: New smite cooldowns
I think the same. The mastery should help getting the charge faster, not reducing the time between {{summoner:11}} smites.
: Braum login page has blacked out sections
Same issue, Windows 8. It also happens in the normal client (Not the PBE client)
: Braum Feedback megathread
Well, it looks like **riot finally made** a thread specifically to give feedback about Braum, so i guess people will post there his feedback. Anyway, **upvote this post so riot sees all the feedback we already posted here**. Thank you for your collaboration.
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: Store is down
It is already fixed (at least it worked for me an hour ago).
: [Feral Flare] Delayed upgrade when you killed the specified amount.
It also happened to me, the feral flare did not upgrade, but in my case i was alive jungling (jungle twitch with mafia skin).
: Yeah, its also the same thing if its a Co-op vs AI, it will show the 5 players vs nothing, as it doesn't show bots.
Thank You both for the answers, i thought only ranked games could be spectated (Even though not many ranked games happend on PBE)
: [Master Yi] Master Yi Missing From Files
Same problem with a bot game with master Yi
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: [Jayce] - Transform Bonus Effect Bug
: Twitch Visual Update Feedback Thread!
I noticed that the stealth and speed buff icons of his Q still diplay the "old twitch" face.
: Twitch Visual Update Feedback Thread!
There is already a topic about this created by a fellow summoner, but there's an idea that could help twitch: Instead of walking while stealthed, he could go in his 4 feet. Since he doesn't attack while stealthed there would be no animation problems, and it would help the sinister, shady character you want to give twitch.
: Make Twitch walk on all four while he's stealthed.
This animation idea is really good, and would improve its looks a LOT
: Did you guys experience these issues on PBE after today's patch or generally?
It happened to me in the last patch on the EUW server yesterday (dont know if with today's patch it is solved).
: True Testers Initiative
Well, i often test in bot games (i am in EUW, so its 200 ping always) but i will add people from here to my friend list, if someone wanna test. If someone is also willing to test add me to your friend list.
: Heimerdinger is on PBE! Please post bugs/feedback here!
I found 2 bugs with the Alien Invader Skin heimer. 1º- The running animation (with the homeguard boots) has the fire of the rocket in a wrong position, and the fire coming from the rocket does appear and disappear while running all the time . 2º- When i reached level 8, the yellow icons that show how leveled a ability is disappeared and showed only a yellow bar (not separated in parts).
: Back animation is bugged,it doesn't show the rocket. [](http://imgur.com/1p5Z1ZJ) [](http://imgur.com/RcJpwcp) I also found an other bug where sometimes the turrets didn't show the range [](http://imgur.com/7wYY71B) (as you see in the picture in one of them you see the range and in the other one you don't) I don't know if this is a Heimerdinger bug but I show it when I was playing with it and I changed the view to windows, Heimer's habilities were showing 2 or 1 improving spots in stead of the 5 or 3 (R) and I saw than in the deactivate turrets the silence status in restarting every second, shouldn't be better if you make them permanent when Heimer is not near and in stead of silence make and other status only for that something like turret disable and explaining why are them disable? I have a question, isn't it suppose than improving the Q you will get the 3 turret? because I've already started with it I love the new Heime and I think I should play more with that champion.
The same things happened to me, the rocket doesn't show in the recall animation (sometimes the robotic arm also disappears), but it shows up in the dance animation. Also the silence indicator in the turrets.
: Custom Games bugged
This also has happened to me, playing as Battlecast Cho'gaz and Full Armor pantheon. Both on summoner's rift against Bots. The error ocurred when i had loaded 36% in the loading screen. Both times the error was the "DestroyedTurret" one. Edit- I have reinstaled the PBE (it took 4 hours) but it works again in custom games against bots.
: Vel'Koz E Suggestion
I think ir would be a good idea to include this change, in a similar way to Yasuo's 3rd stack on his Q, or the arrows in syndra. (Some helpfull indicators)
: [BOTS] Updated Bots Feedback Thread #2
I found a strange behaviour. I was playing in a 4 vs 5 (3 bots on my team, 5 on the enemy team) as Garen. After the first top tower went down the bug happened. 3 of the enemy bots scaped when they were low on health but when they were far enought and started recall, they did't scape anymore even if i chased them or attacked them. After being attacked they would scape again to a distance, and start recalling again.

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