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: Let's talk about reworked Maokai
It is necessary to look at the damage changes as a group. Damage was moved from E and Q into W. The numbers are a nerf for a single spell rotation, but a buff if you can get a second W off. This will usually be a nerf to ganks, but a buff for the extended fights that happen later in the game. However, Mao needs levels to really see the damage increase. These changes make Mao a bit more feast or famine. If he is behind, he will not be surviving long enough to see the damage increase. The range nerf on W is understandable given the added slow on E for teamfight scenarios. The cast time buff is great and really makes using the untargetability reliable. However, the range on W makes his jungle mobility quite unreliable. Using E for vision and then W-ing to a camp over a wall is Mao's safest way to 'deal' with strong duel invaders like Lee and Udyr. There are lots of angles that he simply can't do this from anymore. Mao will be dying a lot more to invades if the range is not increased a little (even like 25 might be enough). The R changes seems like a giant nerf. The ability to move the ult does not offset the loss of effective range and use case utility. On live, the biggest use cases are to 1) protect someone from a burst of damage and 2) deter the enemy from fighting over an objective. On case 1): The new ult completely removes this play pattern. The loss on effective cast range is much too great for this kind of play to ever be reliable. If Fizz ults my carry, I want to drop my ult on my carry too without standing in the same place. The effective cast range of 1200 has been reduced to 575! Then the carry has to continue to stand a mere 575 units away from the person Mao is locking down, nerfed from a potential 1150 units! The team utility of the ult is severely nerfed. It is now a simple self steroid. On case 2): On live, dropping the ult in the dragon pit, the baron pit, or over a tower can win the objective for his team. (Or at least the threat of such a thing.) This is Mao's only real way of forcing an objective. His initiation is not great in 5v5 scenarios as he does not offer much aoe crowd control or displacement efects. (He has plenty of single target pick potential, but less to offer in baron dances and sieges.) The ult on live is his only real way to break stalls. Moving the ult offers little in these cases. You want the ult in a specific place while you lock down any interfering enemies. Having the ult tied to Maokai actually hinders such utility and relegates him solely to counterinitiation and peeling. I strongly feel that this is the wrong way to go with the ult. It makes the ult somewhat usable against every comp and in any senario. But it completely destroys the strategic niches that Maokai filled in both champ select and in game. The worst cases feel a lot better, but the high points are completely gone.
: PBE Bug Mega Thread - Summoner's Rift Update
The Blue side Brambleback area is behaving a bit odd. Despite what the attached image may lead you to believe, I can not cast a targeted spell on the Blue Brambleback from over the wall. Instead of casting, the champion will walk around (standard out of range behavior). It sure looks like it is in range though. The Red side Brambleback does not exhibit this behavior and can easily be hit over the wall.
: Skarner PBE Feedback/Bugs Thread
These changes seem like an imporvement overall, but certain parts of Skarner's kit still feel really clunky. The ramping movement speed on W feels bad. Is this really a necessary gate on his power? Q is very overloaded. It stacks his passive, movespeed, attackspeed, damage, and has a cdr element. The movespeed/attackspeed and cdr play together nicely and gives a ramping up feel. But the extra damage feels tacked on; a scrap from older days. Is it necessary for Skarner's first Q to deal less damage? The skill would really read a lot cleaner without it I think.
: Bug with Vi in the All-For-One Mirror Mod
As already stated, this bug has been around for while. This can be fixed by self casting Q (default key binding is Alt+Q)
: One For All: Mirror Mode Enabled on PBE!
The IP boost portion of the Battle Boost does not appear to be working.
: [Client] - Rune combiner not correctly displaying the number of runes I have
A rune type will not appear in the combiner if you have that type in any of your rune pages. This happens even if you have more than 9 runes of one type. The best way around this is to clear all your rune pages before combiner-ing.
: [Clarity] Aggro Display Changes
This change is a huge improvement. Its quite noticeable without being obnoxious. I'm not sure if this a good or bad side effect, but aggro dropping Baron and Dragon will be much easier in soloqueue.
: [Spirit of the Elder Lizard] - Butcher passive lowered
Elder Lizard makes it really easy for most attack damage based junglers to sustain both health and mana infinitely. AD champions have faster clears in general, which means they already take less damage. It allows these junglers to gank at higher health and to continue jungling while low. All the common competitive jungler picks use Elder Lizard (except Elise). Relying on the other jungle items is a setback if the champion doesn't have innate sustain. In the long run, this nerf or a similar one is needed to encourage more jungler diversity. Hopefully the Lantern changes will aid in that too.
: Sunfire Cape Particle Glitch
This is an uncommon bug that can happen to any particle. I've seen it happen to minion projectiles, for example. I'm not aware of any way to consistently repo it.
: [Feedback] Pantheon's ulti change
Yea, the ult range reduction is a bit much. It doesn't reach lanes from tribush. Its not worth skilling the ult until lvl 10. Then you have to wait for lvl 11 to actually use it.
: Rengar Q on tower
Historically, Rengar's backdoor potential with Q hitting towers has been problematic. This is probably an intended change to get rid of that gameplay pattern.
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: VOBank_en_us.fsb
Try disabling any firewalls or antivirus programs for the duration of the patch.
: patch download get's stuck
I have encountered this issue and have a theory. By any chance, do you use Avast? When I have this problem, disabling avast results in the next patch attempt working just fine. I'm not completely sure if this is the cause, since I am but one data point and all that.
