: Nexus Seige, Thoughts ands Feedback (and downright love for this new game mode)
Thanks for all of your thoughts! If we move forward we'll definitely be fully revamping all of the visuals. Designers are looking at map layout and snowballing feedback currently and will be trying to iterate during the live alpha! :)
: Hello! Definitely, some events are clearer than others, the most simple is the fire ring, following by the Boss and Payload (Because there are always in the middle), and the most problematic for me is the capture point, is hard to find in game and in the minimap Take for example Overwatch capture points, there's always a signal arround the screen showing [where the point is](http://prntscr.com/kf2lh6) Also you could add a ''Beeping'' icon (and bigger than the other icons) on the minimap
got it, thanks for the feedback!
: extended thoughts on Nexus Blitz
Thanks again for your detailed feedback! Speaking to the last point: if the mode becomes permanent, we will definitely explore new thematics and less-explored areas of Runeterra to make this map stand out. I've shared the other notes about map layout with our designers. :)
: nexus blitz thoughts
Thanks so much for taking the time to write detailed feedback! The graphics are very useful as well. :) I'm definitely sharing this with our designers to discuss. (Getting red name set up on my PBE account, but rito Nexus Blitz artist here)
: 11 little things about nexus blitz
Thanks for the feedback! (Nexus Blitz artist here not sure if I'm red tagged on PBE) Some of these we're definitely looking at and some may be out of scope for the alpha. Question on the clarity for events: is it all events? Are some clearer than others? Do you notice minimap pings when an objective starts?


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