: Given Elise's combo is E+W+Q, then spider form instantly to chain into the spider Q, you're almost guaranteed to abuse it by accident due to the travel time of Elise's Q, so it's gotta be A unless people are THAT bad with Elise... which is somewhat of a possibility.
its really hard not to find out about Elise human Q by now if you have played a game with elise in it. My first and only game so far with elise and im tank skarner.... my only way to live is to buy QSS or just tank it back to fountain to live. This is a really sad game :<
: (2/11 edit) Summary of PBE leveling, IP/RP and pricing updates
Can someone tell me what i can do about the runes bundle because i buy it more then once now i have too much that i cant remove them... please help.
: syndra nerf inbound
They said that they will buff any champ that make use of dfg, ahri victor and i think syndra is one of them so its more like incoming buff for some champs
Rioter Comments
This is not a lag problem because it have happen to me and to XDG Xsmithies as i was watching Wildturtle streaming. The 2 glaring problem is that azir auto is like = to an adc auto that if you miss out on 1 auto that can spell the end for your trades or even death. Plus that your ult not working sometimes that should have keep you alive is just sad. Image that if your playing as azir and your facing a kha both could die from one hit from their auto or kha can just q. anyway the fact that you can't keep him away because he ult is wrong and you have a chance to miss with your auto. is like everyone have jax E spell on at all time is mess up. before fixing other champions that works, they might need to relook at azir and make his spells work like how they should be when he first came out on pbe without the bugs.
: [Bug] Azir's Current Bugs
I didn't see the 1st or 3rd happen when i play azir but the 2nd and 4th happen alot. i lose alot of trades in lane because of it. there where many moment when i ult someone it didn't register for the knock up/away and ended with me dying few that have went past my ult that i have face aganst that one game was, fizz, akali & lee sin. another thing was my auto not often but at rarely not register with my W when in range. causing me to lose some dmg and as well as creep score or trades at times.
: Well, since it has been teambuilder only it has taken around 20 minutes to get into a game, even while in full lobbies.
no matter how fast teambuilder is its still a little slower then blind pick from what i feel. that and it have to go through a lot of information before you get set up into a team and thats only if they don't kick you out. i think teambuilder is better if you want to play a specific champ on a specific lane.
: wtf is that
thats the plant from the zyra skin haunted
: Cho Gath has TREMENDOUS base damage and AP ratios. An AP-Bruiser Cho can thus still work out well enough and dish out a lot of damage. Missing ruptures? Happens, but AP-Bruiser Cho still has good AAing dps anyway. Also, just small slows are enough to force a targets dashes/hit the rupture. It's range, radius and rather acceptable delay make this possible - especially the huge radius makes it hard to escape for a number of champions, even with high MS. However, if you wish to make AP-Cho work, I have to disappoint you: He does not work, though, he can be fun but in no way viable. Cho has a few traits that make him attractive but are less.. obvious. 1. He is an interesting kind of toplaner. Like Nasus, if he does not lose the lane - he wins it. Because if he does not die, he can stack his ult. 2. He brings MASSIVE disruption for a tank and can easily build a few AP-Bruiser items to bolster up his damage and STILL be extremely tanky. 3. He is a surprisingly good jungle-pick, even currently. His ganks are rather good due to his wealth of CC and respectable damage. These are all very interesting traits one can make use of. Cho is incredibly cost efficient, does his job exceptionally well, being one of the best general counters to combo-casters in the game(Not necessarily on lane, but overall) and has, overall, a great scaling, making him a valuable asset at every stage of the game except the very early. Seeing all these pros, I really wish to hear a con for Cho except "Does not like the meta".
* cho mobility is very weak. * beside the aa toggle skill, he have a high cool down. * his jungle gank is mediocre at best making him not a hot pick as jungler. unlike nasus where he can get be a tank and dish out a lot of dmg cho can only get really tanky with a lot of disruption if they fight close together. because of his poor mobility with no reliable cc, he dont do as well as other top laner.
