: PBE-issue only, won't be fixed. It works fine on live, so it's not a priority for Riot.
Thank you! Second reply to one of my threads, haha.
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: You can re-bind on live, too. I don't know the exact conditions for it, though. Google is your friend, I guess.
I think you can only re-purchase it before three minutes into the game, but I'm not sure. Fairly positive a Rioter said something about a time limit before it removes itself from the store, though.
: Why is she able to re-bind? PBE testing only?
In case she accidentally binds with the wrong person. It's available on every map as far as I'm concerned, and it's possible on live, too.
: [Creeps] - Creep Block / Pathing around creeps is noticeably worse.
Can back this up. Noticed a few days after the patch before last.
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: Graves - Reloading while dead
: You're unable to change your ward skin in the new draft mode.
Same here. I don't remember reading anything over in the notes about it being removed/tested/whatever. Not a fatal problem, but it'll be a feature I'll kinda miss if we're actually getting rid of it. {{item:3070}}


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