: Sorry for the confusion. You don't _have_ to complete the tutorial on a new account, as long as you can complete any game loops (it sounds like you have been able to play other queues) then you should be fine :)
: If you can queue for and play any games on a new PBE account after completing or exiting the tutorial then I think you should be good to go! And we'll be disbursing additional tickets before the 11th :)
I can't start the tutorial though; play>training>tutorial>start now, then it greys out for a bit and nothing else happens. It's strange because customs, normal draft, and nexus blitz all work :/ tried initiating full repair, and a complete reinstall of the PBE client but no luck. Any ideas?
: Clash PBE Test - Game flow Changes and the Clash Management Tool
Hey, have the tickets for the 11th been given out yet? I'm still at 0 tickets, 0be, 0rp. My team and I really wanna try it out! I tried running the Tutorial before making a team too, (as mentioned in the post) but it wont start :/


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