: nerf demolisher %HP ratio
The rune is meant for tanks because they cant take towers down as fast as adc or apc.
: wtf youtubers icons??
Well the only spanish icon is from a youtuber that has never played LoL. idk what is riot doing
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: People were just abusing this in one for all
you can ban in OFA, you cant in normal games...
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: Spawn time in One For All
It is made so the games are faster. In 20 min you are full build (unless you played really bad), so it is the equivalent to a 50 min match
: Rageblade not stacking off non-champs feels pretty bad
well having perma 24% extra ap, as ad and that passive would be op
: my account dont let me join to the queue.
Same here Update: looks like restarting client let you play eventually
: About the Locket changes
1st ult was exactly as pbe locket, it was changed because it was useless 2nd ult was too op because he could move it For a item, it isnt that op
: SO many bugs
True, load screen is fucked, kindred skin bug, sometimes you cant level up abilities... This patch is gonna be fucked
: https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/0UKMohAt-kindred-and-all-skins-bugged More info here.
more info what? at this point we know how kindred fucks the game, and any rioter has said anything
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: they literally just have to disable kindred, that shit gets done all the time. When there was a bug that gave champs 2k+ attack speed at lvl 1 that got fixed in under 12 hours. This literally makes the game unplayable not just "unfun"
Ikr, i am playing against a kindred rn. i will make a post after so lets see if they ban her
: Kindred bug abuser
Question, how did he manage to make your team crash if he has the enemy? It usually happens to its own team Also, forget about this ban, it isnt automated
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: Are Punishments for leaving/intentional feeding not a thing in PBE?
Bans for afk penality and feeding are disabled. Bans for toxicity are enabled
: Please don't leave. Just because it doesn't LOOK like it is, doesn't mean it isn't loading. Same as having a black screen when tabbing in/out. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
it is a bug, game wont load unless you reconnect
: Loading Into Game - Bug
Dont forget the skip to stats as if the game never happened, but it is on going
: > [{quoted}](name=El Elvis Canario,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=FiyYw5wE,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-02-22T18:52:36.786+0000) > > I am 100% sure Leavebuster doesnt work, in fact i leave many times when a game is a waste of time because my team is 0/10 in 10 min. > > Eq obviously can only be used by winning team, and all the time i played PBE, I saw 0 times being used to BM. In fact, when i used it, most of the times no one knew what was that, and once they saw the effects they were happy that was an option If you think Leaverbuster really isn't working, it's better to report it as a bug and have Riot look at it. It should work. In my experience with equalise, it was only used as BM, because that was the only way where everyone agreed. Equalise only goes through if the vote in unanimous, and there was always that someone in the team that did not want to risk the loss by evening the odds.
Riot knows it, they disabled a few months ago when server was buggy af and there was random DCs resulting in people getting banned when it wasnt their fault. They never activated it again
: > [{quoted}](name=El Elvis Canario,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=FiyYw5wE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-20T22:40:30.977+0000) > > Right now if someone lose the lane he just dcs, because there is no penality for leaving. Even not connecting and remaking is less time consuming than dodging queue There are penalties. Leaverbuster, low priority, and reporting all work. > When we have equalize, we could play after stomps caused by afks or high level difference, so we could test more. Right now we cant test late game builds, so things such as ancient dragon and baron buffs, and ap build in late may be broken... Please keep in mind only the team that is ahead in the game was able to use /equalise. Not the team that was behind and thus usually the team with a player missing. Furthermore, equalise was never used for testing purposes. If at all used, the winning team did an /equalise 5 seconds before they killed the Nexus and won the game. It was used as a form of BM. Honestly it's better for it to be gone. To reduce the amount of afks, please be sure to report those who leave intentionally, and try to make friends to play premade with those. The [Discord](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/KHEqB0xj-the-unofficial-pbe-discord-help-desk-game-nights-premade-queues-and-more) can help with the latter.
I am 100% sure Leavebuster doesnt work, in fact i leave many times when a game is a waste of time because my team is 0/10 in 10 min. Eq obviously can only be used by winning team, and all the time i played PBE, I saw 0 times being used to BM. In fact, when i used it, most of the times no one knew what was that, and once they saw the effects they were happy that was an option
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: I just gonna banned 1 time, because i had a conection problem in ranked games, and i had the problem 4 matchs in a row, i took a 2 weeks ban, 2 years ago
2 years ago it was enabled. I am talking about a few months ago, when there was no rankeds
: When is Riot going to activate Leavebuster again?
I am sure it is disabled, the year ago you would get banned for going afk 2 times in a week. Right now you can go 2 times dc per day and nothing will happen ( i had connection issues)
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: What do you mean by reading it? Edit: oh, "Re-Adding" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} ....Re-Adding what thought? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Being honor 3 to join pbe is a bad decision !
Or better, being plat or higher to play pbe, so games arent that unfair
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: Very Long Game Search
Reforged runes arent currently, so people isnt playing rn
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: Kleptomancy should NOT give wards in specific maps TTT & HA(?)
tbf this rune is so random it should be banned from competitive
: Shaco and Electrocute
Electrocute works with both things, same way as thunderlord. Havent tried shaco, but for example quinn aa E aa, aa q aa, e q aa, aa aa a works maybe a bug
: KAYN - Fighting Gromp 0 dmg taken
I dont know what is going on with Gromp attacks. Teemo blind doesnt work against him
: my negative win rate
sorry but that's not ahri exclusive.
: Agree with you. But in my opinion, you should play at around 00:00 Berlin (MESZ). Use that time zone + queue up with more friends. Most of the times players play featured game modes like nexus siege. I get a 1 Min queue time if I follow the steps above '^^. glhf
I dont know anyone who has a PBE acc, and I usually cant play at that time
: The main problem - ping for non NA-players, I guess. It's simply unplayable. And there is nothing wrong with playing on PBE only when some changes is on the way. PBE was created for testing something new. Bugs you can discover on a live server.
I disagree. You can get used to ping if it is stable. I play from 40 ms to 180, and i get used to it before ending the first game Also, there is enough people to test big changes like preseason and new champs. Problems are in small patchs, where there are just balance changes. No one tests them-> maybe a big bug is released
: Why
No one plays PBE during normal patchs. Next patch should be the preseason patch, so there will be instant games
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: Warwick crashing the game constantly
Playing URF warwick right now, bugsplay each minute
: All Random URF is now enabled for testing!
Question, does lethality work level 18+?
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: Check PBE MMR?
You dont play better, enemies play worse. There is no MMR so you can be matched against a diamond or a bronze
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: You can double ban
You cant see enemy's ban, so it is obvious there can be double bans. Is the same as blind pick
: i was using the new client because i updated, and yes leaverbuster is on the new client. because it's on the new client on live servers as well.
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: Low Priority Broken?
Leavebuster isnt in the new client, if you have a ban you must play using the old client. With all said... ban=no urf for you
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