: Wrong. His damage output is insane if you build properly (CDR Mana Tank) With only two items, RoA + Tears His ult has the same damage as live Kassadin with 500 AP. Oh and that's just two items. Not to mention you can spam his ult INFINITELY as long as you are fighting a champion. Even live Kassadin has a max number of times he can cast his ult. Basically all the damage and CC lost from his Q, W and E have been transferred to his ult. New Kassadin doesn't even need blue buff. That's how powerful he is now (in melee range). Why build AP when you can build Mana Tank and still 1 shot people? He's essentially a melee Ryze. Summary: New Kassadin requires jumping onto and staying on people to deal damage. New scaling requirements on R and shield on Q reflects the playstyle and the itemization available fits it. While it may certainly suck to not 1shot people using Q/E like live Kassadin, you can duel people using R instead of having to runaway after using Q/E. In return, people can duel you since they are no longer silenced (essentially disabled from counterplay if they aren't an autoattacker). Before the latest patch with a .5 Mana Scaling on shield, he must have been ridiculously OP. Now that his basic spells scale with AP he's lost some power but still semi-relevant.
CDR mana tank does absolutely no damage. With Rod + Tear you have ~2700 mana at Lv.18. Since Kass' ult scales off 4% of max mana, you get 108 bonus damage. With 500 AP, you get 400 bonus damage. I don't know about you but that's a massive difference. Before today's patch his shield scaled of 6% of max mana (not 50%...). If you built him as a mana tank with rod/tear/fh (I did this yesterday), he'd had 3090 mana at lv.18. That's 185 bonus shield. You need 618 AP to bypass that with the current scaling. I urge you to try him out. His damage output really is underwhelming until you get Lich Bane + you hit lategame.
: Thoughts on new Kassadin (Today's update and some numbers)
Tried him out again with Sorcs/Rod/Lich Bane/Zhonya/DCap/Void and got better results (originally had seraphs over Lich Bane), but still feels noticeably less damaging than live. Seems like he really needs Lich Bane to do a decent amount of damage. Since only his ult's damage and the mana restore on W scale off mana now, I don't imagine going for a Ryze-esque build will be optimal on him. Kassadin does not provide enough utility, nor does he have the base damages, to build very tanky. I will say that his new W's mana restore feels really good, though.
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