: > Isn't it possible when your Email is getting changed by whoever you will get an Email to your current Email adress with a text like: Your Email of your PBE LoL Account NAME was changed to EMAIL ADRESS. If this wasn't you klick HERE to revert the action. I'm pretty sure this is already the case. At least, when I changed my LoL PBE e-mail some years ago, I got a notification on my original e-mail. Are you sure your PBE credentials were not stolen when your e-mail was compromised? E-mail services get hacked all the time, this is why a strong password that changes regularly is important. This would also explain why they could change your e-mail without knowing: the e-mail was sent but the hackers removed it. After that they can sell it to anybody.
My Email Account is secured with 2 factor authentication with my phone. It is almost impossible to hack my email. And as soon as someone tries to login to it i ll get notified on my phone as well.
: I think you can set up Two Factor for your account on PBE and you get notified by Email. I think I have it set up that way when they sent Emails out to let people know to do so. Check your settings in the league client on PBE or Settings in the Website login.
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