: Some clarity about GP Death's daughter and Fire at Will
I agree, at the very least, there should be something like "for a total damage of X +X ap across all waves" for his tooltip. I hate not knowing how much damage to expect from my abilities.
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: > The HUD is also lacking some extremely important content. You can't see the enemy's KDA or CS Might be bugged, but you should be able to view your opponent's CS and KDA on both the scoreboard (TAB) as well as their target frame (upper left corner when selected). As for your scale issues, post screenshots so I can understand what you mean by obtrusive and too small. Finally, what are your actual issues with flow and layout? You didn't mention any beyond the thread title.
Ok, after 5 or 6 more games on pbe I've gotten used to it more, and edited my original post with an update > While, for any HUD, it is usually better and more aesthetically pleasing to have things spread out more, I have realized that due to the lanes running between the bottom left and top right of the screen, It does make a lot more sense to have all the overlay in the bottom right and top left. It has come to my attention that not being able to see KDA and CS was a bug. Also, the more I look at it, the less out of place the new shop looks, and that was probably also an "ew change" reaction. Initially my reaction was just how bad it looks to have everything in one corner because that's pretty much never ok in the design of anything, but after getting used to it it makes sense.
: i gotta say i played the new gangplank, and he feels very balanced to me. i didn't run into any real bugs, but i do have a question about his kegs. why do they give gold to your opponent if they are destroyed by them? its almost as if they are minions.
All destroyable things that a champion summons grants gold. From teemo shrooms, to yorick ghouls, to reksai tunnels. Its just standard.
: Gangplank Feedback Thread
My only real complaint is the laughter during the ult. It had a rich spooky quality. You could hear in his laughter that he had you now. But now its just a normal short laugh of some guy.
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: [HOW-TO] Report Bugs on the PBE
When I buy a magic resist per level seal, it takes my ip but does not give the seal. I've tried relogging and repairing the client, and the ip is still gets taken without having the seal.


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