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: I wanted to post the same rn. I hope Riot changes it. Would be awesome, bcs the champ serms to be a great addition to our beloved game.
Post it!! It is important Riot see our opinions!! <3
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: She looks pretty insane either way imo. She has very high outplay potential, so wonderful for one tricks (which i feel is a lot of her current playerbase anyways). A few ad ratios wouldnt hurt if shes truely strugling, but i see her being in that broken if youre good with her catagory.
But right now, get kills or not doesnt mean that she will be stronger. An Irelia 1/0 and other 8/1 have the same effect. The only way that change her impact in the game is the player's skill, and I think it is unfair.
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: So, here are all my notes on Irelia's skins. I think that after this, I have nothing else to say. Sorry if that's a lot, and for those bad little edits that go along with it(don't laugh!). Tried to make it all stuff that Riot hasn't responded to/hasn't been mentioned by everyone already. 1 - I think her outfit on the base splash it's a bit too light pink. I think it would be a lot better being a liittle more dark and red:[/img] 2 - Order of The Lotus. A lot of people miss the blades on this one being golden. I think it would be nice if the white parts around them was changed to gold, while the pink pattern is still there inside. I also think her outfit would be better being a little lighter like before, with the petals on the blades being darker/more vivid, for the two to match.[/img] 3 - Frostlade's blades kinda look too dark, plain and plastic. I think making it a bit lighter and maybe adding some texture would improve them. Also think it would be really nice to have snowing effects around the blades on Frostblade's ult. 4 - Chance is that you already saw it on all my other posts, and soorry for being annoying and repetitive, but Infiltrator Irelia... On the splash she has some cool black headphones, but in the model it's the usual silver headpiece. I really really think the headphones look much better and adds something cool to the skin's design. And the black with silver around goes much better with the rest of the outfit than just silver. Bonus more neon-like hair and lipstick.[/img]
In the case of her base skin, I would add lighter colours to her model in game, to make her more different to noxian colours, instead of fix the splashart.
: Irelia Bug Discussion
Why sometimes the passive bar's stacks are blue and other grey?
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: Irelia Bug Discussion
In the official champion update announcement you said that her W would slow enemys, but in game it doesn't. Is it a bug?
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dragon Master Swain!
I really love this thematic, so I have some ideas you might like: * I like his long hair in his classic skin, but in this one it feels bad, and it is a 1350RP skin, too expensive to be the same hair, so I have though it would be interesnting make him **bald-headed**. You could even put some escales or dragon/flames tattoo on his head. [This change I think it would increase the purchases because bald-headed Swain would remember to the old Swain, and people who asked for this skin were fan of him] * In this recall, I would make the dragons which are going to touch him become full red or orange color (like the other particles, simulating that they become fire and wrap him), instead of conserve his textures, becuase they looks like flies landing on him right now. * His cape feels weird being a coat... I would prefer **eliminate the sleeves** (similar to tyrant skin but with dragon texture) * The yellow color in his arm doesn't match well, especially in his dragon form. Maybe an orange fit better. * His Q particles could be more like flames? At least in dragon form? * Why does the eye on his W have a demon pupil, instead of a feline one... like a dragon? Other skins have it. * Complete dragon body to his E when it comes back, instead of a head. * When his R is charged it brights too much, you can't appreciate well the 3D model.
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: Hey Jespiran, thanks for the report! We've been looking at this and it seems like it might be a bit trickier than we expected. You are correct that its when the birds travel through fog of war. Gonna keep digging into it
Thank you for reading! Could you check too why in Northern Skin this passive's model is a real bird instead a phantom like other skins? It would be so easy as take the phantom model and paint it white or blue (i know this isn't the board but nobody read my suggestions about visual details T__T)
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: Well, I feel that while his ult, he let the demon free, so it would make sense.
They just knew we loved his monster form and they put the bird head in his most expensive skin to make us to pay for it :(
: Regarding 6: I would have loved to have Swain command Beatrice to do the Auto Attacks for him similar to how Azir commands his soldiers. The AA would still work like a simple basic attack but more thematic.
