: Introducing Variants: Pajama Guardians & Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
for the pajama things i'll agree with most others. 750 should be the discount price. don't care for them much, just glad jinx isn't part of it. The leona skins though... Why is it two skins? I'd rather pay more for a skin that works like miss fortune's one so i can swap ingame. I'd have to drop 3k RP to get both. Now i understand that i get 2 skins. But for 2775 You get 4 mf skins that can swap on the fly. So while the model change here is alot more elaborate it's only half as many. I just don't see the point in releasing them seperate instead of in the same format or atleast making it 2775 for both.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Amumu, Dragon Trainer Tristana & Lulu Chromas! (Ezreal too!)
Hey, Idk if this thread is only about the stuff you posted here or just pbe in general but i'll just try to get myself heard as much as possible. I REALLY like explorer ezreal, it's the first skin i ever bought and one of my most used skins. I own pulsefire but still use explorer instead. The reworked one is dissapointing for 2 reasons: 1 He doesn't feel like an explorer. The younger wilder indiana jones feel i got from it is gone. The sleeveless shirt combined with the rope and suspenders make him look like a miner instead. Now don't get me wrong the helmet also plays a part in that but it's an important part of the skin. I think this would largely be fixed if he was given his jacket back. Personally i'd love to atleast have the option to equip the glasses but i understand that might be a bit much for a 750 skin. 2 Every other skin aside from the recolors was updated but largely kept it's shape/style. Except for explorer. When i look at all the others it's really just updated models and textures, this one completely changed for no reason. As it's my favourite ezreal skin it kinda felt bad. I'd also just like to plug this thread as i think it's got some answers if you're willing to listen to us. https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback/T92WUtwr-regarding-explorer-ezreal
: Regarding Explorer Ezreal
I just want his jacket back atleast. I think that's the big issue. His overall look completely changed with the sleevless shirt, i already made a post about it on the na boards but got a bunch of downvotes. He looks like a miner, not an adventurer. The beige sleevless shirt with suspenders make him look like he's going down the mine instead of exploring. His gauntlet doesn't really help either as it's kinda forge-like. But i think it would still fit if he got the jacket. As for his pants, i don't really like them but i think if he'd wear more clothes on the top half of his body it would feel less bulky which is my main issue with them. Personally I really want his glasses to be equipped again or toggleable. VFX aren't a big deal to me as the base ones look good and still fit.
: Odyssey Jinx looks like her face had a texture slapped on it
I was fine with the face but it's incredibly noticable in her recall when pushing malph.
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