: yeah, i'm in a french province, trying to translate french to english and english to french everyday is tiring and the layout of these forums isn't allowing me to make another paragraph properly so I sound a bit more irritating
ok now i understand. i'm still fairly new to this form so i don't know much but its best to make space in between paragraph to break them up for easier reading.
: Sona PBE Update
> * How many games have you played on the Sona Update? 2 times > * What sort of game was this? (Doom bots, Summoners Rift 5v5, Standard Bots, Howling Abyss, etc.) 1 on 5v5 blind pick, 1 on 5v5 vs ai doombot lvl1 > * Did you feel in danger when granting allies aura tags? very much so mainly because during fight you kinda don't want to get near your allies even though when they needed help :D > * What was your laning experience like? weaker because of the higher CD on q and w mana becomes easier to manage because i can't spam them as much anymore > * What was your team fight experience like? hard, risky, dangerous all because of the nature of what sona is and the range of the aoe after spells plus i can't spam my spells as much. > * What items felt powerful? any item with cdr feel better so i can spam more > * What items felt weak? any item lacking any cdr on the item
: I agree with most of what you;re saying, but it also forces sona to be alot more mobile and more involved with the fight. And it makes her need to think more carefully about WHEN she uses her abilities. Not just spamming them to gain stacks of her powerchord. Furthermore, her "permanent" speed buff was really really dumb. Forcing her to re-cast it and needing to be close to her adc or ally is a HUGE improvement of gameplay mechanics.
but right now trying to tag your allies is a pain and dangerous because sona is not known for taking hits at all.
: I doubt that one champion is going to be banned every game, unless its like kass or something, and in that case there are many other modes you can play. Still not worth disabling pbe just because the champ you want got banned o:
but what if that is the champ getting rebalance? whats the whole point of banning him when we should be testing him and give feed back on pbe forms. the point i'm making is that ranked in pbe is not helping with the primary object of what we should be doing in pbe and that is to test for bugs and balance.
: So six champions are going to stop you from testing the 150+ other champions in the league?
no but 6 ban can stop me from testing the one that matter :D
: I have read your post, you're saying that people who play ranked are wasting their time doing it on pbe. That is your opinion to be valued, but I disagree with this because some just play ranked just because, or its a faster queue than normals,it doesn't matter when you got the border, but in order for you to have it, you played ranked. Ranked, like normals, bots, customs and all other game modes are a player's choice. It shouldn't matter if its on pbe or live. Removing ranked would have no benefit because everyone who does want a border ob pbe for whatever reason cant get it, everyone who plays ranked may play because they simply want to get away from the pbe normal trolls. There are many many reason people may have to play ranked, and what benefit will taking it away have on anything?
well the first and foremost i can think of is that you're invited to test stuff in pbe. ranked have ban, ban cause you to not let you play up to 6 champions. not able to play rebalance champions means you can't test it. not abut to test the balance of a champion means we are defeating the purpose of our invite to pbe.
: i actually think it is silly when people ban out champions that need testing, but if it is really a problem and things arent being tested enough, the issue could be resolved by removing bans for ranked only on pbe, or by making it so that champions needing testing can not be banned. That said, it is sometimes telling if a reworked or new champion is too strong and needs toning down before hitting live if it is banned, since sometimes the banned champions on pbe hint at what is going to be op when the patch hits on live. So, the bans themselves could be ways to test balance, if that makes sense. But care should be taken because the other type of ban we see is that when people play their favorite champions and become known for those champions, the persons champion will be target banned..its like a boutique ban and it has nothing to do with the strength of the champion, just the strength of the player.
you took the word right out of my mouth Wild Teemo... no really you did but my was very short and yours is long. other then that i think i like how you word it better :D
: I absolutely LOVE the new match history. But Riot needs to make it an in-client window and not a webpage. AND add the regular match history back in, because sometimes you just want to know your score without having to read and open a full stats window.