I think Riot doesn't want Swain to pet Beatrice anymore :(
: About 3, how would he do his Q without his hand? It would look like lightning comes out of nowhere. I wish it could have something like this to work, and not only for him but there's some champions like Ahri and Sivir, throwing their Q but keeping them in their hands.
Well, you are right. And he throw the Q's particles from his right hand, so now definetly doesn't make sense to lose his hand.
: Hmm on his Passive I think you still get to do damage and get healed just you cant go over 5 soulshards. Q mana is fine once you get some mana items. If you build right you can NEVER be less then 80% mana with it because killing one thing will give you more mana then the cost of Q so if you kill TWO you just gained 180 mana W agreed on the tooltip time it hits is fine, I would only change that if you didnt hit anything the CD is 50% E is fine, it means you need to think about using it instead of just RFOK R I dont like that if you kill your target(s) before the soul detonate you then lose all your soul stacks without doing anything. I would make it so that it heals you for 50% of the heal of collecting the souls. This makes it so you can spend your Ult to heal if needed.
Yeah, I checked his passive, you are right. In Q, if you build 2 or 3 mana items, you don't need a mana recovery spell, so I would make changes to help him in early, not late. E, yeah it make sense, it is about master him R, well, the soul fragments you have already healed you when you received, if you master Swain you will controll when detonate his R, and if you receive more fragment during the ult form, you will lose those fragments but they will heal you anyways. The only use to their fragment stacks is to do damage.
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: Swain Bug Thread
And i don't know if it a bug but the inside of his coat (in the classical skin) looks unfinished, without textures or shadows, just plane red.
: Hey man, we still have to hook up the parrots to his recall - we want all the birds to be consistent across each skin. We are still making some final changes to the material on Bilgewater's ultimate, not sure if in for today or tomorrow though.
The birds from his passive are also crows ^^
: Swain Bug Thread
The bird of his passive (the heal) disappear visually if it come from a place too far (when you use your W generally). I think it is when the bird has gone through areas without vision.
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: Do not add the birdhead it doesnt match his new lore,he has the controll over the demon not the demon over him,he can't transform into a full bird anymore because he has controll.
Well, I feel that while his ult, he let the demon free, so it would make sense.
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: I agree with almost everything, I feel like throwing bloody feathers it's too Vastaya-related (Yes, I'm talking about you, Xayah), also, it's not blood magic. :P I'd feel bad if they ignore the rest of the post ^^
Thank you!! It is just suggestion, likely you are right, it would be too much vastaya (and he now says "There isnt vastaya blood in my veins, there is in my hands" o.Ô (great job Riot) I hope they read it too ^^
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: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
I really loved your job with Evelynn and I am enjoying much more playing her now, but I will talk only about things that I would change --- **GAMEPLAY OPINIONS** * **Passive:** Receiving her stealth at level 6 it feels bad, she has a bad early and her only way to help with her ganks it would be her stealth * **Q:** Too narrow skillshot (the first cast). The bonus damage feels weird and she loses poke power, I would add that damage to her first cast. * **W:** Too much time until you can charm, i would put 2 or 1'5 secs instead of 2'5, and so you have 3 or 3'5 sec to hit and get the charm. * **E:** Poor range, it feels really unconfortable, and too low damage in early. * **R:** Cool but too much cd, you really need it to kill someone and survive. --- **VISUAL OPINIONS** **Tango** * Her horns in stealth form should be more like a bull's ones (I think so they fit more with the thematic). * Her spells' pink particles would be better in red than pink (combine better with her model) and put rose petals in her particles like in Shadow Evelynn skin you made with the bats. * Her hair was better when it was dark, more like a latin woman. * Longer her skirt * I would put some little tango melodies like Pentakill Yorick. **Shadow** * Her kiss in her Ctrl+2 is weird in blue, it should keep being pink. * Her model look like too overloaded, it would be better simplify it, but maybe it is so due to the gothic style. **Safecracker** * A clearer particles when she has her buffed E. * Maybe is too work now, but I would do her abilities particles would be different, more like technological (program skin style) like if she would use gadgets and devices to do them. --- Really thank you for reading, it is only my opinion, and I just want to contribute a little. I love the new Eve, good job guys!! <3
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: What about it do you not like? The goal was that he is standing above everyone in Zaun, and explaining to them why they are weak.
