: Xerath Ult Suggestion
I think firing 3 bursts of 3/4/5 missiles spread randomly on a wider area would be more interesting. The damage should be severy reduced then though, as it woud make blind-killing low hp targets much easier.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Program Lissandra!
OK played around it for a while, here's my feedback: * The light indicating that the passive ability is available is quite annoying * I don't like the W's pattern on the ground and the apperarance of the R's coffin – i expected something more digital-style * The way which Lissandra's legs link to the base looks like a modelling error to me, a subtle particle effect obstructing the line between her legs and base would do the trick The rest of the skin looks pretty good, especially the E effect :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Zero Sion!
The skin looks good, and the animations are very funny. :) Here's the feedback: * [BUG] While the passive ability is active, a shoulderguard and the weapon sometimes show up on the model, all light-gray. (Missing tex?) It can be reproduced by running around. (make sure Sion heads all the directions, I think the appearing of this bug is dependent on it) * I find the shield's particle effect more clear than on the classic skin, as it shifts trough many colors and on the classic skin it does not. * The E's slow effect doesn't look enough mecha/cyber-ish to me. * The sound played when the Q changes from the slowing state to the stunning state sounds too much of a "boom" and not enough of "charge" to me. Should I post the bug in the bugs section? {{champion:161}}


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