just about what i said in another post :D * link: http://bit.ly/1rTn8Qj
: I am sorry but... That is totally unnecessary. Cho's Rupture is a lot like Swain's Nevermove. Notice however: Nevermove has a much smaller Radius AND a higher delay... and it still work well. These are abilities which are both extensively useful in blocking paths - and not exactly in actually hitting them. Both Swain and Cho can, with their high range on their respective abilities, easily block off an escape or chase path. The difference between the two mainly is: Swain has a slow in his kit which he can utilize to hit his Nevermove with ease. Cho does not(Aside from rupture, of course), but has a higher range, larger radius AND shorter delay. Furthermore: At earlier stages, Rupture as quite easy to hit(No boots and such). Later on, you can still hit it in a number of scenarios, while you usually can couple it up with someone elses CC or block a crucial path. Thus I conclude: I may not know if Cho needs a buff or doesn't - I do not play him enough nor see him enough to make a statement about that. But changing his Rupture's hitting mechanic is really not necessary and would not change all THAT much, if anything at all, really. I am guessing that Cho is relatively weak to mobility-champions, which are all the rage for... waaay too long. Especially these aggressive junglers can be a problem to immobile Cho. However, that is not his fault, but the metas fault . which I feel should be remedied, but that is not an easy task.
you are right about my idea for cho. and i did bring this up because of the current metas as well as patch where majority of the champ get a MS buff while making cho less interesting of a pick. its true that cho don't need to land his rupture only if your talking about him being a tank during late game in team fights. an ap cho he miss out too much dmg if he doesn't land that skill though that dont mean he is unplayable in anyway. chaining rupture off of another champ stun can work only if the scenarios plays in your favor. and making him work as a ap cho mid because more of a selective counter pick or a very niche player that spam cho for a long time.
: Isn't it ironic that the person who thinks everyone who plays ranked on the pbe is after a cute shiny boarder is challenger? So what if people play ranked there? So what if they do want a shiny border? That's their choice, who knows, some of them do report bugs. Bottom line, I do not believe disabling ranked on the pbe will even have an impact on anything, let alone doing something good for it. In fact it may upset people who do wanna get their shiny border, and that would result in less people on pbe, while nothing is being gained.
welp I'm on the border about ranked in PBE. * no ranked = less mode means more people will queue up on the remaining modes, but that could very well discourage people from coming back to pbe. * with ranked = thats the dilemma we currently have for PBE
: no, the irony is that if I remember correctly you are Challenger ranked in PBE
lol that really is an irony, a challenger ranked player complating about ranked game in pbe. not saying its wrong or anything :D
: Thanks BladeStriker863, I will be sure to give it a try once maintenance is over.
> Thanks BladeStriker863, I will be sure to give it a try once maintenance is over. hey where is my thanks? lol jk
Rioter Comments
: that's for flipped camera that one has nothing to do with what I'm asking, but I do know almost as much people requested flipped camera and Riot has replied more towards that than this simple fix in the new VU of the Rift and that can save the other maps as well
oh sorry your, what you wrote up there was a little confusing to say the least thats why i start talking about the flipped camera.
: Well I think ranked is still there in order to test out balances in champions in a competitive setting where people are more likely to "tryhard"
> Well I think ranked is still there in order to test out balances in champions in a competitive setting where people are more likely to "tryhard" well i think there are more "tryhard" in blind pick over ranked. because in blind pick 95% of ppl who play pick a champ that is most likely OP for the meta. or just OP because its on the god tier.
: I think adding a light Fog near the dragon pit would be nice
oh that sounds like a good idea... but i think it might impact the game performance a little too much
: Well I think ranked is still there in order to test out balances in champions in a competitive setting where people are more likely to "tryhard"
its true that testing out new balances on champions in a competitive is a good idea, only if they don't ban him first. if they did then in that sense it defeat the PBE testing... so overall anymode that let you ban champion is not really helping on the testing part of PBE
: Draven Q on Turrets
that is how draven Q work normally on towers and this is how it works on live version too.