I like the idea but I think it is a little boring or static compared to other new recalls. However, I don't have a good idea to change it right now so I will not complain.
: Urgot Bug and Feedback Thread
**CLARITY** Sometimes his body hides one or two legs so you can't see if your passive is ready, I would do longer floor marks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **SKINS** **Gaint Enemy Crabgot** - R: change chains for tentacles - W: change blue bullets for blue shells **Butcher Urgot** - Change green fluids for red fluids
: I'm a bit confused by your wording. his E ends in 1.5 seconds if he does not get a wall then has an extended duration if he walks into terrain that scales per point invested. If he enters combat, or was in combat its extended duration when inside walls gets reduced to 1.5.
That was what confused me! Sorry haha
: Kayn Bug Reports
Every time he uses W in Shadow Assasin form, it sounds a groan (the one he does in his death animation) when the shadow disappear. (_In Spanish voice, I don't know in others_)
: Kayn's movement after Q
Why do you see it as a problem?
: Xayah and Rakan Feedback Thread
I really love them, but I have some tips to say. XAYAH - I would make enemy feathers red... so it would be really easy to differentiate them and it wouldn't be weird to the eyes. In her skin her moons would be blue or red too. - In the Spanish translation of her kit there are 2 mistakes. Here in her W it says "movement speed" instead of "attack speed", what is a real failure. And well, in her passive, it lacks a space, but it is a silly thing. - In her E's explanation, i would add that that damage is done by every feather, because if not i would think that 10 feather do the same than 1 and you only use more to root (and if it is so, I would put that more feathers dont do more damage... it isnt unclear) - I would increase her range of autoattack a little bit, because right now it is really terrible, and olsa increasing her buff of movement speed to make her more confortable when she is chasing someone and receive a reward when you use well your autoattacks and W while you are running. - I really love her in spite of all this <3 RAKAN He is perfect omg, I would just add some range to his Q (he really depends of it in lane phase) and maybe to his autoattack. And his model in game I think is too much skinny...even more than Xayah (and in the splashart isnt so)... I would increase his size a bit to not have to make a new model more strapping. Besides, I would add Xayah's passive to the buff which he receive when she uses W near, to make more significant the synergy. BOTH I really would like that in their lines of voice, they would not say human women, but human in general, when they are talking about who is in love with Rakan, because i think they are mystic and their culture should be more open (even Rakan can use a charm in male champions in game). So for me it would be funny listen them talking of people who loves Rakan, not only women, although they are an hetero relation.
: Warwick Update Feedback Thread
Attack speed SFX and particles like Varus passive when he kills, and attack speed and movement buffs should show an icon buff as any other buff.
: [Assassins] Talon feedback thread
His Q has so poor range. Unless the enemy jumped a wall, Talon feels so slow and no persecutor :(
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
When there are several Walkers, they don't have a volume, so they can ocupe the same space, so you only can see 1 Walker, but actually there are 2 or more there, doing their respective damages. Besides, I don't understand why turrets focus on Maiden and walkers, instead of use the Walkers as minions, and the Maiden as a champion.
: Yorick Update Feedback Thread
I think his Q should show how much time you have to use Awakening, a timer or simply show the Last Rites's cooldown
: Ryze Champion Update Feedback and Discussion
Now he is awesome. He is our Ryze, but 2016 version. I just complain about 3 tips: - His back to base animation should have some runic effect or blue particles, not just a Power Ranger move. - His Q's passive should be more visible and clearer when he is charging a rune, for example, his parchment could shine if his next Q will give him a buff, or his tattoos in other colour. - In the translation of his skills to Spanish... i would change it and not call them as "electric things" (electrick shock to overload, and electric storm to spell flux), because he isn't a electric mage. And these are all complains which I can say (and I know they are stupid, but I am very perfectionist hahaha). You did a great work Riot. Congratulations! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Algun español por el pbe
: Taric Visual and Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread
His passive's description is a little poor. It should say that cd reduction doesnt affect to his R and how is that number changed by his cd reduction (what I think it is very strange because +cd = -cd no logic). Besides, its traduction to Spanish is a little confused. On other hand, Bastion's description should say more clearly that it gives his armor bonus to the target (and I have a question, that bonus is % Taric armor or ally armor (as the shield that is % ally hp) And!! I think particles in his mace are too dark. They must be brighter and radiance, or darker as the starry sky, but not so diffuse!! They should be as the splashart shows it and when his passive is active, more visible and brighter even more!!