: Post, Upvote, Downvote Counter
If reddit has taught us anything, its that upvotes do not correlate with content quality.
: Possible Ashe's balance - [I would test it!]
Ashe's kit makes it hard to buff her through raw stats. Increasing her crit chance or crit damage is a roundabout way of buffing her base AD. Mid game, Ashe basically gets a free phage. If she gets ahead, her ult and q make for a very potent and safe kill lane. Her cost for this is a below average pre6 game. I really like the current e buff in this regard. It helps her recover from her early game just a bit without handing her a free lane. If we really want another buff, I would try smaller things such as increasing her health, base AD, mana cost, w cooldown, etc. I have a feeling though that the end result would not be much of a buff. ADC's as a role are sensitive to small tweaks, and this is extra true in Ashe's case.
: So say we use all of our IP on runes and dont have any left for champs to buy what would we do? because most of the RP would be used up on the skins that we would want. and most people would rather have runes so how would people get champions? would they be given to us for free like all of them or would we still need to buy them?
There is a bundle in the pbe store that gives you all the champions for the small price of 10 ip.
: Team Builder Bugs!
ugh, I should have finished writing this before entering a game. I was a Captain and was waiting for a 5th player. A 5th appeared and I hit the accept button. An error popup appeared with the text async_timeout. On my side, it visually appeared that the 5th was still waiting to accept. I could not start the game, kick players, or get a new 5th. Actual behavior suggested that the lobby had been disbanded and that I was interacting with nobody at this point. Sadly I have not been able to repo it yet. Edit: This sounds similar to the [Play Game/Not Ready bug.]( This timing was a bit different as this happened before readying up, but the results were the same.
: A circle with white border under your champ?
There was an indicator in One For All mode to make it easier to tell which of the 5 champions was yours. Sounds like it got left in by accident when making Hexakill.
: can't get 8 kinds of runes from rune combiner
yea, this is a really old bug. Basically the runes that got added in season 2 never got added to the rune combinator. There was some talk about reworking runes and the combinator for season 4, so hopefully something will change.
: PBE Store Updates
Any plans to change the weekly stipends? The bundles and the 100k starting ip allow you to buy nearly everything you want. There's not much to spend the weekly 20k ip on unless you want some unusual rune pages.
: Left click disabled on minimap in tutorials?
The tutorials default to locked screen mode. Are you sure you toggled it off before trying to move the camera?
: New Player Features
On the Gold page it might be worth mentioning that assists on champions grant gold. Perhaps reword the text to something like "Helping to slay a champion will give bonus gold"? On to the Items page. If I am completely new to the game, I likely don't know what an Ashe is. Perhaps insert the Ashe icon and change the text to "Recommended Items for Champion Ashe"? The amount of items in the game can be a bit overwhelming for a new player. A general overview of the major shop catagories could be useful. This kind of indepth information is probably better suited to a tutorial though. Page numbers might be a good idea. The problem with any instruction manual is that people like to ignore them and jump right in to the action. I would expect more people would read through these if they knew there was only a few of them. Related, I think that the current page order is good, but starting with turrets feels a bit odd. A page introducing Summoner's Rift would really help provide the correct framing. The back button on the Welcome page seems detrimental to the first readthrough, but is fine for subsequent reathroughs. Perhaps it should be hidden until the player clicks through all the pages. There should be a page explaining the navigation bar. The Profile, Lore, Replay, and Help tabs contain a bunch of useful stuff. Explain the two currencies and the purpose of the Shop. Point out the all important Play button and direct them to the tutorials! Runes and Masteries tend to be a source of confusion for new players. I like that there is not an introductory page for them; they have little impact on low level games. However, it would be nice to try to explain these parts to players at some point. Perhaps a few additional pages could be shown when a new player reaches a slightly higher level. A similar kind of page might make the transition to the free week less jarring. (ie: "Why can't I play champion \___ anymore?"). I was not able to try out the low level champion pool. I still had access to all the champions when leveled down. Please ignore the comments in this paragraph if they are not applicable to the actual implementation. (For clarity, my understanding is that low level players have a restricted champion pool. They also get different free week champions selected from this pool.) I think the low level champion pool is going to have a similar problem to flash. Currently, when you hit level 12 the game completely changes. This is ok in the case of flash since it is one ability. Suddenly allowing another 70+ champions feels like a much bigger jump in complexity. Splitting this into two or three jumps would help smooth out the experience. As an example, perhaps Brand is available starting at level 10 and Kassadin is available starting at level 15. All the champions should be available by level 15 or thereabouts. If applicable, a new Availability filter on the Champions Tab for the low level champion pool would be nice. This filter can dissapear once the player hits the level threshold. It might help direct new players to good introductory champions without needing to enter champion select. Overall, I like these changes.
: [Yasuo] - Question about Q
Ok, so no one in this thread understands op's question. I tried a couple different values. When Q crits, the scaling damage is increased by about 133%. The base damage is not increased. ie: 20/40/60/80/100 + ((1.0 Total AD) * 1.33)
: Problem with camara
There is a stickied topic for this issue. A patch for this is in the works. Until it is deployed, you can work around this by alt-tabbing out of the game.
: Removal of Maim from Spirit Stone confusion
It looks like the Butcher passive on Spirit Stone got buffed from 20% to 25% to compensate.
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: [Bug] Alacrity Enchantment
Are you sure you are not hitting the movement speed soft cap?


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