: cho gath is fine, please don't nerf my favorite champ, he isn't played for no reason, he is still a great champion and his q just takes skill
> cho gath is fine, please don't nerf my favorite champ, he isn't played for no reason, he is still a great champion and his q just takes skill no its not really a nerf more like trying to make q easier to land for the purpose of non cho-tank player
: Disable Ranked On PBE
i so damn agree to that idea... because timer for blind pick is stupid long for no reason, but i do understand why we have to wait that long. but on another post i have read that the main reason why option like that are there is because they want to have PBE as close to how live is right to fully test for any and all bugs
: Camera update for SR's VU
if they fix/change the old SR cam, they would need to fix a lot of the environment as well. because the greenery was not made straight up but slanted to give the old SR cam to look straight. but thats what i think why they are not going to change the old SR cam but i can be wrong.
: So, is the only way to see the 'new' map 5v5 or custom?
> So, is the only way to see the 'new' map 5v5 or custom? currently the only way to see new SR is 5v5 blind pick (it have to be blind pick) and custom map. so yes that is the only way right now.
: Annie randomly appearing with Twisted Fate's cards around her
i do know that in doom bot if you attack the dragon in the pit while all 5 bot is up, your going to get a TF ult of all 5 bots on you and get bash in... yes it have happen to me more then once lol.
: [SUGGESTION] 1000% loading bar
how about instead of a bar going from left to right why dont we have the blue creep on left and red creep on right moving toward the middle, when they meet where the "VS" is its when the game is done loading.
: It may just be when you attack from the back in general... either way that's pretty weird.
i think that its a bugged for that baron can't see anyone outside of his view so he will not attack them like over the wall thats why {{champion:51}} and {{champion:18}} can attack him without him retaliating
: Perhaps, since Match History is completely on the website now, you can now click to view your match history from the main hub/front page of the client, while an Owned Skins viewer takes the place of the Match History in the players' profile? It could be organized alphabetically or by champion.
> Perhaps, since Match History is completely on the website now, you can now click to view your match history from the main hub/front page of the client, while an Owned Skins viewer takes the place of the Match History in the players' profile? It could be organized alphabetically or by champion. thats only if we want the new match history because personally i dislike it right now
: Feedback on New Match History
> 1) Can we still see basic info on the client like build, damage done, etc... and have a button to click for more info? * thats what i was think of in another post about the same subject * link for post http://bit.ly/1rTn8Qj > 2) Can we have it be in the client instead of our browser. Bringing up Chrome every time just causes my client to lag and is tedious. * i think the limitation with air client is why they make you view it on browser instead * it might change with new html5 base client
: New Skin Viewer
what if they give you an option to view a 3d model of the champe with any skin that you own. i think i might end up using that too much instead of playing the game lol
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Rework of frozen mallet
personal i think they are better of removing that item entirely because i still dont see the real point of that item in a way thats balance. if you try to remake it, its better of if you change it up a bit (something out of my ass in less then 1min of thinking) new Frozen mallet * remove +600hp > 100+(10per lvl) shield when below 20%hp, CD 75sec on activation * change +40AD > +60AD * U-Passive - Creeping Ice Champion hit will have a debuff "Creeping Ice" cause it to -10% movement up to -50% over 1.5sec (example skill {{champion:75}} "Wither"), same champion can not get the debuff again for 7sec (having a {{champion:157}} "Sweeping Blade" skill timer would be nice)
: What do you mean you don't have it? I'm assuming you can get in the game, but regular game queues are held on the original Summoner's Rift. Create a Custom Game and i believe in the bottom right slot it should show the map "Summoner's Rift (updated)." If you want to play on the updated Summoner's Rift it'll have to be through customs.
oh nice i didn't know that you can play on the new SR on custom, but the other way is 5v5 blind pick if you are looking to play with others in PBE
: New Match History
Personal i do like the "new match history", but the way its implemented is at most annoying. so i do agreed with what inky21 said have the option to see the full on the website if needed but still give us the basic info on the client side as well if not just don't give us what we have "onlive" until it can be better implemented.


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