: Taric Visual and Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread
There is a bug in his R, when an enemy is under this effect, they can still be stunnned. (It was while I was playing against an enemy Taric in cooperative)
: Taric Visual and Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread
I really love this rework. I like so much the direction of it. But! (there is always one "but") i must say some little things that maybe you think they are insignificant thing. 1. The particles in his weapon are too dark, and in the splashart are very bright (as a gem or a star). Besides, when his passive is active, particles are darker, and I thing should be brighter instead of it. I would love seeing it like his splashart. He is fabulous, he should shine! :D 2. Q mana cost is too high, i would put a cost for charge, so with 3 charges would be the current cost, but with one 1/3 and with two 2/3. 3. Just my opinion, but his cloak moving is a little unreal, and his end in the down part it is strange for me, maybe i would continue the gray line at the bottom end. 4. His animation when he is sprinting is a little strange (maybe due to the cloak again) and when he stops it is too snappish. Sorry for my English and thank you for read!!
: Oh I like the idea of a charge system for his ult. He really only has one attack activate spell and that is his Q. Everything else is positioning for his Stars. If you lowered the damage on his R and made it like Akali's Ult (3 charges that recharge) it would help a lot to deal with melee (who mid/late game eat him up) Dont have it recharge as fast as Akali but more like 1 ever 30s
That is exactly what I thought! ^^
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: First off, I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to report bugs they have found while playing with, as, and against Aurelion Sol. Two frequent reports are about the passive being visible in brush and the Q not being able to explode immediately - I wanted to explain here that they are intended as-is, but also to go a bit into why those decisions were made as well. _**Passive**_ With 'Center of the Universe' being the backbone of his kit, we wanted to make sure that the gameplay it provided was clear and like the damage it provides, constant. We felt that the gains all players got with this decision, outweighed the discomfort created for Aurelion Sol in this interaction. By keeping the gameplay clear, we are to maintain power in Aurelion's defining ability. Here are some of the pros and cons we were looking at when making this decision: Pros CotU can retain higher damage values that both Aurelion and his opponents can respect. When missiles are not seen, opposing players would lose respect for a mechanic they cannot react to and lose interest in participating in the gameplay it's intended to provide. Revealing on hit would allow them to react after the fact, but doesn't provide any counterplay upfront, since the damage is already done at that point. Cons Aurelions position is provided to his enemies when his stars are outside of brush and within their vision range. Keep in mind that you are still untargetable to enemy players (they cannot AA you or use targeted spells against you) even if they know your location. I will admit it sucks that you can't sneak around like other champions, but we were willing to strengthen the mechanics around the reason players would pick and enjoy Aurelion, rather than common mechanics available to other champions. _**Q (Starsurge)**_ This was done to give melee some breathing room once they had passed through Aurelion's gauntlet of stars. With Aurelion properly spacing and use of his R (Voice of Light) as a self-peel tool, the chance they get to this and feel successful can become very limited. If you have not had the chance, you can get some design insight on Aurelion Sol here: [Aurelion Sol Live Stream with Rabid Llama](
And why not make visible his stars only if they are hiting an enemy? So, AS could stay in a bush without being seen, and an enemy would know he is there if he take damage, instead of taking damage without know where it come or see all time the stars. Besides, so, a main AS could try to not hit an enemy to not be seen with his position and maestry. Right now AS can't back in a bush because any champ can see his star even walking very far. And about his Q, I think it is necessary to do something with that. AS only have 1 skill that can do something inside of his stars orbit (and it is his R with a long cd as any ultimate). Maybe make that his Q if it is inmediately activated, do less damage or less stun. But he need something.
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