: Personally I feel we have too many female champions to begin with. So let a few male champions get in the game. They have worked so hard for Vel'koz as it is. Would be kinda silly after posting all about Vel'koz now to just change it.
Like I said, there is very little work that needs to be done. Same lines but at a higher pitch would turn his voice very female. The voice has been edited already to sound more masculine, why not the other way around..? At worst, they will need a new VO - I know its alot of work, but i think it'll be worth it to get us a new female monster champ.
: but we have elise and nidalee and ahri...
Elose, Nidalee and Ahri (And Zyra) are all human looking champions. Compare them to Champions that are not at all human looking like cog'maw, Skarner, Maoikai, Anivia and so on. The ones you listed are not at all monster like.
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: Xerath rework now back on PBE
I like the rework, but i feel the Q anim is a massive miss. When i saw Xerath's artwork, before he was out, there was the promise he'd go into an armored coffin mode, but it never panned out. I feel like, since Xerath is a being made of power, having him charge his Q ouyside of himself is a little off putting. I think he should charge be retreating into the armor, closing it off, and then blasting out with a surge of power. As for the rework, it feels a little strong, but i'm sure it'll balance out.
: Skarner Rework Back on PBE
Skarner was one of my first jugnlers. I like the way the rework is going, but its not good enough yet. A. He is mana starved. I'm feeling this on all mana intensive junglers right now, but olw skarner is the worst. I can't do anything without going compleatly dry. B. Very unrliable ganks. No permaslow, no instant gap closer... If they hit me with anything, i'm done and that gank is done.

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