: Im not sure, but you need to complete 8 games to get your actual rank. From first game you will get just your avarage rank
The thing is, a remake shouldn't change your ranked status no matter what. This was not the case here, since it changed my status from Unranked to Iron IV. The system probably counted it as a loss for some reason.
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: Aatrox Mecha skin/ Announcer bug
You're wrong. this happens with any champion, in every game
: When will lag be fixed in the new Client
Try enabling the low spec mode in the client settings
: Graves Attack-Move interaction not working on pbe
even if this interaction was a bug, what's the point of fixing it after 3 years when everyone has gotten used to playing him like that? I completely agree with you, this makes me so sad...
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: [CLOSED] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Graves!
I like the concept of this skin a lot but there are a lot of problems with the quality. For some reason the white and gold parts of the skin look "fake" to me, as if the gun and the pauldron were toys. They look like plastic. In my opinion, they should be darker and more "shiny".
: Champions in Brush are Visible Without Wards or Vision in Brush
This happened to me too, but for some reason, it was one sided. We could see them, while they couldn't see us. I confirmed it using the replay tool and toggling their vision on. Pretty weird.
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: [Bug] Jungle timers.
Yup. It's happening.
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: Mate do you understand it's PBE? It's literally a place for testing bugs. Meaning there will be many potential dodges pertaining to connection issues and such. They're not gonna punish for something so trivial that can happen to anyone. Maybe your luck is just bad. My friends and I never experience too many dodges. They're not gonna increase any penalty so I suggest you not waste your time with this thread.
I just said, and supported my opinion. It is just frustrating being stuck on champ select for 2 hours until you join a game, for the silly reason that some kids are here just to play the new champs, and dodging only because someone else will pick them. I agree that what I am suggesting is kind of an unfair solution, but I haven't seen any better solutions either. I just thought about it, found this thread and agreed with what it was saying, that's all.
: >It would actually help some people play a game. If the dodge penalty is increased, there are going to be even_ less_ people queuing up. I don't feel like having this discussion since we're not gonna get to an agreement.
Yes, there will be less people queuing up, because people who abuse the queue dodging won't be able to queue up. My point is to have more people play games, not having more people in queue/champ select. It will stop people from joining the queue 5 minutes after dodging and dodge again, for a slightly higher penalty, let alone that it will stop many people from dodging at all (since they will know that they will need to wait a long time to play again. If you don't feel like having this discussion, that's fine. You can stop replying anytime :-)
: It's not fair to punish a huge amount of people while you're only targeting a certain group. Your frustration is understandable, but this is not the right solution.
I wouldn't really call it a punishment. It would actually help some people play a game. People who experience the black overlay bug won't be able to play a game, even at times when they don't experience it, simply because someone else will dodge. I don't get how you think this is a punishment for them, considering the fact that they are not able to play anyway due to the dodge abuse.
: No. PBE currently has a bug where people get a 'black overlay' on their screen and they cannot select anything. This eventually results in them 'dodging,' because they cannot select a champion. A penalty would not be fair for them, because this is a bug and they cannot help it (or stop it from happening). People will keep dodging no matter what. This is why most (if not all) regular testers always wait a while for the hype to die down.
I get what you are saying, but the situation has gotten out of hand. I just had my 30th consecutive champ select dodge. The 1 hour penalty I am suggesting isn't going to cause them any harm anyway, and will stop people who abuse the dodge option from joining the queue 5 minutes later.
: No. Some people have genuine connection problems and it would not be fair for them if the dodge penalty was increased. Hell, the leaverbuster system is already stricter here than on live, no need to make it even stricter.
People who dodge games in champ select are a LOT more than those who have genuine connection problems. If they implement a higher dodge penalty (regular Lp loss, but more waiting time) like an hour or more, less people will dodge and those who do due to connection issues won't suffer a REALLY bad ban. People with connection problems will be less likely to play the game anyway, no matter if it starts or not. This suggestion is good and will wipe out players who dodge games when a new champ is released. Then, days after a new champions release, they should bring the time penalty back to normal.
: Unable to retrieve rank
2 out of 3 games since yesterday, didn't show me rank either.


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