution used to be the Rune Combiner but it's been removed. Contact player support.
i actually bought alot of them and just recycled them xD (and i saw the champion bundle too late and already spent all my ip on champs i would like to play -_-)
: There's a big difference between testing something and repeatedly abusing a bug for a cheap win. A lot of players are doing the latter.
well, i agree with you that there are some differences, but i still think we should not bitch that much about on pbe. let them have fun for 1 day or so.^^
: Just did a game where jarvan built cinderhulk and abused the shit out of the bug he basically was one shotting everyone on my team and getting back to back pentakills User name of the player was Nokatrax
boo, naming and shaming! (dont post names, if you think they should get some kind of punishment, talk to riot)
: Also witnessed it, but the worst thing people are abusing it, going full smite teams and just stomping the others. Those people should be perma-banned from PBE. :(
I played my first pbe game after a long time, first thing that someone wrote in champselect was to pick smite and build cinder... well i try to test things but i will not do it again, this is in some way funny, but it also is stupid. perma-banning someone for it is stupid as well, this is pbe, we test things you know ;)


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